How to Send Email to an AT&T Cell Phone (Quickly)

Those days are gone when we used to send mail via hard copies, but due to the revolution, the majority of people prefer to use email to convey a message to someone or a company. You can literally attach an image and important documents to an email and send it to the receiver without any issues instantly. There are carrier services present that offers their user to send free short messages, SMS, Multimedia Messaging Service, and gateways.

Mind you, AT&T’s service allows its users a gateway to convert the email into SMS and MMS messages. This feature is really helpful when you want to send an email to an AT&T cell phone user. Depending on your wireless plan, this can save your money in your pocket.

In this article, we will show you how to email an AT&T cell phone quickly. Read on the article till the end, and follow the simple steps that we have mentioned further.

How To Email To An At&t Cell Phone (quickly)

Steps to send Email to an AT&T Cell phone

Here, you need to have a person’s phone number including the area code.

Step 1: Get the correct phone number of a receiver to which you want to send an email.

Step 2: Now open your email account, this will work on any email service including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. There are no specific requirements to send email from the email service, it could be any valid email platform.

Step 3: Create a new email, type the message or information that you want to send to the AT&T cell phone. You can also attach an image or document making sure that that the AT&T cell phone user will support the media file that you want to send over a text message.

Mind you, AT&T only allows 160 characters for SMS messages, anything beyond 160 characters will make the message split and the receiver will receive the message in more than one form.

Step 4: In order to send the email to AT&T, type the 10 digit phone number and type in the address bar. For example ( in the TO: line section which is considered as the address bar of any particular email platform.

Step 5: Simply send the message and the receiver shall receive your sent email in the form of a text message if the email consists of 160 characters the receiver will receive the text message normally, else it will receive more than one form of text beyond 160 characters.

Final Thoughts

All the steps mentioned above consist of a valid method to send an email to an AT&T cell phone. The only drawback I can mention that the limitation of 160 characters, but it does deliver the other half of the message in the other form of text which we can’t really complain about. People think it’s actually not possible to send an email to an AT&T cell phone which is not true, it can be sent in the form of text message which is a great feature that AT&T provides to their customers.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then stay tuned for more info.

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