Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

Today, most of the things are running online, even though, if there won’t be a pandemic situation, we have things that are online, like a mailing system or sending a message.

However, this new era is slowly replacing the printers and the whole system of printing a page and then using the hard copy as a document.

Well, it isn’t just going to vanish all of a sudden, the gradual disappearing of printers and printing hard copy documents have already begun. Mostly, it is being replaced by the online PDF and mails.

Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

This is why the number of printers is declining pretty fast, now very few brands are manufacturing printers, compared to what a decade ago the companies were manufacturing. Also, printers are not essential for everyday use at home for everyone.

We can agree that some people would need to have a printer on their desk at home or work at any cost, to work, but then the people like that are very few. Most of us need to print anything occasionally, so this is why we cannot keep printers at our home. Since the ink will simply dry out, and won’t work.

Also, it will be cheaper and easier to just go out somewhere and point the documents that you want to print, rather than buying a printer and ink at home. Not to mention maintaining a printer is also not that easy, there are several different problems, with the printers, be a modern-day printer isn’t easy to maintain, you can ask people who have printers at home and are maintaining it.

Not only do offices and businesses have a move away from paper documents, even the colleges and schools are also now moving towards digital learning, which is why everything is just turning into a paperless interaction.

These days, kids studying in middle school, or high school have to have a computer and mobile phone to cope up with their studies, as most of the things are now online. Nowadays, students don’t hand over their assignments to their teachers physically, instead they hand over their assignments in the mail or drop boxes.

Irrespective of where the world is moving, you still sometimes need to print some documents, so in that case, you may still need to have a printer, or at least know from where you can get the print of the documents. best case scenario, when you need to give govt. verification or you need to physically submit a paper for verification, in such cases you need to print documents.

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Where Can I Go To Print A Document?

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry as there are a plethora of different places, where you can print your documents, and a printer is readily available. Finding a place to print a document is easy, you just need to google search places near you where you can print documents. Most of the time, there are several different places and shops where you can avail the print-on-demand facility, by paying some money or free as well, it is usually available most of the places wherever you go, except a few remote locations.

Use the Library

Well, you might have heard that libraries do also have computers and printers. yes, it is true, libraries are not only for books, but they offer a lot of other services as well. Libraries are a perfect place to print your documents, as it is open to the public and have easy access to printers. Most people think that libraries are for renting books and DVDs, or reading books inside the libraries, while there reality is something else, libraries offer a lot of different services, and it all depends on where you live, and what type of library is around you. usually, these services are free or are at very cheap rates, including the printing service, which could be free or be available at a very cheap rate.

Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

If you’re not sure, whether your nearest library has facilities like printing services or not, then you can simply use Google search to find the closest library that offers printing service and then you can visit their webpage for more info. On their website, you can see the services that the library is providing to their customers. Most of the libraries give free use of PC and they don’t even ask for a library card to use the computer. You can use those computers to print your documents, as those computers must be connected to a printer.

Printing might not be free, if it isn’t free then it must be at a very cheap affordable price. But, the expense can be added up quickly if you print a bundle of pages. However, for five to ten pages in black and white, you would be paying less than a dollar which is finer. You can also check with the libraries or the librarian of a library, whether they support wireless printing from your personal computer or your mobile phone.

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Below we have a sample library website that you can go through.

Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

Also, many libraries offer scanning and printing services for a small fee or even free. Some libraries even offer 3D printers for rental that is some cool service given by libraries. But, to avail of such facilities, you might need to get the membership of the library and the library card.

On the other hand, if you are a student at a college university, you can always check out your institute’s library, it should have a computer and printer, it’s the easier way to get those essays and writeups printed right from within the campus. In most cases, your tuition is included with a printing quota that can be used towards printing the documents while being on campus.

Copy and Print Stores

Well, most of the copy and print stores are closing, since there isn’t much requirement for these ayas, as most of the things as shifted to online. However, there are still some stores that are open no matter what and provides the copy and print service for some amount of money. Usually, these are the mom and pop stores locally owned in the metropolitan cities and are occasionally throughout the suburbs in the United States.

To find a copy and print store nearby, you will need to search on Google, it will list all the stores nearby.

Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

Apartment and Hotels

Most of the hotels and apartments or the societies have their complexes, where there are multiple different types of shops, some of these complexes also include these copy and print shops, this can be an easy approach to print or copy your documents if you are living in a hotel or an apartment. Usually, these complexes are reserved for the people who are living there.

But, the staff are often happy to help or if any guest just passes by quickly to get a print, they won’t mind.

Shipping stores

If you are on your way to drop any shipping packages, or if you have earlier drop any shipping packages at the UPS Store or a FedEx store. Then you might not know this but there are a bunch of services provided by these shipping companies besides, providing the delivery facility. They provide services like printing and copying a document, so it can be handy for those who want to print a document before heading for work or school. The majority of the shipping stores will always have a printer that can be used for printing any documents.

Printing in The UPS Store

There are more than 5000 UPS stores across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada while most of them offer basic printing and copying services, few of them offer even more. As pee, the website of the UPS, their store offers copies, printouts in black and white or colour and single-sided or double-sided printing, including multiple page sizes as well. Their website also mentions the services like lamination and binding, for those people that need to bind their bunch of noted or essays. What’s more, is that UPS also allows customers to upload documents online and then gives you a printing estimate based on the document which you have uploaded.

Where To Print Documents When You Don’t Have A Printer

After you have finished uploading your document or file to the UPS website, you will be given an estimated time in which the printing will be completed and you can go and pick up your order whenever it is ready. The website will also give you the estimated amount of money, that would be charged for the work you have given. As per a few users tests, the prices were pretty good and competitive for both coloured printings as well as black and white printing.

You need to call your local UPS store to know their current prices for the services they provide. The best part is that their website supports plenty of different file types including PDF, .doc, .jpeg, and even Photoshop and Illustrator documents.

Printing at FedEx

FedEx also offers services just like UPS. Their office stores, formerly known as Kinko’s, compete directly with the UPS store. However, the number of FedEx stores are limited to only 2000 stores, when compared to 5000 stores of UPS. But never mind, if you happen to live near a FedEx store or a FedEx office, then you can take advantage, by using their printing and copying service just like UPS. One advantage over UPS is that in FedEx your documents can be picked up and dropped to your location with the additional charge of delivery.

On the flipside, uploading documents at the FedEx website for printing is pretty damn easy. It also supports multiple file types and it also provides an option to upload straight from a cloud document service like Google Drive, OneDrive and dropbox. the only downside of printing at a FedEx store is their high pricing. It costs around 10% more than what the UPS store charges for the same printing page and colour. However, the price may vary depending on your location, but on average, it would be higher than the UPS store, if anyhow the prices you get around the local store is less than the UPS store, then FedEx is better, they provide better service.

While these two are the top tier branded stores, where you can get your printing done, however, you can still look out near your local market or stores, there should be shops giving printing services for small charges.

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Can I Print At office Depot and OfficeMax?

Just like UPS and FedEx stores, most of the office supply stores around the town does provide printing service that will get your printing work done in no time. As the name suggests, the office depot and OfficeMax, are suitably made for this purpose only, they offer all kinds of services and materials that are related to the office. Like printing, scanning, fax or materials like sheets, staplers and more. they also offer same day printing pickup for the basic documents, but the catch is that you need to order before 2 PM on their business days. Both of them have their apps available for both Android and iOS, and users can use it to upload their documents using their mobile devices, which they will keep ready printed for you.

Not to mention, the prices of office depot and OfficeMax are pretty much affordable and economical. To put you in perspective, it is cheaper than most of the libraries out there, however, they do charge extra for shipping. You can print out various types of projects using Office Depot’s printing software found online.

Printing At Staples

Staples is yet another place where you can get your documents printed, just like office depot and office max you can upload your documents online to their website or the app, and it will print for you. Staples also gives an option for easy pickup or shipment, the prices are also pretty cheap. The printing services are on par with similar costs from what we see in the prices of printing at libraries and Office Depot.

The staples also offer, a desktop app from which you can upload your documents and it is pretty easy to use, you can pick IP your printouts in a couple of hours of submission.

Online Print Stores

While, on the other hand, there are some options like Online print stores, through which you can get your documents printed, but do remember to choose this option only if you arent in a hurry. these online printing stores can be way cheaper than what the rest of the stores are offering, but wat the cost of time. As we have discussed earlier, the stores like FedEx and UPS ship the documents for you after printing them if you arent living nearby to the store. The same is the case with online print stores, and the price of shipping is very less or even free.

The online print stores are easy to find, all you have to do is Google the online print stores, and it will show you all of the stores near to you. However, the only drawback of using the online print stores, is that they only take big projects, like if you want to print a large bundle of notes or a copy of a book.

For instance, if you need 500 or 1000 copies of your notes or your document, then the online print store is the choice you should make. The cost of printing in bulk would be so less than if you count it per page, then it would be some cents or even less than that. It is advised only to use the online print stores if you are getting your document printed in bulk, otherwise use any other store nearby.

Pharmacies and Drug Stores

There are a few pharmacies and drug stores locally, that also offers printing services. these are the same pharmacies that also offers, 1-hour photo solutions. if you are in a hurry and is looking for a store to print your documents, you might want to check these pharmacies, you might get lucky and end up getting your documents printed at a pharmacy.

Can I Print At CVS?

One of the largest national pharmacy stores is the CVS in the united states. if you don’t have any locally owned pharmacy shops where you can get your documents printed, then you might want to look around for the bigger brands like CVS. The CVS has almost 3500 stores opened in the United States that offers printing and other office related document services.

if you want to get your document printed or copied from CVS, all you need to do is head to the local store and then look for the Kodak kiosk. Also, make sure to bring a USB thumb drive with you, containing the document which you want to get printed. Next, you need to connect that USB drive with the kiosk, then select the document that needs to be printed and then select the colour choice, whether you want to print black and white, or coloured printing, usually if it only texts, then you can always choose black and white, as it will also save some money. As, everything is done at the store, so you don’t need to worry about picking up the documents, or any shipping issues.

The Downsides of Printing At CVS

Everything comes for a price, and the downside of printing your documents at CVS is that it doesn’t have a way through which they can tell us that the particular store only has photo printing or photo and document printing option, it could be either one or both. So, the only option through which you can get to know is either by physically going there, or we would recommend calling the local CVS to make sure that the store you are going to does provide the service which you are looking for. Also, don’t forget to take your USB drive, to print your document easily.

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Coming to the last downside of the CVS is that the pricing of the printing service isn’t that great. On our survey, we got to find out that CVS has slightly a higher price for both single-sided as well as double-sided printouts. Nevertheless, make sure you call the local store of CVS before you get your documents for printing, make sure to ask what service the store is providing and what are the charges for the same.

Print spots directory is a public printing spot that can be found on this website. you can bookmark it and it will tell you all of the nearest printing spots available to you. Mostly the listing focuses on hotels and libraries, but it can still be helpful if you’re in an emergency or a hurry and wants something to be printed. The website also comes in handy if you are not familiar with the locality.

The Bank

A bank is also an option for the printing of your documents. getting your documents printed at the bank s certainly a good option rather than not getting it printed at all. Along with the notary, you should be able to find some staff, who would be happy to help you in getting your documents printed for you. Although not every bank employee will be ready to help you, still there must be a few. Also, not all banks provide printing services, however, most of them do give you an option to get your documents printed if you request them enough.

For instance, if you are living somewhere too far away from all of the stores where you can get your documents printed, then the banker should surely be there to help you in getting your documents printed. it depends on the employee, if he or she asks for a USB drive, or asks you to mail the document so you won’t be allowed to access they’re printed on your own.

Is It Safe To Print Personal Information?

One of the most asked questions is that, is it safe to print your documents in a public place, using a public printer, or the printers which are in the stores. Honestly, speaking no, they arent 100% safe, but since you don’t have any other option, you just have to take the risk and get your documents printed, However, you can just keep an eye on your documents, that it is safe, and nobody is trying to steal or misuse it. it is best suggested, that you should avoid printing your financial or personal information from public printers.

In such cases, you should always try to look at a trustworthy place, where you can get your document printed, like a friend’s place, who is having a partner or a family member. Worst case scenario could be that you can find a 50$ printer on amazon and a roll of papers for a few dollars more.

To Conclude

To conclude, we would like to say, that not every idea on the above list will be working for everyone. certain scenarios would fit in for some people and for some people they won’t. So, you can just go through all of them and then choose or decide which one is the easiest and the best suited for you in terms of financially as well as the ease of getting your documents printed. If you don’t have a nearby pharmacy that offers a printing service, or any other stores from where you can get your documents printed, then you might be out of luck, in such cases you can always try the printing stores online, but they can be painfully slow in delivering your printed documents, if you need something the same day, then you must avoid the online printing stores.

However, in the long run, one or two options from the above list will help you in getting your documents printed. The best-case scenario would be using the local library to print your documents, as it is cheap, and it is very easy to print your documents from a library. usually, most of the libraries around the town, do provide printing services so you should check out the local library for the printing of your document before you check out anything else. on the other hand, if you are living in a suburb area or ametrop[olitan city, then chances are you might not find a library nearby, in such case, you should look for the UPS store or the FedEx store, which will be nearby to your place, and you can get your documents printed from this store easily and cost-effectively. if not then the CVS store or a pharmacy must be nearby that can offer printing service to you.

So, next time whenever you leave the house and then you realize you forgot to print the document needed, you can always look for the stores or public places mentioned above in the list, that can provide you with printing services, in that case, it will be easier for you to find a place to get your documents printed even if you are in a hurry, as you are now having a lot of options from where you can get your documents printed.

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