11 Must Have Notion Templates for Personal Use

Notion has become one of the most sensational applications in the productivity lineup. It’s just more than a note-taking app that provides a beautiful opportunity to organize the work on an optimum level. Also, Notion is different than any other note-taking applications that are available in the software market. The good thing is that Notion is completely free to use individually, and for the team, it is limited to up to 1000 blocks, after then you can upgrade the plan on a monthly basis.

Notion has a clean and clear interface that provides fantastic interaction to its users. However, it comes with limited theme availability, that is dark gray and light theme which gives an aesthetic type environment. If you’re a high school going student or a professor at a paleontologist department, you can create notes which come with blocks rather than paragraphs just like WordPress. You can move these blocks freely and there’s no limitation while creating pages to cover topics for each subject and section.

Furthermore, you can customize Notion using templates. Templates will allow users to create content and which can be instantly replicated for various uses. These templates are really effective and support you to keep more productive.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

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In this article, we’ll be discussing 11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use. So make sure to go through the article till the end that we’ve managed to provide you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Finance Tracker

If you’re one of those who manages and track their expenses, Finance tracker template are made for you guys. You can set the dates, account info, money spent, money spent catagories, income details, and can add a little discription.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Instead of going with those paid money tracking application, where they can’t even notify you to track money. It is advised to try Finance tracker templates in Notion.

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2. Habit Tracker

Tracking habits can make you feel happy when you realize that you actually adopted one for good. With the Habit Tracker template in Notion, you can add habits with the current date, just tick the habit activities that you’ve just completed in the tickbox so that you can watch the total habit statistics at the end of the day.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

You can track habits such as completing 1000 footsteps of walking daily, tracking the anime episodes that you’ve been watching, or the habit of smiling at least 150 times probably a day to become a better human than yesterday.

3. Mood Boards

Suppose if you’re already running a small website or Instagram page under wallpaper niche, then you must have Mood Boards templates in Notion. The templates offer you the aesthetic or attractive kinda copyright-free images that can help your website to grow.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Different images section such as food, cars, nature, patterns, etc. You will get everything under one roof.

4. Task List

Task List template can lead towards you better productivity. You can follow the short or long-lasting tasks for yourself, or for your esteemed organization. You can make Task List look more enhanced in order to stick to the routine with the help of a kanban-style board.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

From setting columns to tracking your progress, you can almost do anything in Task List to achieve your to-do list.

5. Life Wiki

It’s always better to organize work before 1 week or a month’s arrival. Here, Life WiKi comes into the picture, to maintain well-organized schedules with extra cautions. It also includes pages that will help you to manage everything from health and religion to projects at work.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Life Wiki template will allow you to keep you more productive. You can decorate the page with motivational quotes in order to keep yourself motivated and help you to accomplish your goal.

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6. Minimal Dashboard

“Minimalist” thing is on trending since people have started focusing on the actual features rather than getting disturbed by other things on the screen, here we have a Minimalist Dashboard template in Notion.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

It allows you to provide a minimal look on Notion so that you can be more focused on the required desired things, such as creating a to-do list or organizing work for you without getting distracting by other features on the screen.

7. Subscription Tracker

It’s good that you know what you have subscribed to, actually, it means that you have a better memory. But things get more complex when you’ve subscribed to multiple services and you can’t remember them.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Subscription tracker template will not only help you to notify about your subscription but also it’s best with renewal date type of service that is based on weekly, monthly, yearly, and billing services.

8. Book Tracker

Book Tracker template is best suited for book readers out there, you can keep up with books that you’ve read. Also, you can add feature images with book titles of the books that need to be read or finished reading.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Book Tracker is worth mentioning as the best productive template to use in Notion.

9. Personal Planner

You can always customize the Personal Planner template according to your need. This template will help you to reduce your mistakes from the work, so at the end of the day, you’ll not be worrying about your efforts that you’ve put in the work. So basically Personal Planner will improve your learning curve.

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11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

If you’ve any new ideas to do, you can organize your planning to accomplish your goal for a week, month, or year.

11. Journal

Creating a journal on Notion with a Journal template is much easier than you think. You can also make your journal entries with dates, tags, etc where you can drag and drop wherever inside the page. Just click on the entry to see what you’ve written, to make it look more good, you can attach images.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

10. Contracting Proposal

Creating proposals manually on paper is an uneasy task, even if you do, one thing will always lack unknowingly. If you’re a freelancer or your work is based on a contractual basis, the Contracting Proposal template will allow you to keep up with making proposals.

11 Must Have Notion Templates For Personal Use

Use bullet points or numbering lists, write conversationally and create a table of content. Life is simple when you make a proposal with the Contracting Proposal template in Notion.


With the availability of various template which gives multiple features, I personally think that we don’t need to download those apps which consume unwanted space on our device that don’t even provide the desired feature to the fullest. I mean, Notion is really a future proof application that provides everything under one roof.

Those who’re using Notion individually, which is a completely free platform for us, we ourselves should make sure to use the platform on the optimum level in order to organize every corner of our life.

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