How to Get WiFi Anywhere

Having a good internet connection is somewhere possible in many regions including remote areas, but it’s just a probability to get WiFi quickly for a short time. Honestly, not so many people prefer to get WiFi due to the subscription prices, an average cost of having a home WiFi connection in the USA is around $50-60 per month which is quite insane. You will get to see free WiFi connections in certain regions nearby you, keeping the price factor in mind, why don’t people will use free WiFi connections available?

Suppose you are a traveler or a businessman stuck into a situation where you badly want an internet connection to send those important documents or to make a transaction to someone. This could be a troublesome situation, it’s good if you are already prepared to handle the consequences else you could end up getting more frustrated.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get WiFi anywhere without any internet service provider, before moving onto the main topic let’s see what is WiFi?

How To Get Wifi Anywhere

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What is WiFi?

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity (According to the resources) which is a trademark phrase associated with IEEE 802.11x standards. WIFi router is connected directly to your internet modem which provides the signals to all of the devices which is connected to the WiFi router protected by a password. Moreover, it allows devices such as computers, phones, printers, cameras, etc to exchange data or information by creating a public and a home network.

It is possible to have a WiFi connection and to exchange information amongst the device without an internet connection. To prevent the wired connection WiFi is used to access the internet wirelessly for better connectivity. Moreover, WiFi upgrades will focus on improving the connection speeds, congestion reduction, designs, and more, more than 50,000+ different types of products, technologies, and device support WiFi.

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Ways to Get WiFi Anywhere

Following are some valid ways to get WiFi anywhere without a Share internet service provider.

Share Your Smartphone’s Internet Connection

Here, we will use a phone’s hotspot to access the internet connection. Hotspot acts like a portable WiFi where you can carry it wherever you go. Almost every smartphone nowadays supports hotspot features within a certain range. The only thing here is to have unlimited cellular data that will do the job. This option will somewhere less expensive than getting WiFi, here’s how to do it:

For iOS and iPadOS

Step 1: Visit the Settings app.

Step 2: Tap on Cellular.

Step 3: Go to Personal Hotspot.

Step 4: Now toggle on Personal Hotspot, as shown in the image below.

How To Get Wifi Anywhere

Step 5: Set up a strong WiFi password option.


Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Step 2: Go to the Wireless & network section or search it in the settings’ search bar.

Step 3: Tap on Tethering & portable hotspot.

Step 4: Select Set up WiFi hotspot.

Step 2: Provide a name and a password and tap on Save.

How To Get Wifi Anywhere

1. While setting up a personal hotspot on your smartphone, make sure to secure it with a strong password, a simple password might be easy for others to guess and use your personal hotspot.
2. A strong password should be 12 characters long including letters, numbers, and symbols.
3. Your smartphone battery will drop faster than regular when you activate the hotspot on your phone.

Use Public WiFi

Public WiFi is absolutely free to use and meant to be used by the public. You will get to see public WiFi in the places like malls, hotels, airports, coffee shops, gardens, railway stations, etc mostly in the crowded region. When you find one, just do the following tips mentioned below.

  1. Sign in to the public WiFi using your number or simply just register.
  2. Avoid visiting sites using HTTPS.
  3. Always use a good VPN service.

The reason why we advised you to use a VPN is that the network is not secured, everyone else on the WiFi network can see your device and might access it.

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Buy a Portable Cellular Router / WiFi USB Dongle

A portable cellular router or WiFI USB dongle works similarly to an actual WiFi router, also it’s a pocket-friendly device. Also, these device is much cheaper and easy to use, the only thing you need to have a SIM card which will allow a 3G/4G connection which will allow you to access the internet in anywhere in the world.

You need to charge them only once and they probably last one whole day or two depending upon the use and battery. While buying it make sure to have a good portable router or a dongle as a cheaper one have the capability to connect three devices while an expensive one can handle more than 10 with a high-speed connection.

The internet speed also depends on what cellular data subscription you have chosen and from which cellular company. We advise you to have a 4G SIM card with unlimited cellular data to have a smooth experience.

Tether your Phone or Tablet

It’s not necessary to have a WiFi connection to access the internet, you can also tether your smartphone or a tablet using a USB cable and connect it to the laptop or desktop in order to access the internet connection. Here the only thing that does matter is to have good cellular data on a phone or a tablet.

Step 1: Connect your phone or tablet to your laptop or desktop using a USB cable.

Step 2: On the phone or tablet, just visit the Settings app.

Step 3: Go to the Wireless connection > Mobile Hotspot and Tethering.

Step 4: Toggle on or turn on USB Tethering.

How To Get Wifi Anywhere
How To Get Wifi Anywhere

Things to know before using USB tethering:
1. Turn on the cellular data
2. Make sure that your USB cable is not faulty

Once done, your laptop or desktop will connect to the internet.

Connect to Neihbours WiFi

This might sound offbeat but you can connect your device to neighbors’ WiFi. If your work is too urgent and important then you can pleasantly ask your neighbors to allow using their WiFi to access the internet. It’s totally okay if they say that they can’t give the password but provide the connection. Having friendly neighbors actually a great place to live, just them for a small favor and you are good to go. Here’s how to do that:

How To Get Wifi Anywhere

Sharing from Windows PC: Visit Settings > Networks and internet > Mobile hotspot. Select the connection that you want to share then turn onShare my internet connection with other devices”.

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Sharing from Mac: Visit Apple > System Preferences > Sharing, and then select Internet Sharing. Select Share your connection from” and just choose the internet connection that you want to share on Mac.

Suppose if you want to borrow internet for a short time, ask any stranger nearby you politely, tell them how important to send the file or a document. If he doesn’t agree just don’t force and find one who might understand you.


Those are some valid ways to get WiFi anywhere in order to access the internet. You don’t have to worry if you gave cellular data available on your smartphone as you can use it as a WiFi hotspot.

Additionally, you can visit is a company that will help you to get free internet service for the phone as well PC users. Just sign up on the website and they will send you a free hotspot device including all the peripherals. You need to pay a deposit once you’re done with the service. You will get access to the 10 GB of data and will get down to the 500 MB, which is good for checking emails and sending the documents else you can enroll in their subscriptions.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! We are glad to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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