What To Do If You Have Dropped Your iPhone in Water?

One of the universally accepted facts is that we should never let our electronic devices make contact with water. Dropping the expensive iPhone in water could be a scary experience for some people. Sometimes, your iPhone can suffer from serious water damage, and if you’re lucky enough to get that iPhone from the water instantly, you can actually save your iPhone.

Here’s what you can do if you’ve dropped your iPhone in water. Follow the tricks that actually work to save your iPhone if you’ve dropped in water to prevent water damage. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

Quick Tips to save your iPhone from water damage

Tip 1: Remove the iPhone from water as quickly as possible.

What To Do If You Have Dropped Your Iphone In Water?

Tip 2: Turn off the iPhone instantly by holding the power button till it switch off.

Tip 3: If you use phone case or screen protectors, remove them as they can are trapped in moisture to prevent water damage.

Tip 4: Dry the iPhone completely as best as you can with absorbent material, pay attention to the critical areas like the power button, volume button, mute switch, speakers and microphones, audio jack, wipe the screen and back.

Tip 5: If you have a cotton earbud available then soak the extra water from the audio jack, you can also use a thin stick poking through a small cloth for the same purpose.

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Keep the iPhone Into a Sealed Bag Filled with Rice

Just get a zip lock small plastic bag and fill it up with rice. Now, just keep the iPhone inside the back completely covered with a zip lock rice bag and leave it for the entire day or two. In this process, the rice present inside the bag will completely soak the water and moisture from the iPhone. You can use any rice as there are no exceptions to it.

What To Do If You Have Dropped Your Iphone In Water?

Alternatively, keeping iPhone in closed container with lid filled with rice will do the work.

Once the wait is over, turn on the iPhone, if you suspects that some moisture is still present, then don’t turn on till the moisture is completely wiped out.

Check Liquid Contact Sensors

When the iPhone is completely dried out, check the liquid contact indicators that are present on each iPhone. The indicators will turn red if there is water damage and it’s not a good sign. The image attached below will help you to know more about liquid contact indicators:

What To Do If You Have Dropped Your Iphone In Water?

What if Nothing Works?

If the tips and tricks mentioned above don’t work out for you and you suspected strongly that there’s serious water damage, then it’s time visit Apple Service Centre. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover water damage for any electronic device, but if you can repair the iPhone at a reasonable price, give it a shot.

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