How to delete all the music from iPhone/Apple Music?

High-quality audio files sometimes also consume a lot of storage space. If you regularly download and store music offline on your iPhone, then chances are a lot of your storage space might be consumed by these audio files. You can clear those audio files taking up your storage space by the following tutorial. You can also delete all of the music files at once from your iPhone if you feel like your music files are outdated and need renewal.

How To Delete Music from your iPhone via the Music app

  1. Head to the Music app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the Library tab, it should be located at the lower-left corner of the app. Once inside the library you will be able to see all of your music files that are offline downloaded including the links to sort your tracks by playlists, artists, album and song.
  3. Now, find the albums, playlists or songs that you want to delete.
  4. To delete any specific album, you need to tap on the album and then tap the three dots at the right, inside that you will get an option to delete that specific album.
  5. If you want to delete a particular song, then simply start playing the track and then tap the player. Then tap on the three dots in the bottom right corner and you will get an option to delete from the library for that specific song or album.
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In case you have an iPhone 5S or later then you can delete the songs even more easily, all you need to do is just press and hold on to the album or the song or album. After a second you will see an options window appearing, in the options window, you need to tap on delete from the library, that’s it.

How To delete music from your iPhone via Settings

  1. open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to general and then find and tap on iPhone storage.
  3. Wait for it to analyze and show the storage space consumed by different types of files on your iPhone.
  4. Once loaded, tap on the Music app ( Do note the apps are listed from largest to smallest space consumed), so the music app should appear at the top if you have stored a lot of music files on your iPhone.
  5. Here you will get multiple options to choose from while deleting the music files from your iPhone-
    1. To completely delete the Music app including all of the songs downloaded, then you can simply click on delete App and then confirm your choice, this will delete everything related to that app including the audio files stored inside that app.
    2. If you want to delete all of the songs and audio files stored on your iPhone but don’t want to delete the music app, then tap on edit and then tap on All Songs.
    3. To delete songs of a particular artist, then you can swipe the artist from the top left and then tap on delete. your phone won’t ask for any confirmation, and it will delete the songs of that artist immediately, so be sure before tapping on the delete button.
    4. To delete an entire album from your music app, tap on the artist to see all the albums associated with that particular artist on your iPhone. once loaded, swipe the album to the left and then choose the delete option.
    5. if you want to delete songs one by one or a single song, then you can find the songs by tapping the artist option. Then tap on albums, inside that you will all of the songs associated with the artist and album, swipe the song to the left and then choose the delete option.
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How To Delete All The Music From Iphone/apple Music?

How To Delete Music Using iTunes

if you have your PC lying around, then you can also use it to delete music and audio files from your iPhone. Below we have a quick tutorial on how to delete music from your iPhone using iTunes with the help of a computer.

How To Delete All The Music From Iphone/apple Music?
How To Delete All The Music From Iphone/apple Music?
  1. Connect your iPhone with your laptop using a USB cable and then open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Once the iTunes app on the computer detects the iPhone connected to it, you will be able to see the iPhone icon at the top left corner of the screen, click on it.
  3. Then select the Music category under settings from the lefthand windowpane of iTunes.
  4. Ensure that the music sync is ticked at the top of the screen and nothing else should be ticked like the songs, genres. Make sure that next to sync music at the top it should say 0 songs.
  5. Now, when you click on the Apple button, iTunes will delete all the music from the iPhone and replace it with the new sync which we defined as nothing, so nothing new will be synced and only old music files will be deleted at once.

So, these were some of the methods through which you will be able to free up some space that is occupied by the music or audio files on your iPhone. You can use either of them to free up space. However, if you want to delete all of the music and sync something new from the computer, then using iTunes would be the most optimal way to do so.

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