How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart TV

In today’s world, almost every other appliance and gadget is becoming smart in some or another way. We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and whatnot. All of these smart gadgets and appliances are also very well equipped with different accessibility features. These accessibility features come in handy for people who have hearing issues or have weak eyesight and more. Similar to that the new Samsung Smart TVs come with voice-guided action, which means the voice assistant will guide you and will help in navigating the whole UI of the TV. In other words, it will speak everything that’s on the screen. However, sometimes people tend to enable the voice guide feature accidentally and now they don’t know how to turn it off. So here is a tutorial on how to turn off the Voice guide on Samsung Smart TV.

The guide should work with almost all the Samsung smart TVs that do have voice guiding options, few of the models that are confirmed to work are the Samsung TV 5-Series, 6-Series. 7-Series, 8-Series, 9-Series, QLED or SUHD.

What is Voice Guide?

We can say a voice guide is a kind of narrator that narrates everything that is on your screen and helps in navigating through the UI of the device even without looking at it. In other words, it helps those having poor eyesight or who is completely blind. The voice guide is integrated so well in the modern Samsung Smart TVs that it tells everything with its voice. Even when you open any third-party streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar etc. Not only that, the voice assistance even tells you about the movie name and its brief description.

How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv

While the voice guide can be helpful at times for those who are in need of it. But for those who don’t need it that often, the voice of the assistant can sometimes become annoying and may irritate people sitting around. So, if you feel to turn off the accessibility of the voice guide, you can surely turn it off, and trust me it is way easier to turn off any accessibility setting on a smart TV when compared to any Android device, where the accessibility setting itself is tucked deep inside the settings.

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Turning Off Voice Guide On Samsung TV

There are several different methods of turning off the voice assistance guide for certain different TVs, we have covered it for the most part of it you can go through them.

Method 1: Hold Down the Volume Button

To disable any kind of accessibility feature on your smart TV, you first need to access the accessibility shortcuts on your Samsung smart TV.

  1. Press and hold the Volume button on the remote of your Samsung Smart TV.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  2. Wait for a few seconds and then you will see on the screen of your TV that it has entered into the voice guide option. From your remote press, the center button or OK button and it will turn off the voice guide of your Samsung Smart TV.

Method 2: From Accessibility Settings

This alternative method is a bit lengthy but gets the job done. So first you have to turn on your TV which is very obvious, and then go to the settings of your TV >> General >> Accessibility >> Voice Guide settings >> Voice Guide.

  1. On your Samsung Smart Tv’s remote press the home icon.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  2. Now using the arrow keys from your remote navigate it to the settings.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  3. Inside the settings menu navigate to the general setting option.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  4. Now press the Center button or the OK button on your remote to open the General settings menu.
  5. Now again use the navigation keys of your remote to navigate it to the accessibility option and then press the center button to open it.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  6. Inside the Accessibility options, there will be voice guide settings.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv
  7. Now, open voice Guide Settings.
  8. Finally, you will see the voice Guide is enabled, press the OK button when the UI is highlighting the same, and it should be disabled.
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Method 3: Through Voice Command

This one is the easiest method of all but can be a bit tricky as well. So make sure you do it properly. Also, it needs your Samsung remote to have a microphone button otherwise this method won’t work on your TV.

  1. From your smart remote press the microphone button.
  2. Now say “Voice Guide OFF“, or “Turn Off Voice Guide “.

That’s it this should disable the guided access of voice on your Samsung Smart TV, if not then you can always follow the other two methods which I have mentioned right above this.

On Old Samsung TVs (2014-2018)

If your Samsung Smart TV is older than 2015, then disabling the voice guide accessibility option might be slightly different than the current generation of Smart TVs, below we have the steps to disable voice guide on older Samsung Smart TVs.

  1. On your Samsung TV’s remote click on the Menu/123 button.
  2. Now, select Menu>> System/Settings.
  3. Find and navigate to Accessibility >> Voice guide.
  4. Select the Voice Guide option again.
  5. Finally, press the selection or OK button on your remote and then select OFF to disable the voice guide Accessibility feature on your Samsung Smart TV.
    How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart Tv

Disabling Audio Description On Samsung TV (2008-2013)

If your Samsung device is even older than 2014 models, then the setting might be different, as many of the Samsung’s smart TV of those days had different UI, OS and mechanism. In fact, it wasn’t even called the voice guide accessibility feature on the early models of Samsung Smart TV, they were called audio description. So to turn off the Audio description on your older Samsung Smart TV, follow the steps written below.

  1. Make sure your smart TV is turned on, now click on the Menu button from the remote of your smart TV.
  2. Now from the menu find and navigate to Sound or Sound Mode using the navigation arrows made on the remote of your TV.
  3. Press the OK button to enter into the sound settings of your smart TV.
  4. Find and enter into the Broadcast option and then select Audio Language.
  5. Inside which you will find an option that would say English AD selected. So English is the language and AD stands for audio description, if it is selected then Audio description is enabled.
  6. Simply switch the language to English only to turn off the Audio description.
  7. Alternatively, some of the Samsung Smart TV models also support shortcut to enable and disable Audio description on TV. Simply press and hold the Menu button for a few seconds to enable or disable Audio description.
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To Conclude

So this was an extensive guide on how to turn off voice guide Accessibility on different models of Samsung Smart TV ranging from the year 2008 to up to 2021. The voice guide feature can be helpful for some but not all, for the rest it could be annoying, so disabling them is a good choice. Some of the latest generations of Samsung Smart TV have Bixby voice assistant baked inside their OS, you might need to disable Bixby to completely get rid of any kind of voice assistance on your TV.

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