Torrent Direct Download without any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

If you have been surfing the internet enough you might have come through the term torrent. We all know that we can get almost anything from torrents be it a newly released movie, cracked software or any latest games. But some ISPs block torrent websites and the torrent client, due to which accessing the torrent client is restricted. This is done by the ISPs to either stop piracy and distribution of cracked software or due to malware. As anybody can upload on the torrent clients and anybody can download and there is nobody to verify it, chances are you might be downloading malware along with that latest movie you are planning to download via torrent. So, most of the organizations, ISPs, and countries are blocking the torrent clients. So here is how you can download files from torrent without actually having the torrent client on your computer.

Download Torrent Without Client

Most of us who have already used torrent to download anything know we have to first download the torrent client and then from a torrent website we have to either click on the magnet download link or download the magnet file, through which the torrent client starts downloading the file. But it would be so easier if torrent files can also be downloaded similar to the other HTTP downloads that we do with our browsers, or by using any third-party downloader like IDM.

Yes, you can do that, with the help of some cloud services that allows you to cache torrents directly in the cloud. What it does is that it will download the torrent file for you into cloud storage. Now all you have to do is download the file from the cloud to your computer using any browser, the way you download any other file from the internet. Below we have tailored the best 7 cloud services that allow users to download torrent files directly over HTTP.

Download Torrents Directly Without Torrent Client

Seedr. cc is one of the best services to directly download torrents without having to use torrent downloader software. All you need to do is simply paste a link from the web (a torrent) and they will take care of the rest.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

The service is filled with some of the best features and here are some of them:

  • Free virus scan for the files that you download with their service.
  • AES256 encryption.
  • For videos, you don’t even have to download. You can directly stream from their dashboard. And it’s really fast too. You can do this on your phone, computer, or even on TV.
  • Optimized for mobile devices.


The Zbigz is a cloud storage service that has the support of caching torrents in the cloud. So with the help of Zbigz, you will be able to download files from torrent using the traditional downloading method via a browser. So instead of looking for a file with better seeds to have better downloads over a torrent client, choose Zbigz to download files and you don’t need to worry about the seeds and torrent clients anymore.

It will take a while for Zbigz to cache the desired torrent files, but once it finishes caching them in its server. You can download it at high speed from your browser itself. What’s even more eye-catchy is that downloads from Zbigz are also capable of resuming the downloads from in between if you ever lost the internet connection or if you shut down your computer.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

The download speed and the downloadable file size limit depends on the plan you are using Zbigz, offer three types of plan. The first one is the free one where you can resume downloads in between, but you have to keep the session active otherwise it will drop the cached file and you will have to ask for it again. With the help of Zbigz, you can even stream music and videos from torrent directly for free. Coming to the speed of downloads for the free version you will get a speed of around 150 kbps and the download size cap is around 1 GB. While the number of simultaneous downloads is limited to 2. If you need more downloading size capacity and a faster download speed then you have to switch to the premium plan of the Zbigz. All-in-all it’s a good alternative to directly downloading from torrent clients, and since it makes downloading small files from torrents easy, so definitely you should try it once.

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Another service that provides something very similar to what Zbigz is providing, but it has a slightly different approach. Boxopus has a dedicated service for caching torrent files in the cloud. To use Boxopus for downloading torrent files via the cloud, you first need to sign up and create a free account on Boxopus. A free account made on Boxopus will allow you to download files from the torrent of up to 512 MB in size, and the cached torrents will be available for up to 24 hours. Similar to Zbigz, Boxopus also has different plans for free users and premium users, while paid users can store up to 30 GB of data cached on the cloud and get unlimited download speeds and gives around 5 days for keeping their data.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

Boxopus also offers a traffic meter which helps in controlling the bandwidth usage, the traffic meter tells you how much bandwidth is available for you which you can use to download the torrent file. Boxopus has a very different plan, it starts with 10 GB of quota for everyone, but as users will cache more and more torrents to the Boxopus account, the traffic meter will go down. It all depends on the type of subscription you have, your traffic will be recharged on an hourly basis. 50 Mb/hr to be precise for free users and a paid subscription it is 250 MB/hr, this will go up to a maximum of 10 GB of quota, which should be enough for most of the people until you are not downloading any high-end games, the quota of 10 Gb should be enough.

Also, free users of Boxopus can upgrade their accounts with the three different types of subscription plans offered by Boxopus. Tiny bucket for 1.49$ valid for 7 days, or a big bucket which is $14.49 and will be valid for 3 months, and finally, there is a huge bucket plan that will cost you $49.99 and the validity for the huge bucket is around 12 months. Boxopus also offers a free chrome extension, which will help you in downloading torrents, even more, the website is even optimized for mobile devices. So, it means that you can download the torrent files directly on your phone as well, once Boxopus has finished caching the torrent file, you can download it to any of your devices, without the need for a torrent client. is a similar cloud-based torrent downloading service that has dedicated BitTorrent support. Interestingly, it caches the torrent files and puts them into the user’s private storage space in the cloud. The downside of is that there is no free-to-use option, and not only that it doesn’t even give a free trial of their paid plans.

So in any case to use to download torrent files, you first need to pay for the subscription plan, otherwise, you won’t be able to download any torrent files using the cloud service of although the plan starts as cheap as $0.99 per day. This gives storage space for caching the torrent file of up to 50 GB, along with that you can have 10 simultaneous downloads and a maximum seeding time of 2 days. It is good for those who are not very frequent users of the torrent, but sometimes they need to download big files simultaneously into more than one computer, then the service provided by is good.

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Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways) is also a cloud-based storage service that has torrent downloading support by following the same caching procedure. The difference between and the rest is that it not only allows downloading of torrent files, but you can download any other files and keep them in your private cloud storage directly. It is also capable of streaming videos and music directly from torrent or any other website along with subtitles if available. Fortunately, offers a free subscription of its services as well, although it is limited to only 2 GB of cloud storage with a download speed of 100 MB/hr and there is no support for simultaneous downloading of files. While on the other hand, the premium users can get cloud storage space of up to 250 GB with up to 20 simultaneous downloading of a file.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

One benefit of using is that there is no download speed capping for premium users, and most importantly the connection is protected with SSL encryption. also provides free antivirus checks for each of the files which you download. similar to other cloud-based services using you can download the files on any of your devices once the cloud service is done caching your torrent file.


ByteBx is also one of the cloud storage services that add up as a torrent downloader since it also has support for caching files from torrents. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the torrent file or the magnet link for the torrent file you need to download and the ByteBX will download it automatically for you. Just like other cloud services ByteBX also has paid subscription plans divided into three different plans. But it even has a free plan which will give you storage space of up to 2.5 GB with a download speed of up to 100 Kbps and the storage limit is up to 5 days. For premium subscription plans there are two different options to choose from, premium 100 and premium 300. For premium 100 you will get 100 GB of storage space along with media streaming and simultaneous download supports.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

Not only that you will also get unlimited downloading speed as well, and the period for storing any data is also unlimited, the only difference between premium 100 and premium 300 is the storage capacity the premium 100 has 100 Gb of storage space while the premium 300 has 300 GB of cloud storage space, rest of the features remain the same.

One of the best cloud services that provide caching of torrent files as well is the it is one of the most popular as well, it has good value for money subscription plans while giving the full advantage of the service even to free users. it has file caching not only from torrents but from other popular file-sharing services as well, which is a great add-on. For free users on Filestream they can you unlimited torrent caching, and a single torrent size limit of up to 1 GB which isn’t bad by any means.

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Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

If you choose to cache from any other file sharing service then you can get a size cap of up to 5 GB per month. In addition to that, the free users also get something that the other cloud services are providing in their premium subscription plans, like the unlimited period of storing files on the cloud, SSL encryption, unlimited number of torrent downloads, user anonymity and a few more. is a different kind of clour service that provides downloading of torrent files. is a search engine for torrents, it can search the .torrent files from across the internet and will provide you with the downloadable link, not only that it can even pull out the torrent files to its servers as well. Through this, you will be able to download the desired torrent files like a usual HTTP download using your browser without any additional torrent client. besides caching torrent files and allowing you to download from the cloud with the help of you can even stream any kind of media from PC, smartphones, consoles, tablets any gadget that has a browser and support of media playback. For premium users, provides unlimited file storage, and the bandwidth limit is up to 250 GB per month.

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

However, free users will get 1 Gb per day or 5 GB per week and it requires an invite code for signing up to But, in case you don’t have an invite code you can always use the Facebook sign up option which will give you the same benefits of the free user, but if you want to premium then there’s an option for that as well, as there are multiple paid subscription plans available for you to choose between different bandwidth capacity.

Downloading Torrent With IDM

You all must be aware of the application IDM, it helps in downloading files via HTTP at a faster rate with the support of resuming the downloads. it’s a good way of keeping the files organized and downloading them at a faster rate. Now, you can even download torrent files with the help of IDM. All you have to do is just use any of the above cloud services with caching of torrent files supported. Now, simply download any of the files which you want and use IDM to download instead of your browser that’s it. In other words, you need to copy and paste the downloadable URL link to the IDM and IDM will start downloading the file for you right from the particular cloud service which you have chosen.

Online Torrent Client- Bitlet

Torrent Direct Download Without Any Torrent Client (10 Ways)

Most of us have already installed java runtime on our systems, but if you don’t have java runtimes, then you need to install it before you can use this method, also make sure your browser supports java applets. Bitlet is a browser-based java apple that uses a java runtime service to work as an online torrent client. So, it is an alternative to the torrent downloading client, and if you don’t want to install that you can install Bitlet and the rest of the thing will be handled by your browser.

To conclude..

So these were some of the alternative ways through which you can download torrent files without actually using the torrent client. it is a good and safe method to use if you want to download anything from torrent. Also, make sure downloading torrent files isn’t illegal in your region and that any file you are downloading doesn’t have any kind of malware.

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