How To Quote Someone on Discord

Discord is one of the very famous chat applications which is widely used by gamers who usually play games while talking to other players. Discord has its own benefits of streaming your screen while playing games, or have voice chat, create your own server on discord and many such cool features can be found on Discord. Discord was founded in 2015 and ever since the users have been keeping on installing Discord to their devices, as a result, millions of gamers have created their own Discord server where they chat stream and play games together. In fact, recently the very famous tech Youtuber MKBHD has also started his own tech discussion group on Discord.

Since it is widely used by gamers, so the features that Discord has been curated according to the gamers only. Like while having a group chat you can use formatting features like bold, italics, underlining and more. One of the searched queries by discord users is how to quote someone on Discord. Many people think that Discord doesn’t have this feature, but don’t worry in this post we are going to cover how to quote someone on Discord group chat.

Earlier versions of Discord didn’t have this quoting other users feature; it was only released in 2020. Below we have discussed how quoting someone works on Discord.

How To Quote Someone On Discord

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How To Quote Messages in Discord

Quoting users in a group chat is one important feature that should have been there since the beginning, but Discord has added it just last year, still, it’s better late than never. As we all know Discord is available for users across the platform be it Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Discord works for all. The good news is you can use the quote feature of Discord throughout the platform, it doesn’t matter which platform you are on, you will be able to quote.

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The quoting method is more or less the same for all the platforms, but in this article, we will be covering how to quote someone on Discord using mobile devices.

Single-line Quotes On Discord

Single-line quoting means when you are quoting something on Discord which will only take up one line of text. This means the quoted text won’t have any line breaks.

To use the single-line quote on Discord, simply type the “>” symbol, followed by a space and your quote. Below we have an instance for the same.

How To Quote Someone On Discord

Multi-line Quotes on Discord

Similar to single-line quoting on Discord, multi-line quoting is used when you quote something on Discord which will take multiple lines in the text box, which means the text will be having one or more line breaks. To use the multi-line quoting on Discord you can simply add > in front of every new paragraph that you want to quote.

Alternatively, you can type >>> followed by a space at the beginning of your message, this will make everything you type in that message part of the quote. If you want to exit from the loop of multi-line quoting you need to send the message and then start a new one or backspace the >>>. Below we have an instance of how multi-line quoting would look on Discord.

How To Quote Someone On Discord

Also, the multi-line quoting works in a slightly different way for computers when compared to mobile Discord. The difference is that on desktop > and >>> both do multi-line quoting by default. For single-line quoting on Discord desktop, you need to press Return and Backspace to go back to normal text.

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Using Code Blocks To Quote Someone on Discord

As we have discussed earlier that there is no dedicated quote system in Discord, however, you can still use the code block feature as a workaround which works in a similar way.

usually, the code block feature is used to highlight the code in a long list of lines, but since it’s very easy to use without any complexity we can use it as a quote function as well. To use the code block for quoting someone simply place the phrase you want to quote within two backticks “`” symbols.

By doing this, the phrase will be inserted into a code block. You can even do multi-line quotes for texts that have been a bit long.

Another way of quoting someone on Discord would be by adding a bot, which can only be done by the admins of the Discord server. The bot should be added to every channel of the server and it would be used for quoting users on the channels. It’s a bit lengthy process but it’s worth the extra effort as it works way better than any other method.

How To Address Someone directly in a Group Chat?

While texting or communicating with someone on a Discord server if you want to address someone who is also in the same Discord server or channel then you have to send a direct message to that single person instead of sending a message to the whole group. If you want to send a private message to a particular user you can send it by tapping on their username.

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Why isn’t the Quotation Marks Working?

Often, we have seen some users getting irritated because of the failure of quotation marks. While most people think that the markdown isn’t working. But in Discord, the markdown works slightly different. The backtick symbol looks very similar to a single quotation mark, which is what creates confusion.

Can I use Bots to Help with Quotations?

of course, Discord is all about using the bots. There are a lot of different bots available for the Discord server. A few of them can be used to allow quotations as you are required. To add bots to your Discord server you need to be the owner of the server or at least have admin rights, otherwise, you cannot add bots to the server or channel.

Legendary Customization

Discord is all about customizing the overall chat experience. It allows a lot of different customization options, and the developers of the discord have given such a good level of attention to detail, that no other platform can ever provide the same. You can choose different themes from the themes section, you can also edit font sizes, text zoom and a lot more.

If that’s not enough for you then there’s a modified version of the Discord called as BetterDiscord, you can install it to have more customization options. Using BetterDiscord you can download customized themes and then edit them accordingly. Discord has an open API so anyone who is interested can create themes for Discord.

We have seen how Discord has grown gradually and now have matured in such a good way. It evolved from a simple chat app to a full-fledged social media platform that even allows customizations of the app, something which no other famous social media platform allows.

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