9 Best Notion Tips and Tricks for Students

The majority of the users prefer to use Notion’s individual plan. Why? Because it is completely free to use, but limitations do exist with the team plan. If you are a school or college-going student, you can use Notion to enhance your educational experience. In fact, Notion is best suited for school and college students.

With the Notion, you can easily organize your work, follow the to-do list without missing actually one, and create your journal. Good thing is that there are no limitations to creating content in Notion. Instead of paragraphs, the platform works on blocks that can be moved anywhere easily. Just press the ‘/’ command to access the required tools or options, and it’s quite responsive.

If you are a student, then you have probably landed on the right post. In this article, we will be discussing the 9 Best Notion Tips and Tricks for Students. So make sure to read the useful article till the end that we have managed to provide for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

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1. Use Reminders

As a student, it is pretty harsh to manage the whole study material things or to cover all the topics for exams. Even if you do so, there’s always an important thing that we always probably miss out on, and suddenly remember during exams when it’s too late.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

You can set reminders in Notion so that you will never miss the important topics. You have the option to set the timing to get notified, so there shall be no confusion because the feature is easy to use. Just set the reminder and you are good to go.

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2. Use Color Background

Those days are gone when we use to worry about the lost highlighter pen to highlight the important sentences. You can do the same in Notion, just use the color background tool to highlight a particular sentence.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

To use that, just press the ‘/’ command and search for the tool. Additionally, you can set colors accordingly to highlight the terms or sentences. Now, you can always keep track of those important points and shall not forget during exams.

3. Use Code Blocks

This trick is very useful for programmers or coders to remember the multiple coding functions of C++, Django, HTML, etc. You can use the code block trick to separate the code from the page elements.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

Simply type ‘/code’ to make appear your code or command in the code block.

4. Make Weekly Agenda

Weekly Agenda is one of Notion’s built-in templates, you can use the template to schedule your work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can even assign the submission and practical dates.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

You can enhance it by setting reminders to get yourself notify to follow the schedule. Don’t forget to use the weekly agenda template as it is a useful one.

5. Use Widgets

Yes! you can use widgets in Notion. But there’s a catch, Notion does not offer any of their widgets access, but you can get one by third-party widgets. You can include widgets to your Notion home screen or workspace in order to access them.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

Add widgets such as Timer, Clock, Tweeter feed, Google Calendar, Weather, and more. You can get more Notion widgets from Indify.

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6. Vocabulary Template

While attending class you always get to hear new words, especially in those IELTS English lectures. You can remember 2-3 words but unable to keep up their meanings. In vocabulary template, you can not only track those new words but can able to improve your English command.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

Good thing is that the vocabulary template itself belongs to Notion’s community, so make sure to use it while it’s free to make your vocabulary strong.

7. Make A Resume in Notion

You can impress an interveiwer without your physical appearance by your resume. Notion allow its users to create resume by resume template. Include hobbies, skills, qualifications, and more, to enhance your resume.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

Instead of making a resume from scratch, you can choose one from the resume template in order to save your time. Make sure to add those color backgrounds to highlights your skills. And you are all set to make yourself qualified for the job.

8. Google Drive Integration

They are some people who use Google apps such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. Here, you can easily access those Google apps in Notion without any issue.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

Just type the ‘/Google’ command to summon Google Drive at your workplace. The rest of the selective Google apps can be acceptable using the same Notion command.

9. Create Your own Custom Template

Surprisingly, you can create your own custom template rather than using the rest of the template. Now the key to customization is in your hands. You can customize your custom template and use them wisely.

9 Best Notion Tips And Tricks For Students

You can also create some small custom templates such as a to-do list, finance tracker, etc. Modify the existing template or create a custom one from the scratch, the choice is all yours.

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When it comes to studies, you can always rely on Notion. From organizing work to creating a journal, everything is available under one roof in Notion. I personally appreciate the Notion community for making the platform free for individual use. Talking about the team plan, you can use it up to the 1,000 blocks after that you need to pay $4 per month to upgrade the plan. And honestly, $4 is worth getting the platform. While Notion is providing so many benefits, make sure to use it on the optimum level.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! You are free to express your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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