My Apple ID is Disabled. What to do?

Apple brand is known for its privacy, and someone enters the wrong password more than one time by your Apple ID, your ID will get locked. This issue mostly happens when you mistakenly enter an incorrect password because you forgot your own Apple ID. OR someone else trying to access your Apple ID which is what this feature is made for.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to unlock your disabled Apple ID. Just follow the guide that we’ve managed to provide you if your Apple ID is disabled. How to know if you’re Apple ID is disabled? it will show messages like “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”. Here’s how to revert the thing, let’s get started.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

How to Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID?

First, you need to verify your identity with the Apple server, now this also depends on the security settings of your account. You can visit from any device if the incorrect password is entered in a row you have to wait 24 hours before so that you can unlock your Apple ID.

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My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?
My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Step 1: Enter Your Apple ID Username

Once you’ve visited the site, enter your Apple ID. Here’s how to do that:

On iDevices: Visit Settings > (Your Name).

One Mac: Visit Apple menu, then System Preferences > Apple ID.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

You can get your username from App Store, iTunes, or Apple Music by looking inside that app if you’ve unknowingly kept a different username.

Step 2: Enter Your Details

Now, Apple might trick you with some questions that you need to answer, or you can enter the phone number that is connected to your account. You have to answer the questions to verify your identity to get your Apple ID back, if you’re unable to answer those questions, the only thing you can do is to contact Apple support.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Step 2: Use your Apple Device to Unlock your Disabled Apple ID

You will get a notification from Apple to connected Apple devices. On the device, just tap on Allow to unlock your disabled Apple ID. Here, you need to enter a verification code or follow the on-screen prompts so that could reset your password.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Step 4: Use Verification Code to Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID

In case you don’t get your verification code to unlock your Apple device, then just click on Unable to access your [Device]?

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Now, you need to enter the Recovery Key, this is a six-digit code that was created back when you activated two-step authentication for your account. In case, you still don’t know what was the code then tap on Did not get a verification code? Choose the option given in the prompt to get one by text, over call, or using a different number.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Step 5: Unlock Your Disabled Apple ID Using Account Recovery

If you have changed the number that used to connect to your Apple account, then click on No longer using this number? and tap on the Update phone number, this can be done after verifying your identity by Account Recovery.

My Apple Id Is Disabled. What To Do?

Mind you, Account Recovery might take more than one day or several days in order to unlock your disabled account. Here, tap on Continue anyway and enter some of the respective contact details. The number you’ve entered will receive instructions from Apple about how to unlock your account.

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If somehow you get access to your account by any other alternate method, you can cancel the Account Recovery request.

Log In to Your Apple ID Again on Every Devices

Once you’ve unlocked the disabled Apple ID, then you need to log in to every device again, you can do this manually by visiting Settings or in System Preferences.

What if Nothing Works?

If the steps above won’t help you to unlock the disabled Apple ID, then have to contact Apple Support, you may have to go through answering question and code again.

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