11 Best Notion Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Notion has turned out to be the best note-taking application after getting huge recognition by the people whose work revolves around computers and smartphones. It feels fantastic to know that Notion is completely free for individuals, but for the team members, limitations do exists of using 1000 blocks. Besides this, you can manage your projects, new ideas, organize your work, and more. Notion is not just for business, you can organize anything from grocery lists to spending habits, share work, check off to-do list items, and assign tasks in real-time. Additionally, Notion is available to use on multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web.

As a beginner, I thought that using Notion might be a little complex thing after migrating from Microsoft OneNote. But looking at the beautiful interface and features, I started using Notion and that was my best decision. I would like to say you that Notion is less note-taking and a more productive app for me.

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11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you are a beginner and want some tips and tricks to use Notion. We got you all covered up, just follow the complete article till the end that we’ve managed to provide you. So let’s check 11 Best Notion Tips and Tricks for Beginners. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

1. Notion Templates

Notion offers you the use of templates, there are various types of collections of templates available. This template will not only boost your productivity but also it will help you to organize your work. While using templates, you will not feel any need to download any separate applications on your device as templates will provide you a better feature than that.

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11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

My personal favorite template is Finance Tracker, Habit Tracker, and Task List. Using this template really has made my life easy and productive.

2. Share Page With Others

If you have used Google Documents earlier, then you definitely know how to use it. Alternately, you can use the same features in Notion where you can share the content with another Notion user with ease. Just click on the Share button located at the top, choose to select add people or users, add email ID.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

You can add more options like giving permission to the user to view or access the content in order to make changes.

3. Notion Blocks

Notion use blocks instead of paragraphs, where each block is freely moveable on the page. Good thing is that there’s no limit to these blocks, as you can create as many blocks as possible. Besides this, you can tag boards, images, videos, links, etc, in the blocks to represent the content of the page.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

If you’ve used WordPress earlier, then you shall be familiar with the concept.

4. Page Lock

After you have created the page you can lock the page in order to put a stop to accidental page editing. Just turn on the Page Lock from the three-dot menu. However, there are no such options available to protect the page by passwords. If you’re using the team plan of Notion, users can access the page of other users only if it’s allowed.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

5. Use ‘/’ Command

In order to provide full access to the page, Notion does not come with any toolbar like Microsoft Word. Instead of that, you can use the ‘/’ command to summon a floating menu where you will find various tools such as bullets, media, colors, and more. Just press the ‘/’ button present on your keyboard and you are good to go.

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The command responds quickly, and feel very effective to use.

6. Icons and Cover

Honestly, I have never thought and seen this feature in any note-taking applications yet. You can set emojis as icons to represent a page mood in particular. Moreover, you can not just only add icons, but also covers where you can decorate the page with an attractive image.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

You can also take the help of Unsplash, where you will get limitless wallpapers free to customize your desired page.

7. Favorite Page

Just like how you add your favorite contact list on your smartphones. Likewise, you can add a page as a favorite that will show up in the Favorite option feature located at the top. Just visit in Favorite section to get directly on the page.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

As mentioned above, you can also lock the favorite page in order to prevent accidental editing.

8. View Page Updaes

Notion is really advance, I mean it has a unique feature of view page updates. Where you will get to see updates or changes that you have made while editing the pages. This is really helpful especially when you are going through the compilation process of the page.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Just view page updates and know more about what changes you have made while creating the page for your team, or for yourself.

9. Dark Mode

Some people prefer to use Dark Mode in order to avoid eye strain especially when your monitor screen has a TN panel. Just press Command + Shift + L (for Mac users), and Ctrl + Shift + L (for Windows OS users) to turn on/off Dark Mode of Notion.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Once, you switch Notion on Dark Mode application goes black where the character shows up white in colors providing an aesthetic look to the workspace.

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10. Notion Web Clipper

With the Notion web clipper, you can save any web pages to your Notion. Just clip all or specific part of a web page, add a short note, and save it for future references. You can access the web clipping from a PC, tablet, or phone. Once you can save web clipping offline to read it later.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Notion Web Clipper is available on Chrome and Firefox extensions to use.

11. Set Reminders

Creating the content on Notion with reminders will help you to complete the pending work. Here’s how to set reminders for yourself in Notion.

Step 1: Just open the content that you want to be reminded of.

Step 2: Just press the “@” key that is present on the keyboard. And mention the desired date and time to get reminded. For example (@Tommarow 6:00 AM). Suppose you want to mention your team member just press “@” and type their name next to the reminder.

11 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Beginners


Using the tips and tricks mentioned above for beginners, you can easily start using Notion. Also, try to use templates in Notion to organize your work on the optimum level. Because of the wide customizability, Notion leads the charge as the best productivity apps available on the internet.

According to my calculations, Notion is going to replace its user’s productivity apps by putting everything together in one place. If you want to learn more about Notion, there are more than 1000’s videos available on YouTube. You will find Notion easy to use once you explore the application by yourself.

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