How to Fix Messages and iMessage Issues in iOS 9

Some unfortunate Apple folks are experiencing issues related to Messages and iMessage on iOS 9 and earlier versions. Messages app won’t work properly, while there’s sending/receiving issue on iMessage. If your device is running iOS 9 and victimized with the same types of consequences, you’re on the right post.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to fix Messages and iMessage in iOS 9. Follow the simple guide till the end that we’ve managed to prepare for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How To Fix Messages And Imessage Issues In Ios 9

Problems sending/receiving messages on iMessages in iOS 9

  • Messages show as posted but failed to deliver.
  • Messages appear blue in color and show as not delivered on iMessages, but you get a reply from another side.

However, this issue might occur in both individuals and group text messages. To resolve the issue, try hard restarting your phone, toggle the iMessage app on and off, and restore the device to factory settings. Also, try to turn off Wi-Fi Assist.

How To Fix Messages And Imessage Issues In Ios 9

Delayed text messages issue on iMessage in iOS 9

If you’ve updated your iDevice and facing delayed text messages. You might get a “text delivered” notice, but the receiver does not receive the message quickly as supposed to be.

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This problem encounters when you’re phone number is not checked on FaceTime app.

How To Fix Messages And Imessage Issues In Ios 9

Step 1: Visit Settings and access FaceTime app.

Step 2: Turn off FaceTime, and turn on it back again and tap “use Apple ID for FaceTime”.

Now, a solid check should apper on your phone number, and the issue should get resolved.

Recipients receiving the same iMessage twice in iOS 9

The message you sent to the recipients, gets delivered twice or thrice somehow. Just restart your device and reset it to factory settings.

If the issue has still not resolved, just reset the phone’s network features under Settings. Also, turn off and on the iMessage app. If the issue is still not get resolved, contacting the Apple server is the major thing you can perform.

How To Fix Messages And Imessage Issues In Ios 9

iMessage sound twice in row

If you’re experiencing iMessage sound twice in a row. Visit Settings > Message and turn off iMessage. Restart your iDevice and turn iMessage back on. Also, try activating and deactivating the Repeat Alert setting.

“Service Denied” text message from “Unknwon”

‘Service Denied‘ text message from ‘Unkown’. If you see this message, just report the issue to your carrier, as the issue is nothing to do with Apple.

Here’s what to do, just backup your phone, restore to its original factory settings, and then sync with iTunes to regain your apps, music, pictures, and other files.

While restoring your device, restore it as a “New Device” and not as restoring from “back up” or you will get stuck in the issue again. Sync your device with iTunes before removing your files.

How To Fix Messages And Imessage Issues In Ios 9

Fix Waiting for Activation Error on iMessage

Follow the troubleshoot mentioned below:

  1. Visit Settings > Message and turn off iMessage and FaceTime.
  2. Visit Settings > iTunes & App Store > Tap Apple ID > Sign Out.
  3. Turn on Airplane mode, Wi-Fi will be turned off automatically, and then turn on Wi-Fi.
  4. Visit Message and turn on iMessages.
  5. Enter Apple ID credentials when prompted.
  6. Visit Settings and turn off Airplane mode.
  7. Now, you will get to see a notification that says “your carrier may charge for SMS”, tap on O.
  8. If not, go to Messages, turn OFF iMessage and then turn it ON again.
  9. Your iMessage should get activated after some time.
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Unable to delete Unknown messages on iMessages

If you’re unable to delete “Service Denied” text messages. Contact the mobile operator and they will provide an SMS center number and dial code that will let you recognize the source of a text message.

In case, if SMS center number is incorrect, call the service provider again and request to reset the network. Restart the device, and the issue should get resolved.

Quick Fixes

  1. Double-tap on the Home button and swipe the app to force quit, then relaunch the app. This will restart the Messages app.
  2. Visit your iPhone’s messages Settings, and check that the iCloud email is selected in the “send and receive section n Settings.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Turn on Airplane mode, and then turn it off by visiting Settings > Airplane Mode.
  5. Turn off Airplane mode, and then turn it on by visiting Settings > Messages.
  6. Reset network settings, visit Settings > General > Reset > Choose Reset Network Settings, this will wipe the Wi-Fi password without affecting your personal data.
  7. Turning off Wi-Fi Assist resolved the issues of many users, visit Settings > Cellular > and turn off Wi-Fi Assist.
  8. Make sure that Date & Time is selected “Set Automatically” under Date & Time settings.
  9. Visit Settings > Wi-Fi and change the DNS settings to Google’s public DNS i.e

Hope this has resolved your issue, in the worst-case scenario, nothing is working out, contacting Apple Support is the smartest thing you can do.

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