How to Fix a Dead iPhone: Tips and Tricks

Is your iPhone won’t start even if you try to? Or it just shows a black screen and looks completely dead? Here are some tips and tricks that we’ve managed to provide you that you can perform before you consider your iPhone completely dead.

Hearing an expensive device “Dead” like an iPhone sounds scary, isn’t it? Sometimes when you charge your iPhone completely, and when you’re just about to use it, iPhone displays a black screen that looks completely dead. This issue is already happening with many iPhone users. There are actually some useful things that you can do to fix a dead iPhone with the following solutions.

Restart your iPhone

Restarting a device can resolve many issues, here’s how to restart your iPhone.

How To Fix A Dead Iphone: Tips And Tricks

For iPhone 8 or above, iPad with no home button present: Press and release the volume up button, then press promptly release the volume down button, now, press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo is displayed.

How To Fix A Dead Iphone: Tips And Tricks

For iPhone 7, 7+, and iPod 7th generation: Press and hold both the side volume down buttons for 10 seconds until the Apple logo is displayed.

For iPhone who has Home buttons: Press Home and Power at the same time until the Apple logo is displayed.

How To Fix A Dead Iphone: Tips And Tricks

Try To Charge Your iPhone

If your iPhone does not turn on or responds, try to charge the device:

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Step 1: Try to plug your iPhone charger directly into a wall outlet.

Step 2: Now, try tor restart your device again.

Some Apple users discovered that plugging iPhone charger into a power outlet worked, instead of plugging into a power strip.

Clean The Charging Port

If your iPhone still not responds even if you have tried to charge it. Then it’s possible that the charging port is not cleaned. An earlier iPhone was having a problem of the accusation of debris on the charging port. As a result, it prevents the iPhone from getting charged. So clear or remove the stuck debris and then try to the charge your iPhone and then restart.

Connect iPhone to the iTunes

Some Apple users have reported that they have charged their device and tried pressing the Home and Sleep button for 20 seconds, their iPhone screen displayed “Connect to iTunes” and stops.

How To Fix A Dead Iphone: Tips And Tricks

Now, its time to open the device in Recovery mode.

Note: In case if you don’t have a Home button then press Volume Down button.

Put the Recovery Mode

Now, connect the iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Once the iPhone is connected to the computer, force the device to restart for your iPhone model till you see the Apple logo shows as restore message.

How To Fix A Dead Iphone: Tips And Tricks

Once you see the message, choose to select to Restore and setup the iPhone device.

What if Nothing Works?

If the solutions mentioned above won’t work for you, then it’s possible that hardware might be the culprit. In such a case, you need to take your device to the Apple Service Centre. If the device is in warranty then you must take the advantage of it, click here to set an appointment with Apple tech support.

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