How To setup voicemail on iPhone?

Setting up voicemail when you first get a smartphone is essential. The voicemail helps in reaching out to people from whom you have missed a call. The caller can leave a short message for you regarding the call. So that you can call them back whenever you can and talk about it.

Here is a quick tutorial on how you can set up and check voicemail on an iPhone.

After you have set up your voicemail with the carrier, you can make changes to your notifications so that you are notified whenever a message I waiting for you. In this post, we have also covered how to listen to a voice message and change the password if needed. You can even re-record the voicemail greeting.

Setup Voicemail on iPhone

Set up Voicemail on iPhone

Setting up voicemail is a very easy step, especially if you are using an iPhone. It is a mere two-step process which you can do with the help of the phone app. So, head to the phone and then tap on the voicemail tab located at the bottom of the screen.

Save voicemail

Once on the voicemail tab, tap on Setup Now to start setting up. You will have to create a voicemail password and then choose if you want a default or custom greeting for your voicemail.

On choosing a custom voicemail greeting, you will have to record your own greeting by following through with the prompts. That’s it, you have successfully set up your voicemail on an iPhone.

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Listen To your Voicemail messages

To access and listen to the voicemail messages that you have got on your number. Simply head to the voicemail tab in the phone app of your iPhone. Here you will be able to see all the messages that you have received, but this only works if you have enabled voicemail service on your number.

Messages iPhoneVoicemailSetup1

From the list of messages tap on any of the messages and select the play button to listen to the voicemail message. Some carriers even support the Voicemail transcription feature, which converts the audio message into textual form. You will be seeing your message as transcribed to text. It is a very handy feature and can be useful at times.

Adjust the Voicemail Notifications

Whenever you get a new voicemail on your iPhone, you will see a badge on the phone app by default. iOS gives an option to change it. So, to change you need to go to the settings >>Phone >> Notifications.

The number displays all notifications from the phone app which includes missed calls and voicemails. So, whenever you open the phone app, you will be seeing a number on the voicemail tab for the number of un-played messages or unread voicemails you have.

Alternatively, you can also turn on the alert system whenever you receive a new voicemail. Go to the settings of your iPhone and then tap on Sounds and Haptics. Tap on New Voicemail and then from the list, you can pick any ringtone that you want to use for voicemail.

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BadgeAppIcons iPhoneVoicemailSetup3

For custom haptics of your voicemail, you can tap on the vibrations at the top to choose a pattern of haptics and then select one of the alert tones or ringtones from the bottom for the sound. Finally, tap on the back button from the top left corner to save and exit the page.

Change the Voicemail Password

To change the password of your voicemail that you had set initially you need to go to the settings app. Tap on the Phone app and then select Change Voicemail Password. Then enter the new password that you want to set and then tap on Done.

Alerts iPhoneVoicemailSetup4

Record a New Voicemail Greeting

To change the default voicemail greeting, or to record a new custom voicemail greeting from your iPhone. Just head to the phone app and then select the voicemail tab to make changes to the voicemail settings. Tap on the greetings from the top left corner.

Greeting iPhoneVoicemailSetup5

Finally tap on the play button to hear your current greeting message on voicemail and to record your new greeting message, tap on custom and then press record to start and then stop recording to finish. You can save the greeting message by tapping the save button. That’s it.

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