Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod?

The smart assistant speaker by Apple HomePods is usually used by a lot of users to stream music. The functionality of HomePods doesn’t stop here, you can certainly do a lot more than this. However, many people have a mindset that the HomePods can only play music via Apple Music.

Well, in this post we will discuss whether you can stream music on HomePods from other streaming services like Amazon music or not.

By default, HomePods allow users to listen to music from Apple music and they can also listen to live radio stations. There isn’t a direct method to stream music from third-party music services like Amazon Music.

Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod

But you can always use the Airplay feature of Apple to listen to any music you like from any platform. Even if the HomePods doesn’t have a built-in integration with Amazon Music.

How To Stream Amazon Music to HomePod via Airplay?

Below we have a quick tutorial on how to stream Amazon music from your iPhone or iPad to your HomePod with the help of Airplay.

Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod
  1. Ensure that both the HomePod and the iOS device with which it is associated are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and have turned on Bluetooth.
  2. Now, swipe down from the top-right edge of your iPhone or swipe from the bottom for older iPhones to open the Control centre.
  3. Find and tap on the AirPlay icon which should be located within the audio card in the top right corner. From the list select the HomePod in the speakers and TV section to stream your music to HomePod.
  4. Now, open Amazon Music and start playing the music which you want to listen to, it should directly stream the music to the HomePods from your iOS device.

How To Stream Amazon Music to HomePod from Mac?

With the help of Apple’s Airplay feature, you can even stream Amazon music from a Mac to your HomePod. Here is a quick tutorial on how to stream Amazon music from a Mac to the HomePod.

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Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod1
  1. Head to the System Preferences from the Apple menu and then select the Sound option.
  2. Now, switch to the Output tab and then tap on the HomePod on which you want to stream your Amazon music songs via mac.
  3. Lastly, check the box that is next to show volume in the menu bar located at the bottom of the window.
  4. That’s it, now you need to go to the Amazon music app or website and then select an album or playlist from Amazon Music to play on your Mac. It should directly start playing the song on the speakers of the HomePod.

Best Methods to Listen to Amazon Music on HomePod

As we already know that HomePods can stream music from any music streaming service that is running on Apple devices around the HomePods, this includes Amazon music and YouTube Music with the help of Airplay.

However, we have an even better way to listen to Amazon Music on HomePod which is to use iTunes to be able to play Amazon music and listen to it on your HomePods. It is a bit different than what you are currently doing with the Airplay to stream.

Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod2

To start casting the songs played on Amazon music with the help of iTunes you need to upload the Amazon Music tracks you want to stream into iTunes. To upload your songs on iTunes you will have to download a third-party app called TuneIF amatune Music Controller. It is a music converter app that can download music from Amazon to a lot of different formats that are supported universally.

Using the Amatune Music converter app you will be able to convert any Amazon Music to MP3 format and then transfer them to iTunes within a few clicks. This way you will be able to listen to your Amazon music songs on HomePod with the help of iTunes. Once the program has been installed, you can follow the tutorial below to know how you can transfer Amazon Music to iTunes for playing the songs on your HomePod.

  1. Find the song on Amazon Music that you want to play on your HomePod.
  2. 2. You can open the TuneIf Amatune Music converter, and your Amazon music app should be launched automatically. Find the song that you want to download from Amazon music and play it on your HomePod. Inside the app browse the songs that you want to download and then open the album or playlist.
  3. Simply copy the album or playlist link and then paste it into the search bar of the Amatune app. It should list all of the songs from the playlist and album.
  4. Now. You need to set the parameters for Amazon Music
  5. You will be prompted to configure all sorts of audio settings simply by clicking on the menu bar >> Preferences >> Convert. As per your demand, you can set the format of the songs like MP3 or AAC. You can even adjust the audio channel, bit rate and sample rate of the song that you are converting, this way you can get a good high-quality offline song of your choice. The app also gives the option to save the converted songs and then close the settings window.
  6. Download Songs From Amazon Music
  7. Once you have set up all the settings, you can directly click on the Convert button to start converting and downloading the songs from Amazon music. It takes a few seconds or minutes depending on the number of songs. All of the music can be found in the local folder of your computer. You can click on the converted icon from the top of the converter and then click on the search icon to navigate to the folder where the songs are saved after conversion.
  8. Lastly, you can start playing Amazon Music on HomePod. Head to iTunes on your computer and then click the File >> Library >> Import Playlist to start uploading your Amazon Musci files. Head to the folder where all of your converted music is saved and then choose to add them to your iTunes library. Once you have added it, you can tap on the Play my command Siri should start playing songs added to your library. That’s it, now you will be able to listen to your songs through the HomePod and control your music playback using Siri.
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Can You Play Amazon Music on Apple HomePod3

Some of the key features of the Amatune Music Converter are listed below.

  1. Easily download songs from Amazon music Prime, Music Unlimited and HD Music.
  2. Can convert Amazon music songs into several different formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, and M4B.
  3. The app can also handle the audio conversion of Amazon Music at a fast speed of up to 5x.
  4. It can also retain the audio quality and the metadata while converting the songs from Amazon music.

What the best way to get Amazon Music on HomePod?

With the help of AirPlay, you can easily stream music from any streaming music provider that includes Amazon Music and YouTube Music as well.

It makes the playback control easy and commands like changing the volume, shuffling, repeating songs, or adding and removing songs from the playlist can be done by your phone, but then you will have to control your device, and only the person having access to your device will be able to control.

But if you try Amazon Music from iTunes on the HomePod, you can simply ask Siri to control the playback and other things related to playing music. You can call Siri and say things like Play my Amazon music playlist, skip forward and many more.

So, this was a complete guide on how you can play Amazon music songs on your HomePod. We have covered two different methods of achieving it. Unfortunately, there isn’t any official way to do the same. This is why we have provided the two different methods and you can choose either of them depending on your convenience.

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