How to send a fax from an iPhone?

In today’s modernized world, people now have many new ways to transfer a document to any individual with just one click by emailing it or just sending it via any social media platform.

But there might have come one time in everyone’s life when they had to fax certain important documents to certain people or firms. As it helps to keep paperwork simple and to maintain a record so that everything is safe and secure.

When people want to fax a document, they tend to visit a cyber cafe or visit any local print shop while some people even tend to purchase a fax machine and spend loads of money.

Send Fax iPhone

However, there is no reason to spend so much money on something which can also be done with the tips of the fingers on your iPhone.

In the App store, there are plenty of apps that allow us to send or even receive fax over iPhone. These apps might be free to install and do come up with a free trial but they include a paid subscription.

There are loads of apps, but we do recommend trying out iFax as it includes a 7-day free trial before you actually start paying with the subscription. Below are some of the steps that would help in to send a fax.

Step 1. Once you have downloaded iFax App you would need to sign up by choosing any subscription plan. (7-day free trial will begin once you finish signing up).

Step 2. You won’t really need any fax number to send faxes so you can just skip the offer.

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Step 3. After that connect the app to your email address or to an existing account and tap on Continue.

Step 4. Once you are done, there would appear a button ‘Create a Fax’, on the home page, tap on it.

Step 5. Now you can enter all of the details of the person to whom you want to send the fax. Details include Receiver’s Name, Fax Number, and Fax subject.

Step 6. When you are done tap on the ‘Scan or Add Document’ button. You can either Scan or Add a Document by choosing the following option given below.

  • Scan Document – With the help of your phone’s camera you can Scan any Document.
  • Email – One can also send an email as a fax by using the Email app’s Share button and share it as an attachment via the iFax app.
  • Photos – You can also fax a photo after selecting it from your ‘Photos App’.
  • Write Text – You can also type any text that you want to fax.
  • Google Drive or Dropbox – A downloaded file located on a cloud server can also be sent as a fax by clicking on this option.

Step 7. You can also send multiple documents and continue to add pages to the fax by tapping on the ‘Scan or Add document’ button once you return to the Fax page.

Step 8. And once you are done, hit the ‘Send’ button and the fax is successfully sent.

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