Notion vs Google Docs: Which Tool is Right for You

Google Docs is user-friendly and widely used by the majority of the people out there. Whether it is a corporate life job or self-esteemed business companies, software which are focused on documents excels sheets, presentation slides, etc are amicable. And Google Docs is one of them.

Talking about the Notion, it would be a huge mistake if we think that Notion has just made its entry into note-taking apps. Because the platform is massively getting recognized by leaps and bounds. Notion is beyond the note-taking application and widely accepted in a productivity app category.

In this article, we will be discussing Notion vs Google Docs: Which Tool is Right for You. So make sure to read the post till the end that we have managed to prepared for you. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

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User Interface

Notion: It has a beautiful interface with white canvas on the right side, while sidebar on the left side of the screen. Moreover, Notion works on blocks instead of paragraphs, which can be moved or drag wherever you want easily. You can press the “/” command on your keyboard to summon a list of options or tools which is quite quick in response.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

Besides this, there are no limits in creating content in Notion as you can add pages and subpages inside your workspace. To enhance your workspace, you can customize the pages that you have created with emojis and cover photos. Notion provides a beautiful aesthetic design.

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Google Docs: It is user-friendly and easy to use, the interface is well known and similar to other tools such as Microsoft OneNote. Your all content will appear in the form of a list on Google Doc’s homepage.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

Each page is situated in the middle of the screen and the basic tool kit is located on the upper side of each page. You can start creating content on multiple pages which has no limits.


Notion: The platform is also known for its amazing multiple templates. You can add templates depending on your requirement in your Notion workspace. There are few popular templates such as weekly agenda, finance tracker, blog post, and more.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

You can always inspect for varieties of templates in the Notion community and get yourself a suitable one at your workspace. You can use these templates to keep yourself productive by using templates such as to-do, vocabulary, habit tracker, etc. Good thing is that Notion allows you to create your own custom personal template.

Google Docs: Due to the platform is available for a long time, it has multiple lists of templates. You can choose one from the template gallery.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

The majority of the templates in Google Docs can be used easily and can be edited the way you want. Templates are more flexible in Google Docs.

Cross-Platform Availability

Notion: The platform is available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web. However, Notion offers its extensions on selective browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome including Notion web clipper.

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Google Docs: It is accessible from almost every platform. It is available on iOS and Android in the form of an app. But to access your workspace on the optimum level, it is advised to use Google Docs on Google Chrome.

Sharing and Collaboration

Notion: You can share your entire workspace with other Notion users. If you are Notion team plan, then you can add members in order to share your workspace. You can let your team members access the content on the page. This is very helpful if you are working on a project together.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

Google Docs: Sharing and collaboration feature is advance on Google Docs. You can set to allow view only, comment only, and even permission to modify your document. Group members can provide their suggestions in the comment section with their views. The feature is popular on Google’s other tool ‘classrooms’.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

Composing a Note

Notion: When it comes to editing notes on Notion, you have to use the ‘/’ command in order to get the editing options such as heading, color, paragraphs, fonts, etc. Each sentence is represented in blocks which can be moved easily wherever you want on the page. Besides this, you can embed Youtube videos, Google files, Twitter links, and more.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You

Google Docs: It follows the same old trend to compose notes. Unlink Notion, Google Docs use represents each sentence in paragraphs instead of blocks. Editing tools are located at the upper side of each page which is easy and looks familiar to use.

Notion Vs Google Docs: Which Tool Is Right For You


Notion: The platform is free to use individually. Notion is free to use up to 1,000 blocks for team plan which is quite decent. In order to access the team plan, you need to pay $4 on monthly based subscriptions. You can check out more plans and offers on Notion’s official page.

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Google Docs: Sounds good to ears that the platform is completely free to use. That’s why Google Docs is widely accepted. But it does come with limitations, 15GB is all you can use on each Google account including Google Docs.


According to my personal opinion, Google Docs is easier to use than Notion. Besides this, Google Docs offers better sharing and collaboration options. The only drawback here is the space limit.

On the other hand, Notion is best if you when it is used individually. When it comes to the team plan, you have to upgrade the platform at some point. But you can do other things too rather than just composing notes. Notion can make you productive, organize your work, and save your time by using the relevant templates.

It is advised to use both the platforms individually so that you can understand which app is suitable from your point of view.

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