Fix ‘MMS Won’t Download’ Issue on Android

Many people have faced this issue where MMS doesn’t get downloaded or played, causing a lot of inconveniences. Issues could be that the file is corrupted, or the network may not be adequate. MMS are easy ways to send photos, videos, and it can be disappointing when it does not open or play.

Reasons why “MMS Won’t Download” and how to fix it

Some of the reasons are that the default messenger might obstruct it or apps that interfere with the process.

Check Network connections

One of the most common reasons for facing issues with the download and playing of MMS is the inadequate data network one might be facing.

Fix ‘mms Won’t Download’ Issue On Android

If your internet connection, either by cellular data or WIFI, is not good enough and is sporadic, you might not be able to download it.

Many mobile carriers additionally do not allow MMS downloading over WIFI.

Disable “Auto-Retrieve” in your messenger settings

Rather than automatically downloading the MMS, it would help if you disabled this Auto-retrieve option of your default messenger.

Fix ‘mms Won’t Download’ Issue On Android

One might find it useful to download the MMS manually to keep it more under their control.

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That way, software malfunctions cannot cause disturbances.

Clear older messages

Sometimes, due to the lack of enough storage on your phone, MMS might not get downloaded.

Therefore, clearing the clutter by deleting older messages and audio notes can create space for the MMS to be downloaded.

One might exceed message capacities, and it might hinder MMS downloads.

Work on problematic apps

There may be apps taking up a lot of your phone space or battery and might cause problems.

One can use phone optimizers to check the usage of those apps and disable them so that the MMS can be downloaded.

At times, removing those apps from the phone also helps.

Redownload MMS

Sometimes the MMS could be corrupted and might not open in the current app.

The easiest way to proceed is to redownload the MMS and, this time, over a stable internet source.

Reboot Your Phone

A simple reboot of your phone can also be quite useful in fixing problems of MMS downloading.

Like many other devices, mobiles also resolve so many issues when you turn off and then turn on them. While rebooting, Android itself fixes any bug that might be causing such problems.

Enable Auto-Download MMS

This one is another easy fix to MMS downloading issue, and in this, you just need to enable auto-download for MMS.

Fix ‘mms Won’t Download’ Issue On Android

Your default messaging app is responsible for sending SMS and MMS. So, by allowing this app to automatically download, you can ensure a permanent solution. For doing this, you need to open your default messaging app and then open the menu button.

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Then you should click upon the Settings option and finally, you are supposed to click on the Advanced option. Later you should just toggle on the Switch next to the Auto-download MMS option.

Clear Cache and Data

With the help of this technique, you will resolve the issue of residual cache files getting corrupted and impeding MMS files to download.

So, clearing the cache and data for the app will help you in solving the MMS download issue. For this, you should delve into the Settings of your phone, and then you should click on the Apps option.

Then you should choose the Messenger app from the list of apps and in the next step, you are supposed to tap on the Storage option. Here, you will find the option of clearing data and cache.

After deleting the said files, you should exit Settings, and then try downloading MMS again. Most probably, your problem will be solved here.

Switch to a Different App

You can also switch to new apps for messaging and chatting that will let you send photos, audio files, videos, locations, contacts, documents, etc with ease.

These apps are also fully free. Some of the common apps that you can try for such purposes are  WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook Messenger, IMO, Telegram, etc.

For their functioning, you just need an internet connection, and you are ready to share whatever you want on the go.

Perform a Factory Reset

If you have to use your messaging app to download MMS, and all other tricks are not working, you can opt for this hack to fix the problems of MMS downloading.

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It will wipe all your data, settings, apps, etc from your phone, and hence, your phone will return to its default condition. Then, all such problems will automatically get resolved.

Summing up!

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging service. It is a messaging service using which one can send audio and short videos. MMS is a convenient way to send files of less MB, files like short video clips, and audios.

It does not take up much space, and carrier charges are low too. Depending on the network carrier one uses, sending and receiving MMS might charge some extra money. The rates differ from location to location.

However, there could be instances when they may not be downloaded or have trouble playing. Therefore, one can go through the troubleshooting steps mentioned above and find a way to download and access the MMS files the way they see appropriate.

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