4 Ways to turn off Siri on AirPods?

The ability to trigger Siri with Apple’s AirPods from the earbuds is one of the amusing features of AirPods. With the help of this feature, you may direct Siri to carry out specific actions or have your texts read aloud and reply to them.

However, this might irritate you at times when Siri is triggered when you are listening to your favorite music. You can turn off Siri on AirPods to avoid that. Below are a few steps you can follow to do so.

How To Turn off Siri on AirPods using iPhone or iPad?

You can always turn off or turn off Siri on your AirPods from any of your Apple devices whether it might be iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Follow the steps below to disable it.

turn off siri on airpods

Step 1 – Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and Tap on AirPod’s name which will be displayed on your screen.

  • In case you don’t see this option, open Bluetooth settings and press the ‘i’ button present next to your AirPods name.

Step 2 – You have to select the Left option under “Double-tap AirPod” or “Press and hold AirPods.”Depending on the version of the AirPod.


Step 3 – Set that setting to Off or you can also select any other option that you would like as per your preference.


Step 4 – Go to the previous Menu, tap on the Right and follow this same procedure as mentioned above.

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This is how to turn off Siri on AirPods over your iPhone or iPad. Although you can always trigger Siri by using your voice by simply saying ‘Hey Siri’.

How To Turn off Siri on AirPods using iPhone or iPad Completely?

Operating Siri via AirPods is a cool feature but in case you want to turn off Siri Completely off your AirPods, make sure you follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Settings app and look for Siri & Search option on your iPhone and iPad.
  • There would appear a Toggle switch to control the Listen for “Hey Siri” feature under the ASK SIRI tab. Once you do this Siri will no longer be activated if you call her.
Capture 3

How To Turn off Siri on AirPods using Mac?

As Apple also lets you use AirPods on your Mac, you can face the same inconveniences mentioned above over your Mac, so to turn off Siri using Mac follow the steps below.

  • First Make sure your AirPods are connected to your Mac.

Step 1 – Click over the Apple logo and head to System Preferences.

Capture 4

Step 2 – Search for Bluetooth and click on it and look for your Airpods name, click on the options button next to your AirPods.


Step 3 – Select either the ‘Left Double-Tap’ or ‘Right Double-Tap’ option and change the option from Siri to whatever you want or simply turn it off.


How To Turn off Siri on AirPods using Mac Completely?

In case you want to turn off Siri Completely off your Mac.

  • On the System Preferences menu look for Siri and click on it.
  • Uncheck the box indicating “Listen for “Hey Siri”.

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