Why is My HomePod Not Responding?

Apple’s smart speakers the HomePods are gradually catching the hype. With every year Apple is improving their Siri assistant which is the brain of the HomePods will be able to compete very well in the coming years with the top-tier Google Home.

As there are still some refinements left for the HomePods, some of the major issues that the HomePod users are facing is that they stop responding. In fact, for many users, it just doesn’t work at all.

If you are also facing such kind of issues with your HomePods then here is a quick tutorial through which you can try and fix the issue your HomePods are having.

Why is My HomePod Not Responding

Make sure HomePod is turned On

A slightly loose power connection or the cables can cause the HomePod to completely turn off. So, make sure to check if the HomePod is turned on or not. You can check the power of the HomePods by viewing the volume controls and playing music.

Alternatively, you can also check whether your HomePods are on or not from your iOS device with which it is associated. Simply head to the Home app and then tap on the HomePod tab. If you see that the music starts playing then it is confirmed that the HomePod is switched on.

Check for Home App Alerts

Usually, these smart speakers are smart enough to notify you if they are facing any errors or issues. So, if there is any issue with the internet or the Apple ID or anything else, then you should see an alert with all the details regarding the HomePod inside the Home app.

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To get in-depth information about the error you can long-press the HomePod or go inside the rooms tab in the Home app.

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

As we know, these smart speakers need a strong and fast internet connection. If your HomePod is still not working then you should check for the Wi-Fi connection. Especially if you have changed the Wi-Fi password or changed the router.

You can monitor it by calling Siri and it should tell you the problem about connecting to the internet or Wi-Fi. Alternatively, you can also check the alert for this particular issue that can help you with the Wi-fi network problems inside the Home app.

Do note that your HomePods can connect to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone or iPads are connected, and that too automatically. In case the HomePod doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi network on its own, then you can do it manually by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Head to the home app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now, tap and hold on to the HomePod icon.
  3. Find and tap on the settings of the HomePod.
  4. Finally, tap on the Move HomePods To [name of your Wi-Fi network].

Check if Siri is Not Working

The very basic error that can cause the HomePod not to work properly is if Siri itself isn’t working. You can check if Siri is working or not by going near your HomePod speaker and then tapping on the top of it and say ‘ Turn on Hey Siri’.

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In case it is already on your Wi-Fi network and yet it doesn’t respond to your command. Then you need to turn on Siri from the Home app using your iPhone. Below is a quick tutorial for the same.

  1. Head to the Home app and then press the HomePod icon.
  2. Now, on the new screen that appeared, find and tap on the settings.
  3. Check if the Listen to “hey Siri” is enabled.

Restart Your HomePod

The universal solution to any minor problems of an electronic device is to restart it. Similarly, let’s try to restart the HomePod to fix the error that is causing the HomePod not to respond.

Restart HomePod

You can restart your HomePod by going to the Home app from your iPhone and then tapping and holding the HomePod icon to open the more info page of the HomePod.

Now find and tap on the settings, then scroll down and tap on the Reset HomePod, it will ask you whether to restart your HomePod or unlink it and reset it, tap on restart.

Try Removing and Re-pairing the HomePod from the Home app

If a simple restart didn’t fix your issues with the HomePod, then you can try removing and resetting your HomePod to start a fresh pairing setup. You can reset your HomePod using your Apple ID in the Home app through your iPhone or the iPad with which the HomePod is linked.

You can remove the HomePod by opening the Home app and then long press or double click the HomePod icon. Tap on the settings of the HomePod and finally, tap on Remove Accessory. That’s it, this should remove your HomePod.

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Reset Your HomePod

If removing and then pairing your HomePod also didn’t fix the issue, then the only option other than going to the Apple service centre left is to reset your HomePod. If you are unable to reset your HomePod from the Home app then you can definitely try it manually.

Reset HomePod

Unplug the HomePod and then plug it back. Then quickly long-press the top capacitive touch part of the HomePod until you see a sparkling white light that turns into a red ring and your HomePod should make three beep alerts notifying you that it is going to be reset.

Don’t just lift your finger now, as it will abort the process, keep pressing it until the HomePod is turned off and then it should turn back on after a few minutes.

Contact Apple Support

If none of the above-mentioned guides helped you in solving the problem with your HomePod, then we would advise you to visit the Apple support service centre or try to contact the Apple support team over the phone.

They might help you remotely, or call you to visit the service centre to give you an appointment.

The HomePods are not just regular speakers, they are smart speakers and offer a lot more than just listening to music. It is a whole computer in itself and can have issues; we hope to have helped you in solving your issues with the Apple HomePod smart speaker.

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