“Safari Can’t Open the Page” How to Fix?

It has happened with several users that they have experienced a “Safari Can’t Open the Page” error on the Safari browser. But the same page successfully loads in the different internet browsers.

This error has noticed on iPhone, iPad, and Mac displaying the same error message which makes the page unable to load. This could be an unpleasant web experience for Apple users who use the Safari app to browse the internet.

“safari Can’t Open The Page” How To Fix?

We have prepared an effective troubleshooting guide that will help you to fix Safari Can't Open the Page error in the Safari browser app on Apple devices.

Safari can't open the page

Without further delay, let’s get started.

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Refresh the Page

Just a simple refresh can fix the issue, the page might be won’t able to load due to some valid issue or internet connection.

Just click on the refresh button present near the URL bar of the Safari browser app.

Additionally, hold and press OPTION button on Mac’s keyboard to refresh the page.

Quite and Relaunch Safari

Relaunching the Safari browser is the major thing you can perform. You just need to quit the app either on iPhone / iPad or Mac. In case, you opened any important tab, it is advised to save the URL.

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On Mac, you can just press CMD + Q to quit the app.

On iPhone / iPad, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen from the Home Screen and swipe the app to the left or right to close the Safari app.

Then check if the issue has resolved by opening the Safari app.

Check Internet Connection

It happens sometimes that unknowingly your device gets disconnected from the internet. If that’s the case, you will no longer be able to access those apps which require the internet to run, and the Safari app will continue to display “Safari Can’t Open the Page”.

This is applicable on iPhone, iPad, and Mac as well.

So the internet connection might be the culprit of the issue. Check the cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, if it’s working then test the speed of your internet connection.

It is might due to the intermittent internet connection.

Check DNS Settings

Default DNS can make pages load slowly on the various browsers. So changing the DNS with Google’s DNS can fix the issue.

Here’s how to keep Google’s DNS on your device:

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

Step 1: Visit Settings.

Step 2: Go to Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Now, find your Wi-Fi name and tap on (i) icon to change the DNS.

Step 4: Now, tap on DNS.

Step 5: Change the DNS to and (Google’s DNS).

“safari Can’t Open The Page” How To Fix?

For Macs:

Step 1: Visit System Preferences and select Network.

Step 2: Click on the Advance button, and click on the DNS tab.

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Step 3: Now, click on the (+) icon in order to add Google’s DNS: and

Step 4: Press OK and click to select Apply to save changes.

“safari Can’t Open The Page” How To Fix?

Verify the Website URL

Sometimes, you open up a page that no longer exists. Or you have entered an incorrect website URL. In such cases, the Safari app will show you the error “Safari Can’t Open the Page”.

If that’s the case, it is advised to check the website’s URL of the page that you are trying to load on the Safari browser.

Clear Safari’s Cache and Temporary Files

It has noticed that Safari’s cache and some unwanted files make web pages unable to load.

So the error could be getting triggered due to the app cache, clearing them might help us to fix the issue. Here’s how to do that:

For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch:

Step 1: Visit the Settings app

Step 2: Go to Safari

Step 3: Click on “Clear History and Website Data”.

For Macs

Step 1: Visit Safari browser’s menu bar.

Step 2: Go to Preferences

Step 2: Click on Privacy

Step 3: Here, clear all the website data.

By clearing cache, cookies, and the other data will also clear login and passwords, and other website settings.

App Update

If the device has not enabled automatic updates for the application. Then we have to do it manually. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Visit App Store

Step 2: Go to Updates and check whether updates are available for the Safari app.

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Step 3: If the update is available, select Update the app.

Disable Safari’s Website Restrictions in Screen Time (For Mac)

If you are facing a “Safari Can’t Open the Page” error on Mac. There might the Website Restrictions due to Screen Time is enabled Here’s how to disable it on Mac.:

Step 1: Visit System Preferences

Step 2: Go to Screen Time and select Content & Privacy located in the sidebar.

Step 4: Here, click on Turn Off located in the upper right corner to disable the website restrictions.

“safari Can’t Open The Page” How To Fix?

Use a Different Browser

Try to load the web page using different web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mizola Firefox.

It might possible that the page is not supported or have a specific problem loading on the Safari browser.

All the troubleshooting methods mentioned above, are valid effective ways to fix the “Safari Can’t Open the Page” error in the Safari app. If the issue still continues to exist, then you can use a different or replace Safari browser with Chrome or Firefox browser.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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