How to Disable Live Captions in Chrome?

On computers, we usually use our browsers to stream any videos be it YouTube, Netflix or any other website. As the video players of these platforms already provide a caption or subtitle of their videos, Google has also introduced its caption system.

Google calls it Live Caption and it works on any video you just need to enable it and then your browser can create live captions of the video that you are playing. In case you are having double live captions or double subtitles, then chances are that the live caption feature of your browser is enabled. Also, the live caption feature is currently exclusive to Google Chrome only.

However, as of now Chrome only supports live caption for the English language. Google will add more languages to its live caption features in the coming months.

disable live captions chrome

If by any chance you have enabled the live caption feature on your Chrome browser and are looking for it to disable it, then you can follow through the article to know how you can disable live captions on google chrome browser.

Disable Live captions from Media Center

The easiest way to disable the live captions is using the media centre. Do note that the media centre option will only be available if an audio or video is playing on any of the tabs that are opened on the google chrome browser.

To disable you need to click on the Media Center button located at the top right corner of the screen. After that, you have to toggle the switch to the off position situated on the bottom right corner of the media centre window pane. That’s all, you have successfully disabled the live caption from the chrome browser.

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How to Disable Live Captions in Chrome All Things How1

Disable Live Captions from Accessibility Menu

You can turn off the live captions feature from the Accessibility menu as well. To disable the live captions on the Chrome browser from the accessibility menu, you can follow through with the tutorial.

  1. On the Chrome browser click on the Kebab Menu located on the right corner of the screen. Then from the context menu, tap on the Settings option from the list.How to Disable Live Captions in Chrome All Things How2
  2. Next, you need to click on the Advanced tab and then choose the Accessibility option from the expanded options that appeared.
    • Alternatively, you can also open Accessibility on chrome by typing chrome://settings/accessibility in the search bar of Chrome to directly open the accessibility.How to Disable Live Captions in Chrome All Things How3
  3. Once you are inside Chrome’s accessibility settings screen, you have to find the Live caption option and then toggle the switch to the off position. That’s it the live captions are now disabled and you won’t see the live captions on any audio or video that is being played on the Chrome browser.
    How to Disable Live Captions in Chrome All Things How4

Many a time, the live captions feature comes in handy, and if you wish to enable the powerful live captions tool by Google. You can do it by simply enabling a single toggle from the accessibility settings.

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