How to Find Missing Apps on iPhone or iPad


There are various apps available for various purposes on App Store, you might be curious to try those apps right after when you’ve installed or downloaded them. For some reason, the same app that you’ve installed or downloaded is not present on your home screen or you’re looking for the app but you can’t find it on your iPhone to iPad.

The app may have just moved to another location, or this might happened due to the new iOS update. Whatever the reason is, let me tell you, you’re not the only one who is facing the issue related to the app that is not showing up when you’ve downloaded or installed it. In this article, we’ve managed to present to you, how to find the hidden apps on your iPhone or iPad that you’ve just downloaded or installed on your iPhone/iPad. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Missing the App After the Device Update?

This might have happened due to the software update, the app that you are looking for might have reverted to the default position present on the Home screen. So, just check every group of apps or app folder that is located in the Home Screen.

Just restart the device whenever you update your device, this will help to sort the app back to the place.

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Search the App Using Spotlight Search

To find the app using Spotlight Search, users need to the following:

Step 1: Visit your Home Scree.

Step 2: Open the Soplight Search by swiping down from the middle of your screen.

Step 3: Just type the name of the app to find the same app.

Step 4: If the app is not found under the Applications, then assume that the app is not present on your device. Or just tap to open what folder the app currently lives in.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Additionally, you can select “Search App Store” in the search result to download the app from the App Store.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Find the App in Folders

Sometimes, the missing apps are somehow or unknowingly get placed in a folder. So go through each folder of apps that might have kept according to the categories.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

The folder icons might display the recent or the most used app on the first page of each folder, so open and swipe through each folder to find the app. You can also, swipe to see additional folder pages and apps.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Ask Siri to Open Your Missing Apps

Siri is the best source to find the missing app, if you already enabled “Hey, Siri” then just give a command to Siri as “Hey, Siri open my Apple Music App” (or whatever app you’re searching for). You can also summon the Siri using iPhone’s Home or Side button and ask her to find the app.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Unfortunately, Siri cannot inform where the app resides in the folder but expected to see the feature in the future.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Check Restrictions

If the Restrictions is turned on, you can enable and disable the apps services, or hide the apps, and etc. If you’re sharing the device with children or parents there might be restrictions on the device that is stopping you from the apps to open or locate. Here’s how to check that:

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Check Restrictions on iOS 12+

Step 1: Visit Settings > Screen time

Step 2: Tap on Content & Provacy Restrictions

Step 3: Enter your Screen Time Passcode if required.

Step 4: Change the settings.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Check Restrictions for iOS 11 and lower

Step 1: Visit Settings > Genral > Restcitions

Step 2: Enter the passcode if required.

Step 3: Tap on disable Restrictions to turn it off.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

Reset Layout of Home Screen

If you’re really struggling to find any apps, then just reset your Home Screen’s layout.

Step 1: Visit Settings >

Step 2: Go to Genral

Step 3: tap on Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout.

How To Find Missing Apps On Iphone Or Ipad

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