Top 10 Free Anime Streaming Sites

Looking for free anime streaming sites? Here’s a complete list of all anime website names for free anime streaming.

In this article, we have listed 20 best anime streaming websites to watch anime online. Some sites even contain English dubbed versions for free.

There is a huge fan base for Anime all over the world. Scratching a little bit of history, you can easily find the fact that Anime was originated in Japan by mid-1917.

Free Anime Streaming Sites List

It was then successfully adapted to western cartoon culture. There are a whole lot of misconceptions about Anime. One among them is the idea that Anime is meant only for kids and it is never an entertainment for adults.

But this can last until you watch them. Even though there are a lot of anime meant for kids, not all of them are limited to the entertainment of kids alone. This fact is realized by a lot of enthusiasts and fans, resulting in the exponential growth of its popularity.

We live in a world where online content is the most easily accessible thing over the internet. Even after the existing competition from video streaming services with top contents, anime seems to thrive successfully.

This is because the creators of the anime are totally free in taking their creativity to another level without considering the budget and technology to create anime. To create any other video content, the creator has to think twice about the practicality considering the parameters for the implementation.

Since anime creators are not bound by any limitations in any of the aspects, the content has the potential to take you into a dream world that resonates with the expression delivered through the content.

If you enjoy anime or a starter who likes to experiment with creative content, we got you covered in this post.

There are thousands of Anime streaming services that are free or paid that you can easily access when you search for Anime over the internet but the sites listed here are the sites that have a wide variety of quality content with a faster streaming algorithm. Go to the sites listed below and enjoy the anime.

KissAnime is one of the most searched and accessed websites for anime. The KissAnime provides the facility to search as well as download the anime from its servers. There is a wide variety of genres that you can navigate.

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The main highlights of KissAnime are the platform for user interactions. KissAnime opens a platform for communities and chatrooms where the community members can interact with each other. The video quality is configurable and streaming speed is comparatively faster than other similar sites.

If you are more into High-Definition anime contents then you can go for 9Anime. It is a website that provides versatile content of high quality. 9Anime has a huge database that you can browse through all day. You can search the contents with respect to the genre, language, date of release, etc.


There are English dubbed anime that you can access if you are not a fan of other languages. If you hate tiresome processes such as submitting credit card details or availing subscription, then 9Anime is the best choice for you. is one of the unique anime content streaming websites because you cannot find loads of anime that can make you confused over the selection. selectively uploads the most trending and famous content so that you can literally select any anime on this website and can still find it addictive and entertaining.


The user interface is clean and you can easily find the most-watched or top-rated content. Masterani has a current database of more than 2500 anime and is still extending the number of quality contents.

Chia-Anime got a lot of constant subscribers and a huge number of visits from anime lovers all over the world. There is a wide variety of genres available in multiple quality settings. The only downside you can see on this website are the advertisements that pop up often.

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The website has a huge collection of all the mainstream anime series. There are both subbed and dubbed anime available in Chia-Anime.

Anime-Freak is an online anime streaming website that is similar to Kissanime. There are sites that only provide the contents only after the authorization by Logging in. But Anime-freak does not ask for a log or any private data of the users.


You can easily browse through the long list of all the major anime series available. You can even search through the anime with respect to the genre, date, popularity etc. There are both dubbed and subbed contents available for the users to browse through.

You can stream the anime online for free on Gogoanime. The anime is Japanese made but subbed in English. The user interface is simple and you can browse through the humongous database of anime. The website refreshes its contents often to provide the most recent and new anime for the viewers.


The passion of the content developers is visible in the Android and IOS applications they have released for the viewers. There is a collection of all the major and trending anime’s from all the best anime creators available in GogoAnime.

Crunchyroll is another famous and quality anime series provider with very fewer ad pop-ups. They have a huge content database such as more than 20,000 episodes of multiple anime series.


Live-action titles and Korean dramas are available on the website in case you are interested in them. You can also get English dubbed and subbed contents.

Funimation is one of the best anime content providers which is based in North America. The contents are totally free and there is a huge collection of animes of different genres available in Funimation.

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You can easily search for the contents and access the most trending animes with respect to your taste.

Sidereel is more like a search engine for anime series. You can search the anime series by its name and episode when you find it impossible to access from any other free anime website providers.


The anime database is quite large and hence it is sure that you can find any anime you wish for much faster.

Naruto is suggested as the last on the list but it is not the least. There is a huge collection of anime series available on Narutoget. The contents are of premium quality. You can access anime movies as well as manga in Narutoget. The website design is minimalistic and easy to navigate through.


Narutoget also consists of a large collection of subbed contents. You should visit the Naruto list if you want to access top dubbed as well as subbed contents.

The below two are not exactly free but have a wide collection of Anime, if you are willing to pay.

Hulu is another option that you can go for if you are interested in more focused content. Hulu doesn’t have a huge collection of most trending anime series but you can find dedicated contents which include tv shows, movies, and Hulu original series.


The extra contents that you can access are the bonus that no other websites provide. The only thing that you should consider is the fact that the contents are paid and there are affordable monthly subscription plans available.


When it comes to online video streaming websites and applications Netflix is the most prominent one. Netflix has a wide variety of anime content. Proportional to the quality they deliver Netflix charges money for the subscriptions.


The subscription gives access to anime contents and a much wider variety of contents if you like both anime and other shows.

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