11 ways to fix Face­book news feed not updating issue

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms used by people from all walks of life. What started out as a simple college student networking has grown into something bigger than anyone could have imagined.

Apart from connecting with friends and family, Facebook has a lot of other use cases such as advertising your business, maintaining a fan page for your favorite football team, getting together for a cause, etc.

Given the amount of data that is being uploaded to Facebook every day, there is no end to the Facebook News Feed. It just keeps giving the users new content as they keep scrolling. According to a recent study, you should not spend more than 30 minutes scrolling through the News Feed.


And when you do so, there are some serious side effects to it including but not limited to mental and psychological issues.

Given the nature of the Facebook news feed, a lot of people get anxious or bored when they cannot find new content on the Facebook news feed. Facebook is notorious for this issue.

If you are having issues with Facebook news feed showing new content, then you are not alone. There is no one specific root cause for this issue and hence, there is no one such definite solution either.

In this troubleshooting guide, we have laid out all the possible ways to fix Facebook news feed not updating issue.

Poor Internet Connectivity

All right, let us get the obvious thing out of the way first. Your internet connectivity could be the actual issue in some cases and you might not even realize it. To check your internet connection speed, simply visit the fast.com website and do a speed test. No app downloads required.


Some carriers tend to limit the download speed once you hit a daily data cap limit (or monthly) and this might end up causing issues. To make sure your internet connection is flawless, simply visit the site we have mentioned above and verify the internet speed for yourself.

Facebook is Down

Like any other online service, Facebook has its bad day as well. After all, it is software code and it tends to act up unpredictably at times. Or probably there are issues with the servers where Facebook hosted. To check, visit the Down Detector website and see if Facebook servers are working alright.


Another simple alternative is to use the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo. Visit DuckDuckGo website and simply search for “Is Facebook down?” to know if the site is loading or not. Aside from the regular web search results, the search engine will natively show the status of facebook.


Clear App Cache and Data

This nifty little tip has saved me countless times in countless other issues. If you are an Android user, whenever you face a weird issue on any of the apps, you can try this particular step.

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Simply go to Settings > Apps and look for Facebook in the list.

Tap to open the Facebook App details page.

From this page, select ‘Storage and cache‘.

Next, tap on ‘CLEAR CACHE‘ and ‘CLEAR STORAGE‘ and accept any prompts if you are shown.

What this does is that it simply clears out any clutter that the Facebook app saves over time on your device. And Facebook does save a LOT of data on your device.

Once you are done with the above steps, simply relaunch the app and see if the issues are gone.

Update the app

When the Facebook app is not working properly for you, it might as well be because of a bug in the app. See if the website shows the content without any issues and if it does, then we can be certain that the issue is with the app.

Whenever there is a bug in the app, developers release an update to patch the bug. Visit the Facebook Google Play Store page and see if there is an update available for it. If yes, download and install the update.


Once installed, simply re-open the Facebook app and see if the problem is gone.

Reinstall Facebook

If clearing the cache and data files doesn’t do the trick, you might want to uninstall the Facebook app completely and re-install it again from Google Play Store. This is not something unseen and is fairly common.

It’s like rebooting your phone but for an app. Before you uninstall the app, make sure you have cleared out the clutter as we have mentioned in the above step.


To uninstall Facebook, simply go to Google Play Store and search for ‘facebook’. Select it from the results and tap on the uninstall button. Once it is uninstalled, simply tap on the ‘Install’ button to install it again.

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Personalize Facebook Newsfeed

There are times when your Newsfeed is updating but it keeps showing you the old content instead of fresh content. This will in turn give the impression that your newsfeed is not actually up-to-date and it could get really frustrating.

To solve this issue, click on the top menu and select ‘News Feed Preferences’ at the bottom.


Next, click on ‘Prioritize who to see first‘.


Once you click on the above, you will be shown a list of your friends and page you follow. Simply select all your friends and people or pages from where you want to see updates. Once you are done, reload feed or refresh the app/web page and you should see new updates instead of old ones just repeating itself.

3rd Party Alternatives

If you are facing issues on your Mobile Facebook app but on the web it is working fine, you can try out any of the many 3rd-party Facebook clients available. You may not want to use it permanently but at least till the problem is solved.


Simply go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for “Facebook Client’ and download any of the apps that you like

Device Date/Time Settings

In most cases, this should not be an issue but we cannot completely overrule the possibility. There could be a weird issue just because you have the wrong data/time on your devices.

We all know that the date/time on modern devices gets updated SIM card and carrier network. But this can happen when you are out of your usual place, for example when traveling abroad.

Just make sure you have the correct date and time on your phone.


The problem is that the difference in time and date on your phone compared to that of Facebook’s servers can cause all the issues.

Try the Lite version

As smartphones have grown powerful over time, so has the apps we make for them. The apps are now more resource-hungry than ever. Especially in the case of Facebook.

If you are using a very old device with low specs, then there is a good chance that your device is not able to handle the load that Facebook throws on your device.


And this where Facebook Lite comes in to play. It is not some third-party app – no! It is made by Facebook itself specifically for low-end devices with minimal specs. You can download Facebook Lite from the below links.

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Download Facebook Lite for Android

Download Facebook Lite for iOS

Poor RAM Management

Poor RAM management could also be a problem. Android sure has come a long way in efficiently managing the RAM available on the device. But if you have an old device, running an old version of Android, then there is a good chance that RAM is being poorly handled on your device.

And how exactly does it affect the Facebook app? Well, as we mentioned earlier, the official Facebook requires a lot of resources and RAM is a very important one among them.

To solve this issue, make sure you do have any other app running in the background on your Android device. Background apps can consume a lot of RAM on Android (in the older versions). Try clearing your background apps and see if the problem is solved.

Change News Feed Settings

Facebook by default does not show the most recent posts, no. Rather, it uses an algorithm to determine which posts (and of course, ads) that you should see first and then displays them to you in a particular order (which no one can figure out). But there is a way to customize it.

If you want to see the most recent items on your news feed, Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the ‘Hamburger‘ menu at the top right.
  3. Scroll to find ‘See More‘.
  4. Next, select ‘Most Recent‘.

Once you are done, go back to your news feed and refresh it once. You should be able to see the most recent stories now.

Apps misbehaving is quite common as software becomes more and more complex with every passing day. Especially, an app such as Facebook is trying to push as many features as possible under one roof and hence it tends to become bulkier with every update.

And when you push so many features under one roof, things tend to get messed up every once in a while. I hope the steps we have given in this guide helped you resolve Facebook news feed not updating issue for you.

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