How to Change iMessage Bubble Color to Dark Blue?

iMessage is one of the greatest advantages of using an iPhone. It is an instant messaging service by Apple that works across iOS, macOS, iPad OS, and watchOS. Using iMessage, you can send text messages, photos, videos, emojis, GIFs, etc. But recently, with an update, Apple introduced a new version of iMessage in which you can change the text message or iMessage bubble color.

Apple’s iMessage is an easy-to-use app that many iPhone owners use to communicate. It is not, however, the most easily customizable app. Despite that, you do have a few available options if you would like to customize the colors of the message bubbles in iMessage.

iMessage has come a long way since its launch in 2010. It was originally just a text messaging app for iPhone users. It later expanded to include photo sharing, video calling, and file transfers. Today, it has become the main communication app for Apple devices.

Change iMessage Color to Dark Blue

This makes it a big deal for those who want to customize the look of their messages. With all the apps and extensions that you can add to the app, you can get your message to look just the way you want it.

It is possible to change the color of your iMessage bubbles from their lighter blue hue to a deeper and darker blue. With a simple hack, you can change the color of the iMessage bubbles on your iPhone.

Moreover, it not only changes your iMessage bubbles but also the bubbles for your standard messages. While the iMessage bubbles become dark blue with this setting, your SMS bubbles will turn to dark green from their normal lime green color. Even the gray color of the messages you receive will be a subtler, deeper gray.

Why Would You Want to Change It?

According to some users, it is difficult to see tiny letters on iOS’s new, stark white interface. Bolding the wording makes a huge effect. It’s still true that some color selections in iOS don’t have enough contrast in them to make things simple to see. With the “Dark Colors” option in iOS, the bright blue lettering on buttons and UI components throughout the iOS interface has been brought down as a result of this update. In addition, the extremely light gray lettering is darkened to a deeper shade of gray. When text in key areas has a higher level of contrast, it is more visible and readable.

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iMessage’s conventional colors indicate a green bubble for an SMS message that has been sent. In addition, there’s a blue bubble to indicate that a message was sent through iMessage. There are a variety of reasons, why you may choose to modify the colors. It may be;

  • For purposes of accessibility.
  • There is a special requirement for a different shade.
  • An entirely new color palette is more in line with your particular style

Changing the iMessage Bubble Color

Open your iPhone settings and go to ‘Accessibility’.

Make iMessage Bubble Dark Blue 5

Now, tap on ‘Display & Text Size’ from the Accessibility options.

Make iMessage Bubble Dark Blue 4

In the Display & Text Size settings, turn on the toggle for ‘Increase Contrast’.

Make iMessage Bubble Dark Blue 3

Your iMessage bubbles will become a darker blue. A higher contrast ratio is also considered better, so you can turn this setting on for just its benefits if you so prefer it, if not for the looks.

Left: Dark blue iMessage bubbles with the ‘Increase Contrast’ setting on.

Right: Light blue iMessage bubbles with the ‘Increase Contrast’ setting off.

This method may affect other colors or text on the device, as this setting adjusts the color contrast between app foreground and background colors.

Using a third-party app to Make iMessage Dark Blue

You can also use a third-party app to change the iMessage color. There are many options available for free use on the Apple App Store.

Best Applications to Change iMessage Color

Now, you will get plenty of options on the Apple App Store that offer to change iMessage color. Below is a list of iOS applications with many customizable color features.

  1. Custom bubble – color & font
  2. New Cool Fonts Keyboard
  3. Keyboard Skins for iPhone
  4. Color Text Messages- customizer colorful texting
  5. FancyBubble – Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage
  6. Live Messages – StickLive
  7. Color Text Bubbles on iMessage
  8. Color Chat – Chat With Colors

Here we will use a third-party app, “FancyBubble”, to change iMessage Color. FancyBubble has a lot of excellent reviews and can be downloaded for free. We have mentioned all the steps, keeping “FancyBubble” as an example. You can choose from any other iMessage bubble color-changing app

  1. Visit the Apple App Store.
  2. Search “FancyBubble” and download the application.
  3. First, download the app by opening the App Store. Tap Search and type in FancyBubble.
  4. Tap Get or the download arrow.
    • (Enter your Apple ID/password if required for verification.)
  5. Once it’s downloaded, open the Messages app and start a new chat or select an existing conversation. Tap in the text input field(where you draft iMessages).
  6. After installation, open the “iMessage”application.
  7. If you already have an existing conversation, then open it. If you don’t have an existing conversation, then start one.
  8. When you begin to type a message, you will see the icon of FancyBubble on the keyboard on the app bar.
  9. This will bring up different colored message bubble options. Tap on the one you want to use.
  10. Type in your message, and hit Send.
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Just in case you don’t want to change the iMessage color from your keyboard, know that you can also do the same directly from the app. Follow these steps to change the iMessage color from the FancyBubble app.

  • Launch the FancyBubble application on your iPhone.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see many options of message bubbles. Choose one according to your choice.
  • Now, type in the input box.
  • On the left side of the “Send” button, you’ll see a dropdown. Click on it and select the “Messages” app.
  • Once you tap Send, it’ll open the Messages app, where you can input which contact to send the message to.

Note: You can also select other applications if you want to change the message bubble color in them.

  • After selecting the “Messages” app, click on the “Send” button.
  • This will launch the “Messages” app. Select the contact to which you want to send your message.   

Are We Actually Changing the Message Bubble Here?

No! iOS does not allow anyone to change the message bubble color. There are basically three bubble colors by default, blue, green, and gray. You cannot change the iMessage color without jailbreaking the phone, which we all know is against Apple’s guidelines. So, what did we do here?

All the applications that you will download from Apple App Store will make you think that you are sending a message bubble that is customized. However, that’s not true. These applications create a picture with the text that you have typed into the customized message bubble and send it as an image. Know that what you are sending is not actually a message, rather it is an image with your text.

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Many users that have used the iMessage app for some times have gotten used to the same old blue and green messages on iPhones. To make your boring chats interesting, you should definitely try changing the iMessage color to make texting more fun. It will not only look super cool, but it will also make you want to text more.

For accessibility purposes alone, this setting will likely get a lot of use, but it’s also just a nice way to make your iPhone easier to use in direct sunlight, and some users will probably just simply prefer the darker blue text and darker gray elements to the lighter baby blue text elements found everywhere in iOS.

You can only change the color of your iMessages if you jailbreak your iPhone. If it is not, then you can either increase the phone contrast or download any message bubble app from the Apple App store and use it to send text messages in the form of customizable images.

Jailbreaking allows you to open the operating system of a phone to manipulate, allowing you to change aspects of the phone that were not originally intended to be edited by people outside of Apple.

Because of this, jailbreaking your phone violates the warranty (since it counts as the customer using the phone for purposes it was not intended for). However, it unlocks many opportunities for customization as well as new features for your phone. Some people find these new features worth the risk of possibly breaking the warranty.          

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