What is Peel Remote and How to Uninstall it from your Android

Android devices these days pack as many features as they possibly can and Infrared (IR) blaster is one among them. There are users who absolutely love having an IR blaster on their phone to remotely control their televisions, Airconditioners, and other electronic appliances. And there are others who see it as bloatware.

What is Peel Remote or Peel Mi Remote?

If your device has an IR port, there is a good probability that Peel remote app (currently known as Peel Mi Remote) is already installed on your device. Manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, and a few others pre-install this app on their devices before shipping. Even though this app is useful at times, recent updates have ruined the user experience with annoying ads and useless lock screen overlays. If you are one among the affected and want to uninstall or disable Peel remote app completely, here goes the guide.

Disable/Uninstall Peel Remote App from your Android device

  1. Open Settings. 
  2. Tap on Apps and look for the Peel Smart Remote app.
  3. Tap on the app and you should see the Force stop and Disable buttons. Simply click on ‘Disable‘.What Is Peel Remote And How To Uninstall It From Your Android
  4. Only for Samsung devices: Go back to Settings > Apps and tap on the 3-dot button at the top > tap on Special access or simply search for “draw over” in Settings and turn off/disable the permission for Peel Smart Remote on other OEM devices.
  5. Next select Appear on top and turn off that permission as well for the Peel Smart Remote on your Samsung device.
  6. Go back and then select Change system settings and toggle off the permission for the Peel Remote application.
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When you disable the app by using this method, any updates you have installed after you bought the device will be uninstalled and the app will be reset to the factory version before being disabled. To enable it again, simply go to Settings > Apps > Peel Remote and select “Enable”.

What Is Peel Remote And How To Uninstall It From Your Android

Now that is how you complete remove Peel Remote app from your Android device. No more annoying ads or lock screen overlays! Are you still facing issues? Let us know more in the comments!

3 thoughts on “What is Peel Remote and How to Uninstall it from your Android”

  1. Why would the title say it’s an uninstall process, when in the end, it is just disabling the app? I am looking for the package name to uninstall it via cmd and pm uninstall, but I cannot seem to find it. Would you be able to provide this to me?

    • Not sure if the adb uninstall method would work on Samsung devices. It’s been quite a while I have tested it.
      I tried to dig up the package names and here’s what I have so far:


      Could be any one of these or none of these; I am not sure. Give ’em a shot, perhaps?


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