No, You Cannot Remove the Name Column in a Notion Table

‘Can you remove the name column in the Notion table?’ that’s the most frequently asked question by the Notion users. Let’s be straightforward, you cannot remove the name column in Notion table. The actual reason is yet to be known, we may be not able to remove the column from the table because it might be used to access the current page that belongs to each of the attributes and items inside the current page.

Let it known a fact that you also cannot modify or edit the property type too. The function is set to Title by default, which left us to choose between only two options that are to Incorporate it in the table or Drag it to the very end of the table. If you are desperate to remove the column in the table, then you might have to use Board or Gallery. It will make you available an option to hide the name column by enabling ‘Card Preview’.

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No, You Cannot Remove The Name Column In A Notion Table

One Reddit user provided the solution to change the property type would resolve the issue, but the hope the developers of Notion recognize this issue. Looks like we have to deal with what is available right now, but as mentioned above Board or Could resolved your problem. This will allow you to hide the name column in tables in Notion.

But if you want to create simple tables in Notion, we have attached a simple tutorial video so there shall be no confusion.

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Creating a simple table in Notion

That’s it for now, hope this helps! If you have any queries, you can mention them in the comment section below.

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