How to Download Torrents on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Torrent helps us a lot in everyday work, whether you are looking for some software which isn’t available everywhere, or a movie or an app. If you cannot find anywhere try torrent the big library of torrent has almost everything. Most people use torrents on their computers. However, you can even use torrents on your iOS devices to download files. So in this post, we will give you a quick guide on how to download torrents on your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Do note you don’t need to jailbreak your device to use torrents so you can relax

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How To Download Torrents on iOS

As we all know Apple has some strict restrictions regarding their Apps. But despite having such strict restrictions in the iOS ecosystem we have found a way through which you can download files via torrents on your iOS devices without even jailbreaking your device. Downloading torrent files is classified majorly in two different methods

Download Torrents On Ios Devices Like Iphone, Ipad And Ipod Touch
  1. Using Torrent clients.
  2. Using third party web-based services

Torrent Client for iOS

As we all know that there is no official torrent app available for iOS devices that users can download from the App store. But you can still get a full desktop-level of torrent app experiences on your iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and other devices. iTransmission just does that only. It is a native BitTorrent client for iOS. Since the app isn’t readily available on the App store so to get the app on your iOS device you need to follow a slightly different method of installing it.

By any chance, if your iOS device is already jailbroken then it will b very easy for you to install the iTransmission. All you must do is head to Cydia and download the iTransmission app for free. On the other hand, if you haven’t, and you don’t want to jailbreak your iOS device then there are a few third-party services that allow you to install apps like iTransmission even without jailbreaking your device. Support for long-term from these third-party services is pretty much non-existent but for now, it gets the job done.

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This is because Apple keeps on patching the iOS that prevents unauthorized app installations. If you want to get reliable and long-term support for the app then it is recommended to use paid solution such as BuildStore. Buildstore is a one-stop solution for iOS devices that helps in installing third-party apps on your Apple devices that aren’t available on the App store. However, BuildStore has a subscription of $9.99 per device and it provides updates and everything just like any other regular app from the app store.

Coming to the iTransmission app, the latest version is the iTransmission 4 and it is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, it requires iOS 5.1 or later otherwise it won’t work.

Install iTransmission on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

To install the iTransmission torrent client on your Apple devices, you need to follow the guide mentioned below, make sure you follow it correctly otherwise you won’t be able to install the app on your device.

How To Download Torrents On Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch
  1. First of all, you need to sign up on Build Store and register your iOS device. Make sure you get a subscription which is $9.99 per year for a single device.
  2. After you have purchased the subscription and have successfully registered your iOS device, go to Safari browser, and then open the iTransmission app page.
  3. Simply find and click on the install button and wait for the installation to finish.

Alternatively, you can get the app by installing iTransmission.IPA file using the iFunBox. But it is advised to use the BuildStore method as it is more reliable and has good support for the long term, whereas using the iFunBox you may face frequent certification issues with every iOS update.

Download and Transfer files using iTransmission

Follow the quick guide to know how to download and transfer files on your Apple device using iTransmission.

  1. Firstly, open the iTransmission app on your iOS device.
  2. Now, Click on Add (+) button located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. By pressing the + button you will be able to add a new torrent.
  3. Next, choose the source of your torrent from the list of menus like
    • Web- Use this if you want to search the torrent from the internet and then put it up for download.
    • Magnet- if you have found the magnet link of the torrent file then use this and it will automatically start downloading the torrent file.
    • URL- Lastly, if you have a direct link to the downloadable torrent file then use this option.
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As soon as you add the torrent file for downloading, it will be added on the iTransmission app and after a while, it will start downloading the file for you on your device. Do note that magnet links take more time to start downloading when compared to direct URLs, as it takes some time to fetch the info from metadata. Once the download is started, wait for it to finish downloading, also the iTransmission client can use the full bandwidth to give you faster speeds of downloading.

Make sure you keep the app open on the screen because the moment you push the app to the background it will stop the downloading and will disconnect. There is also an option for users to control the download and upload limit.

Once the download is complete, tap on the torrent to open the details of the file you have downloaded. Now, go to the files section of the app which should be inside more options. Now, tap on each file which you want to move towards each individual supported app of your choice.

iTransmission has set by default to not use the cellular data network to download torrent files. But if you want to use your mobile network and data to download the torrent file then you can surely enable it. To enable downloading over cellular networks tap on the gear icon then go to preferences and then turn on Cellular Network inside the network interface. lastly, tap on the Save button in the top right corner to save the changes.

Download Torrents on iOS (via Web based Services)

There is an alternative method to download torrent files on your iOS devices that too without using any third-party torrent clients like iTransmission. With the help of some third-party cloud services that offer downloading of torrents over HTTP. Zbigz is one such cloud storage service that provides downloading of torrent files over the cloud storage and then you can download that file from your browser. For HTTP downloads, you can use any download manager for iOS to download files. In this example, we are using the Documents app as the download manager.

Download Torrents using Zbigz on iOS

Here is how you can download the Zbigz on your iOS device.

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How To Download Torrents On Iphone, Ipad, And Ipod Touch
  1. First downloads and install the documents app from the app store.
  2. Now, open the app and then drag the browser slider from the bottom right corner.
  3. Find the search box and inside the search box, search for a torrent file. Instead of directly downloading the torrent, copy the torrent link or the magnet link.
  4. Open the Zbigz website in the documents app which you earlier downloaded, and then paste the link in the provided space.
  5. After you have posted the link, tap on the Go button and then Zbigz will automatically start the downloading of the torrent file to Zbig’s cloud servers. You can keep the background and continue with other works it won’t interfere or stop in between.
  6. As soon as the downloading is completed in the cloud servers of Zbigz, it will generate a link through which users will be able to download these torrent files on their devices using the Safari browser. it will be very much like downloading any other HTTP downloads.
  7. Documents app will take over as soon as the downloading is finished and then it will save the files into the app’s storage.

You can easily track the status of the files being downloaded in the downloads tab. The files which you have downloaded just now can be found in the Downloads folder within the Documents app. The documents app is pretty powerful, it can open popular media and document files natively. You can even open the downloaded files in other supported apps and share them over WIFI as well, if not then you can also transfer them to your computer.

Downloading torrent files can be illegal in your region so make sure you go through the rules and regulations of your country before you use torrent. Also in no way ihax is promoting to use torrent or download anything from torrent, if a user downloads pirated content or share it he or she is responsible on their own, in no way do we take charge of any particular user.


So this was an extensive guide on how to use torrent and download torrent files on iOS devices without jailbreaking the device. Using the iTransmission app users can easily download and save torrent files on their Apple devices. Alternatively using Zbigz is one of the easiest methods to download any torrent files to your device.

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