iMessage Not Saying ‘Delivered’? Here’s why (Fix)

Using iMessage just removes the space of uncertainty or bugs. Being in the ecosystem of iMessage just makes it easier to text someone, or send images, videos or anything. Apple keeps on adding new features to iMessage and they have also improved the popular messaging service. Using the default messaging app for texting just makes things so easy.

Using iMessage you don’t need to worry about messages not getting delivered, or if someone isn’t replying to you then they cannot make excuses that they haven’t got the message, iMessage is very much reliable.

Apple introduced a feature a long time ago, where it tells you when your messages are delivered and also when the messages are read (If the person doesn’t have the read recipients turned off).

Imessage Not Saying ‘delivered’? Here’s Why (fix)

However, often there are some circumstances where the message might not show the delivered text, or it might not notify you that the message has been delivered.

Imessage Not Saying ‘delivered’? Here’s Why (fix)

Users are left in black, and they keep on guessing if the message was delivered or not. users might even think that the other person has blocked. It could be an error or an issue from our end as well, so let’s find out the issue and fix it.

What Does the Absence of Delivered mean?

In most cases when the iMessage doesn’t show you the delivered message text, the problem isn’t from our end. Because when a message fails to send, then iMessage directly shows an error that the message failed to send.

That means the issue could be either on the receiver’s end or Apple’s server. It could be because the phone is off on the receiver’s end, or they don’t have access to an active internet connection. Also, if their phone is on DND, then iMessage will still say Delivered.

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The other instance where the iMessage doesn’t show you delivered text is when the receiver has blocked you. Or, the other person might have shifted to any other device like an Android device, and he or she might have not deleted their number from the Apple servers.

However, if the issue is that the phone is switched off, or the person doesn’t have an active internet connection, then it should show you delivered as soon as the other person comes online on iMessage.

In the case of a blocked user, your messages will never be delivered, so you might need to meet that person or call it to fix this issue of blocking, he might have blocked you by chance or any accidental touché inside the pocket can also cause the blocking.

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