Samsung TV Voice Commands – Full List (Bixby, Google Home, Alexa)

Siri and Google Assistant are the best voice assistants and Alexa comes as a distant third. But when you are using a Samsung TV powered by Tizen, you have no other choice but to get used to Bixby.

Fortunately, you can also pair your Samsung TV to Alexa or Google Home and use Google Home Commands, and Alexa commands as well. If you do not find Bixby very user-friendly, thankfully there is also a way to disable Bixby on Samsung TV.

That said, here comes the full list of Samsung TV voice commands.

Samsung Tv Voice Commands – Full List (bixby, Google Home, Alexa)

All the commands I have listed below are just examples of how you can interact with your Samsung TV in different ways. You don’t have to use these commands verbatim. Rather, take these as samples on how to talk to your Samsung TV.

Media controls commands

These commands can be used to control the media such as when you are streaming a movie or music via Netflix or Spotify.

  1. Pause
  2. Play
  3. Stop
  4. Shuffle off
  5. Screen fit on
  6. Screen fit off
  7. Zoom in
  8. Zoom out
  9. Rotate clockwise
  10. Rotate anticlockwise
  11. 360 mode
  12. 360 mode off
  13. Go to the Next one
  14. Go to the previous one
  15. Shuffle on
  16. Repeat this
  17. Repeat all
  18. Repeat off
  19. Fast forward
  20. Rewind
  21. Restart
  22. Rewind 10 minutes
  23. Fast forward 10 minutes
  24. Play from 1 hour 5 minutes and 10 seconds
  25. Captions on
  26. Captions off
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TV Settings Commands

  1. Reset all settings
  2. Connect to the soundbar
  3. Disconnect the speaker
  4. Change the standard sound mode
  5. Set a sleep timer for 30 minutes
  6. Sleep timer off
  7. Connect the Bluetooth speaker
  8. Set picture size to 16 by 9
  9. Make the screen darker
  10. Change brightness to 4
  11. Change to Dynamic picture mode
  12. Reset settings
  13. Check the internet connection
  14. Open Equalizer in settings
  15. Set game mode to auto
  16. Game mode on
  17. Game mode off
  18. Decrease image sharpness
  19. Make the screen sharper
  20. Make the screen brighter
  21. Change my TV name to ‘living room’

TV Controls and Channel commands

  1. What’s the volume?
  2. Set volume to 20
  3. Go back
  4. Exit
  5. Open Netflix
  6. Open Apple TV
  7. Open Prime Video
  8. Change source to HDMI 2
  9. Change source and you can say “HDMI,” “USB,” or “TV”
  10. The Green key
  11. The A key
  12. Turn off the TV
  13. Volume up
  14. Volume down
  15. Volume on
  16. Volume off

Date and Time commands

  1. What time it is?
  2. What month is it?
  3. What year will it be next year?
  4. What is Easter?
  5. What day is it today?
  6. What day of the week is Christmas this year?
  7. What time is it in New York when it 5 PM in New Delhi?
  8. What time is it in Paris when it 5 PM here?
  9. What time it is in London?
  10. What is the time difference between here and New York?
  11. What is the time difference between London and Mumbai?

Ambient Mode Commands

These commands are specifically to control and manage ambient mode on your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Switch Ambient auto brightness on
  2. Make the Ambient color tone cooler
  3. Delete my Ambient photos
  4. Ambient mode
  5. Make the Ambient screen brighter
  6. Dim the Ambient backlight
  7. Switch Ambient auto brightness off
  8. Set Ambient auto timer
  9. Set Ambient auto timer to 2 hours
  10. Ambient auto timer off
  11. Ambient mode settings
  12. Make the Ambient color tone warmer
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Web Browser Commands

  1. Open Google in a web browser
  2. Search COVID19 in a web browser
  3. Search Coronavirus symptoms in Google

Accessibility voice commands

  1. Accessibility on
  2. Open Accessibility in Settings
  3. Voice guide on
  4. Voice guide off
  5. Cancel high contrast
  6. Open Accessibility shortcut
  7. Accessibility off

Search voice commands

  1. Find movies
  2. Show me something great to watch
  3. Find something from the 90s
  4. Find award-winning movies
  5. Show me a good drama from 2017
  6. Find something with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts
  7. What are some dramas released this year?
  8. Find romantic comedies from the 1990s starring Meg Rya
  9. Show me something good with Tom Cruise
  10. Show me Tom Hanks movies
  11. Show Brad Pitt action movies
  12. Find the movie Fargo
  13. Find Mission Impossible with Jeremy Renner
  14. Find movies on Netflix
  15. Search anything good from last year
  16. Show me Game of Thrones
  17. Watch Star Wars
  18. Play House of Cards on Apple TV
  19. Find good documentaries with Leonardo de Caprio

Web Browser commands

  1. Open Google in a web browser
  2. Search COVID19 in a web browser
  3. Search Coronavirus symptoms in Google

Bixby control commands

These commands help you control Bixby itself.

  1. Open Explore Bixby
  2. How can I use the weather with Bixby?
  3. How do I use Bixby?
  4. Turn on voice wake up
  5. Turn off voice wake up

Alexa Commands for Samsung TV


  • Your Alexa and Samsung TV must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • You need to have SmartThings app installed.
  • You need to authorize SmartThings app via the Menu > Skills & Games settings in the Amazon Alexa app.
  • Use the “Alexa, discover devices” command to discover the SmartThings devices including your Samsung TV.
  1. Alexa, play bedroom TV
  2. Alexa, pause bedroom TV
  3. Alexa, stop bedroom TV
  4. Alexa, fast forward bedroom TV
  5. Alexa, play BBC Radio 6 on my Soundbar
  6. Alexa, channel up
  7. Alexa, channel down
  8. Alexa, lower the volume on bedroom TV
  9. Alexa, volume up 10 on the Soundbar
  10. Alexa, set the volume of the Soundbar to 50
  11. Alexa, set the input of bedroom TV to HDMI 1
  12. Alexa, switch to Bluetooth on my Soundbar
  13. Alexa, lower the volume on bedroom TV
  14. Alexa, change the input of bedroom TV to Xbox
  15. Alexa, next song on Soundbar
  16. Alexa, mute bedroom TV
  17. Alexa, unmute my Soundbar
  18. Alexa, turn off the bedroom TV
  19. Alexa, turn on the Soundbar
  20. Alexa, change to channel 303 on bedroom TV
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Google Home TV Commands


  • You need to install Google Home on your smartphone.
  • Open the Google Assistant app on your phone and add your Samsung TV to it.
  • Open the Google Home app, go to Settings > Assistant > Home control, tap the ‘+‘ icon and select SmartThings. You also need to log into SmartThings and Authorize it.
  • OK Google, turn on the TV
  • OK Google, turn off the TV
  • OK Google, change to channel 345 on TV
  • OK Google, next channel on TV
  • OK Google, channel up on TV
  • OK Google, channel down on TV
  • OK Google, lower the volume on TV
  • OK Google, volume up 10 on TV
  • OK Google, set the volume of TV to 45
  • OK Google set the input of TV to HDMI 3
  • OK Google, play TV
  • OK Google, pause TV
  • OK Google, stop TV
  • OK Google, rewind TV
  • OK Google, fast forward TV
  • OK Google, mute TV
  • OK Google, unmute TV

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