How To Find Friends on Kik and What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?

If you are a tech enthusiast and you use social media apps pretty often, then you must have heard about the underrated instant messaging app called Kik. it is a very underrated app as most of the time the app remains under the radar, but has slowly gathered quite a lot of followers. Using the Kik messenger app you can share photos, videos and GIFs, and more. Not to mention with kik you can also play games together. One of the key USP of the Kik messenger app is that even though it’s a mobile app, using Kik you don’t need to share your mobile number or your any other social media account. You just need to create your Kik account and enter your own new username. that’s it sharing that username with others will help them to connect with you on Kik messaging app. Kik is also a fun place to meet new people, as you can always connect to random people on Kik and talk anything to anyone. Follow through the article to set up your Kik account and how you can meet new friends through the Kik app.

Setting up Kik

Setting up your Kik account and the app is pretty much straightforward and simple.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?
  1. Download and install the latest version of Kik messneger app for your phone. It is avaialbel for both iOS users as well as Android users.
  2. Once you have finished downloading and installing the app, open it to start meeting new friends, but before that you wil have to Sign up to create a new username of your name. You will have to provie an email address for verification and account recovery. You can also use a fake number or name its totally upto you, the only thing that should be real is the email address, as their will be a verification link sent to that email which needs to be clicked.
  3. Now, select Settings >> Privacy and enavble Use Phone Contacts ena bling this, you will be able to add the people from your contacts who are already using Kik to your friend list.

While you have added your known friends, you don’t need to top right here. you can further step up and add more people on Kik.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?(2021)

Public Group

Using Kik there are several other ways through which you can find new friends on the app. One way is to use the kik’s feature called Explore Public Groups. This option should be available for you at the bottom of your friend’s list when you are inside the Kik app. All you have to do is just tap on #(hashtag) and it should open a new search page. Using that search page you can look for any kind of random group for whatever topic that interests you. Mostly these groups are all PG-13, however, even a brief search shows that these rules are not strictly followed. On Kik, there are thousands of different groups of different categories and topics. You can find some topics that are interesting for you and then go ahead and join the group, that’s it you can interact with different people in the group and you may make some new friends while interacting with them.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?

if not Kik then you can also use Reddit to find some new friends, Reddit is also a very good platform to find new people, or if you want to find some people discussing something in which you might have interest or if you are looking for some solution. on Reddit there are subreddits of almost everything, and speaking about the subreddit of Kik, then it has around 42k active members, and all of them simply makes it easy to find new people online and you can have a conversation with them. On average a new submission on the subreddit comes around every hour or sometimes even less than that. Each group submission that comes up on Reddit have their title and topic listed in the invite, not only that, it also shows the age range of people who are allowed to join the group. While some groups have listed only 18+, on the other hand, there are a few that lists the age groups from 16- 22 or 14 to 19. these might be a bit wide range of age, but generally, it is easy to find the appropriate age group for your age and then join the group. Reddit has a very good powerful search tool, using it you can find the groups of your age and with topics in which you have interests.

Meet new People

If joining groups is a big hassle for you, or you don’t want to join any unnecessary groups, yet you want to meet new people on Kik or make new friends then also we have a solution for you. on Kik, there’s an option called as Meet New People, which is located at the bottom of your friends’ list, and you will be randomly matched with someone else who is also looking forward to meeting some new people just like you. Once you guys will find the match, then you will have a 15 minutes window to chat, and you guys can add each other as friends at any time, and then you can continue chatting for as long as you want, otherwise, you can always look forward to someone else.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?

Kik friend Finder Websites

If you want to spread even wider, and find people in a more different way rather than going traditional, then there are several third-party websites that feature Kik users. The only downside to this is that these websites have a lot of different pop-ups and ads, and it simply feels like malware has entered your computer or device. Not to mention these popups and ads, also contains phishing scams and many such types of scams. So, these websites do provide a lot of Kik usernames, but on the other hand, you need to be alert and not click on some random links, which can cause problems for you later on. Also, there are a few websites that aren’t attacked by malware and have Kik usernames, so it might be worth giving it a try.

Kik Friends Finder

Kik Friends Finder is a UK-based friends finder, although it has users from all around the world, most of the people are located in or near Uk only. The website also provides with age and country filter option as well, which can make things easier for you when you are trying to find new people. using different types of filters can definitely help in reducing the clutters and nonsense that you want to avoid. From the website you can meet girls, guys, flirt, chat, search and more. The best part is that the website is pretty fast, and isn’t bugged with any kind of popup ads and malware.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?

Kik Friends

Kik friends are yet another website, which can be used to find new people around the world. The website simply helps you in searching for new people who are using Kik, it also provides different filters like, you can select gender, age or who is online and many more. You can further refine your search with similar interests, image and then the website will return with a list of people and their usernames on Kik accordingly. The website has a very clean and minimal UI, which is a very good plus point of this website.

kik usernamesfinder

Kik usernames finder is also a website that helps you in finding new people on Kik messenger. But the main advantage of using this website over others is that it gives you a wide variety of different filters to choose from while doing a search for people on Kik and no other website provides this much customization on filters. it lets you set the age range, gender, orientation and country of the profiles you look through. In addition to that, the website also has an option to show results in the order you want for instance if you want to see people from youngest to oldest or, if you want to see the most recently submitted profiles and many more such customizing filter options are available on the website.

How To Find Friends On Kik And What’s The Best Kik Friend Finder?

These are just the four websites from where you can find Kik users around the world, however, there are thousands of different websites that provide similar types of data, the reason why we have mentioned these four is that we found them to be less buggy, and all of them are very much user friendly, as compared to others. Each website of these kinds provides at least a thousand different Kik users, so at least there will be some people with whom you can chat.

Other Sites

The above mentioned are quite a few different ways through which you can find new people on Kik messenger, while a few other ways we would like to suggest are, you can subscribe to websites like Whisper, and you can also post classified ads there looking for new Kik friends. You can even post ads looking for friends on websites like Craigslist and many more.


Socializing on the internet is pretty cool until you land in some dangerous situation. So safety should always be the priority, and Kik is very much vulnerable. Being anonymous is one of the major issues which has become a trend on Kik messenger which can impose a serious level of threats and danger to you if you don’t know who the other side is talking to you.

So, it is very important for you to be alert all the time while using Kik, and make sure you don’t share any of your [personal information on the app unless you know that person very well. People on the Kik app, can lie and make a fake profile with every detail they want to enter can be false information including gender, age and point of interest. Below we have some tips, which you should follow while using Kik and socializing with people on the internet.

  • Never ever give your personal inforamtion to any strange on the internet. This includes your real name, your images, your age, location or any other credentials.
  • Do not agree to meet with someone whom you only know from kik, they could be a different person from who they have pretended to be with you on the internet.
  • Don’t open any emails or other correspondences with attachments from strangers. These could easily be malware or an attempt to learn more of your personal information.

That was all, now you can start making new friends and meet new people online on Kik messenger, we have mentioned plenty of different ways through which you can find people and make friends from around the world who are using Kik. Also, make sure you follow the safety tips we have provided, as being safe should be your first priority.

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