Does Notion Work on iPad?

This is one of the most frequent questions that has been asked by the people who have still not confirmed to switch on Notion. The company clearly mentions that Notion does support cross platforms and available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Web. For iPadOS users, you can directly download the application from the App Store without any problem. However, it has been a while since Notion has just arrived and received tremendous recognition around the world.

In fact, the Notion experience would become more enhanced on iPadOS when you use it on an optimum level. If you are a school or college-going student, you can create notes and projects and there are no limitations in creating content in Notion. One thing that bothers me that Apple Pencil does not work for handwriting, which means you cannot do scribbling in Notion, but you can create amazing handwritten notes in GoodNotes 5 app and import them in Notion.

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Does Notion Work On Ipad?

The notion is more than just than note-taking application and more like a productivity app. You can add nearly endless features in Notion by adding multiple templates. What makes iPadOS different than other devices is the Share Sheet feature that allows you to share the content between different applications which is indicated in an icon similar to a tile-like structure with the arrow facing in an upward direction. You can upload the files without actually opening Notion.

Does Notion Work On Ipad?

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