Notion vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool is Best For You?

Project management is the art of organizing all the elements of a project under one roof which is based on specific topics that need to be organized. Simply, project management is based on five stages that include opening, strategy, accomplishment, and actions. Your project revolves around these concepts which means more the stages or pillars are strong it will directly proportional to the project that you are creating. Keeping the terms apart, you can create your project on Notion and as well as Trello. Both the project management tools allow you to do the work, but choosing the tools might be a daunting task.

According to the sensation created in the market of note-taking applications. Notions hold their mark in one of the best productivity apps available out there. Talking about Trello, it is user-friendly and easy to use for creating a project.

In this article, we will discuss Notion vs Trello: Which Project Management Tool is Better For You? We will compare both the platform so that you can understand from your point of view which is more suitable for your project management needs. Follow the article that we have managed to provide you till the end. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Notion Vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool Is Best For You?

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Notion: It comes with a clean and well-organized interface. The sidebar is present on the left side of the screen allowing users to access the whole page. You can add templates that provide features to enhance our project. Just press “/” on the keyboard to summon the list of commands, it responds quickly to save time.

Notion Vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool Is Best For You?

Trello: When it comes to the user interface, Trello has a home screen that looks likes boards or similar to cards. Each board is displayed under categories such as recent, personal, etc. Just click on the board and you are good to go, you can customize the board by changing its background color to enhance your content.

Notion Vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool Is Best For You?

Features and Sharing

Notion: You will get nearly endless features when it comes to Notion. To get multiple features, just add templates such as habit tracker, finance tracker, vocabulary builder, subscription tracker, etc. Besides this, it comes with a reminder tool that allows you to remind of certain important tasks accordingly. Instead of blocks, Notion is based on blocks that can be moved freely anywhere. Add members to your project and check their activities through the notification panel.

Notion Vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool Is Best For You?

Trello: It does not support templates but works on third-party applications available out there. The list of third-party apps that Trello supports has no limitations and known as power-ups. These apps can be organized, arranged, and can be categorized under the Power-up menu and can be added to Google Calendar manually. Trello is based on a modified version of Markdown syntax where you can add images, paragraphs, codes, etc. Just like Notion, you can also ask your teammates in order to complete the project together, and track their activities using the notification panel available in Trello.

Notion Vs Trel­lo: Which Project Management Tool Is Best For You?

Availability of Cross-Platform

Notion: Talking about the cross-platforms, Notion is available on every platform such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web. The good thing is that there is no difference among all the available cross platforms in terms of interface, features, and limitations.

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Trello: The application is available on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Web including most of the browsers.

Project and Task Management

Notion: When it comes to making projects and managing different tasks, Notion has no limitations. To get multiple features, just add a specific template depending upon your project requirement. To organize your daily schedule or to accomplish your tasks, you can add to-do lists in Notion. If your project is divided among your team members, you can track the activities of another member, this makes things easier. To prevent accidental edits, you can also lock your page, and set the emoji to set the mood of the particular page.

Trello: While creating a project, you can add a small description for reference purposes for your team members. You can add elements, see activities, lists, cards, checklists, etc. You can drag and drop or move the cards accordingly, and just save the project. There are no limitations to adding labels and color them to give it a more enhanced look. Set reminders to complete your project on time. With Trello, making and managing a project is not only simple but also convenient for one’s use. Honestly, Trello is easy to use than Notion.


Notion: It’s good to know that Notion is completely free for individuals. However, there are some limitations when it comes to team plans. For team plans 1000 blocks are free and then you can upgrade the plan that will cost up to $4 per team member. You can also earn credits according to as mentioned in Notion terms and policy, discounts are available when you subscribe to yearly packages.

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Trello: There is a free version available to use Trello as free, and it does offer a free trial. Trello plans start from $12.50 per user on monthly basis. If you looking to get a premium subscription plan which is known as Trello Gold, it will cost up to $3.75 on the monthly basis.


I am using Notion for a month now, and it is very helpful to keep my work well organized on point. Besides this, both the applications are free to use, but there is no limitation in the Notion individual plan as it is completely free. But on the other hand, Trello is free to use but it has limitations you have to get Trello Gold to get premium services.

Talking about my user experience, I found Trello easy and simple to use than Notion. As Notion has many advances and multiple features and functions. But if you are planning to get an application to keep all of the work under one roof, Notion stands out in a different way. Both the applications are good and personal experience does matter, so it advised to use them separately and then start making your project.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! If you have any queries you can ask them in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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