Top 10 Best Wi-Fi Hacker Apps for Android

Each one of us is well aware of WiFi, and we can’t underestimate the fact that WiFi is one of the best sources that provide us with better network connectivity- Be it on the android phone or your PC.

It helps you receive high-speed internet connection; it gives better reliability as per the network and also helps an individual to control its connection and usage. People rely on WiFi networks more than mobile data.

Talk about surfing or downloading any app, video, document or any file; everything can be done quickly.


Also, how can one forget, the part-time guilty pleasure of people, online games on Android?

Almost everyone is into live streaming video playing online games, so for receiving that perfect network one needs a great connection.

Let’s consider if you want to see a movie or series on Netflix or Amazon Prime, and your mobile connection is stuck every 30 seconds, you might get irritated.

So, for receiving a smooth connection without any interruptions, people want to have a WiFi connection. It will help them according to their need as it allows several users to get access.

Why hack WiFi

All of you know that nowadays we are more connected to the Internet than to people.

It’s because this era is about technology, and we can also say that this technology has not ultimately disconnected us from each other, but it connects in every other way.

Therefore, for better speed, and reliability without paying any price, one can get this all by hacking a WiFi.

Also, you need to comprehend your requirements for a WiFi network connection. Below we have explained some of the best WiFi hacking applications for you, read and choose.

We have not linked to any of the apps/programs which we have listed in the article. A simple Google search will help you find them. 🙂

Reaver WiFi Hacker App for Android

RFA, also known as Reaver for your Smartphone, has become a perfect WiFi password hacker app. It is simple to use as the monitor-mode support helps you to direct anytime use of it.

One can either activate or deactivate it, as per your convenience. It doesn’t require any other device to detect the WPS-enabled wireless router; it can be identified by this app only.

The Reaver GUI is something that includes all the information and settings regarding Reaver. Also, a brute force is launched by this WiFi hacking app as it attacks the WPS registrar PINS. And once it is done, it recovers those WPA/WPA2 passphrases.

This app was tested on several devices, and the result showed that it was able to target the WPA/WPA2 passphrases in around 2-5 hours. Also, it is said that this Reaver also supports external scripts for Android.

Key highlights of Reaver that make it a first-rate WiFi Hacker App for Android-

  • It will let the Brute force attack on WPS Register Pins
  • You will support Monitor Mode that you can activate and deactivate any time you want
  • It offers automatic detection of any WPS-compatible router
  • It will automatically connect when it finds a WPA key

zANTI WiFi Hacker App for Android

A WiFi penetration testing test, Zanti is the one that helps you in finding the vulnerabilities in the WiFi network.

You might be thinking that it is somehow not possible or at least difficult for a hacking app to find and fix the vulnerabilities, but we’ve already mentioned the answer.

Zanti app is more like a penetration testing toolkit; therefore, it can easily help you to get all the information about the latest vulnerabilities in your network.

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Ethical hackers and IT security Administrators often use this Zanti App to get all the information regarding vulnerabilities in their systems. Among the penetration testers, this app has become most common due to its simple use by UI.

So, if you are also someone who is not willing to let your WiFi get hacked and wants to secure the network, then you can use this app to check on vulnerabilities. Once you are aware of them, you can report them.

Important features of zANTI you need to pay heed to-

  • It comprises the methods a cyber-attacker can use for identifying security holes within your network
  • You can use it to carry out a wide range of network scans of different intensity for identifying connected devices, vulnerabilities, and properties
  • Go for this one to run diagnoses and calculate the penetration level with MITM (man-in-the-middle) tests, metasploits and password cracking’s Netcut WiFi Hacker App for Android

It is very obvious that if you are hacking someone’s WiFi, then others are also eligible for hacking yours.

Similar to yours, they also need some sort of app that can help them hack your WiFi network. Now you just need to know that this app is different from others as it not only has other devices but it also helps you to secure yours.

It can help you get all the security that shall be needed not to let your device get hacked.

This app helps you in hacking and securing and that too at a very minimum rate.

Besides these two properties, it constitutes some different features that you might like, so go ahead and read yourself.

  • This app blocks those users that show any kind of suspicious activity. You might not be aware of this, but your app can help you block these kinds of people.
  • If you are not willing to allow others to use your WiFi connection, then you can simply click them as it provides you access to block any user who has been using your network.
  • It not only restricts the unwanted users and blocks the connection, but it also helps you get track of those users who use your WiFi connection.

This app can be considered one of the best according to its features, but the only problem you might face is that of advertising. But we guess you can manage that since you are already getting several benefits through the app.

WIBR+ WiFi Hacker App for Android

WIBR+, this one was also created for checking the security of WiFi networks and testing its integrity.

Dictionary-based methods and Brute force are used by this app to help you while looking for an answer for “How to Hack WiFi Networks.” Individuals can also take the help of a custom dictionary method for attacking and finding WiFi passwords.

However, it depends on what you prioritize but also on the type of network you own.

One can also choose different options like numbers, uppercase, lowercase or special characters. It is used for accomplishing a different kind of track that is dictionary-based.

Now, according to the strength of your password that depends on your way of using the options, WIBR+ cracks the password.

Top highlights of WIBR+ that make it top-rated WiFi Hacker App for Android-

  • It offers support to two types of attacks Dictionary Attacks, and Brute force Attacks
  • You can use it for testing the security of the WPA/WPA2 PSK WiFi networks
  • Using it will enable to access the WiFi network if it uses a weak password

WPS Connect WiFi Hacker App for Android

One of the most popular WiFi hacking apps for Smartphones is WPS Connect.

It helps you install the new WiFi network from your surroundings, and it makes it easily accessible to you. Also, this application helps you to get the entire user’s internet connection disabled if you are someone who works on rooted Android devices.

Not only this but also it helps you verify if the WiFi router is safe and secure or not.

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The creators claim that apart from default PINs, this app, WPS connect also helps you to include the algorithm like Stefan Viehbock (easy box PIN) or the Zhao Cheung (Compute PIN).

Also, before going towards installing this app, make sure that the android phone that you are using is around the version of Android 4.0 or higher than that.

Important features of WPS Connect that deserve your attention-

  • Use it to connect to WiFi networks with WPS protocol enabled
  • Opt for this one to check if the specific router is vulnerable to a PIN by default
  • Choose WPS Connect to check if your own router is vulnerable and change the password accordingly

WiFi Analyzer WiFi Hacker App for Android

Sometimes you are unable to complete your work by using the mobile data; you need WiFi.

Also, even after getting that WiFi, you don’t need to get a perfect speed or good connection. Therefore, you need to know the network that you are going to hack.

So, before you opt for any kind of WiFi device, you will need proper research about that particular WiFi connection. What shall be your requirements when you want WiFi?

It shouldn’t have more users connected to it, which means overcrowded. Most importantly, the network should have fast connectivity and better speed.

Although it is difficult to get all the information regarding the connectivity, WiFi analyzer helps you in concluding about the network data and information like reliability, speed of the network and the signal strength. This helps you in deciding whether you should choose that WiFi for hacking or not.

Key feature sets of WiFi Analyzer WiFi Hacker App for Android are-

  • Simple and free WiFi password viewer
  • WiFi password recovery, WiFi password reader and WiFi Signal strength and speed measurement
  • WiFi key finder, WiFi Connections manager and Network Analyzer
  • WiFi password and key manager along with WiFi key recovery and Display WiFi passwords
  • WiFi info such as IP address and much more

WiFi Kill WiFi Hacker App for Android

One of the most prominent apps that can be used by ethical hackers to hack any WiFi network is WiFi Kill WiFi Hacker App.

You might have concluded through its name, WiFi kills, that it is a WiFi hacking app that helps you in disabling the internet connection of any device. If you want to get rid of any user or anyone who is suspicious or you think anyone needs a block, then you can use this app as it will help you in determining their roles.

Any unnecessary user that is either a third person whom you don’t know in person is using your WiFi, and you want to remove him then a simple interface can be helpful for you.

Unlike others, it has several facilities other than just having and securing the network. It helps you in detecting the traffic created (or used) by the device, and its network name. Also, it helps in grabbing the traffic of websites that can be visited by other devices.

You must note that the WiFi kill app for hacking devices needs proper functioning by root access. Once you scan the network and fire this app, it will show you the users that are using your connection.

For blocking all of them and restricting them from using the connection, you can click in the kill button to end the connectivity with them.

Key highlights of WiFi Kill WiFi Hacker App for Android-

  • It is top-notch to disable internet connection for a device on a constant WiFi network
  • It is a light-weight tool with a simple interface
  • You can also use it to monitor the traffic of the devices connected to a wireless network

Dsploit WiFi Hacker App for Android

This app, Dsploit, is somewhat developed to scan the WiFi networks, and it also connects the Access point with a pin.

This app is also considered for finding out some vulnerability in the network of WiFi.

One can also consider this as a WiFi penetration testing suite, for analyzing and controlling the network and all other types of information.

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The plus point of this app is that it doesn’t just confine you to hack the WiFi, but also, you can restrict the users. For instance, let’s consider you don’t want anyone else to use the network since more use; more data is exhausted.

Therefore, you can control the number of devices using this app since it works well at controlling it.

The important feature set of this WiFi Hacker App for Android is-

  • It allows you to control all aspects of a WiFi network of which you are an admin
  • Dsploit WiFi Hacker App comprises of several modules that are capable of performing network security assessments on wireless networks
  • Opt for this one to perform tasks such as network mapping and vulnerability scanning
  • You can also use it for Man-In-The-Middle attacks, password cracking, and much more

Aircrack-ng WiFi Hacker App for Android

When you want to test the network security of your WiFi connection, make sure that you already have all the tools that can help you in protecting yourself.

That means you need a real and true WiFi hacking app for your Smartphone. Once you have downloaded this Aircrackng-app, you will come to know about its features.

Aircrack-ng can help you crack the pre-shared keys as per WPA/WPA2 support.

This pre-shared key could be of an 8 to 63 digit password, and this app helps you in cracking it effectively. Also, they need to know that there is no difference between cracking WPA and WPA2 as both work on and authentication methodology.

First of all, you should experiment with this hacking in your home network, and if you don’t have an access point, then it can create a problem for you.

This tool or app for hacking Android is one of the popular tools that also provides security.

This app can be run easily, but you need to make sure that you have a WiFi chipset that shall help you in supporting the monitor mode in your device. Therefore, be aware before you choose any kind of app for hacking the connectivity.

Important features you need to pay attention to-

  • Use it to monitor and analyze wireless networks around you
  • Opting for this one will let you check how safe your wireless password is or unlock your neighbor’s wireless network
  • It is also top-notch in guessing WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (WiFi Protected Access) passwords

Kali Linux Nethunter WiFi Hacker App for Android

Kali Linux is considered one of the best operating systems and that too for ethical hacking purposes.

People often co sides the Kali Linux Nethunter is the first open-source testing platform for the Android Penetration. As makers say that I’m this app that has a somewhat offensive security system.

For young ahead with the process of hacking a WiFi, while using this app, one has to launch Kali’s WiFi tool. Then, the configuration interface of Nethunter lets you take care of all the complex configuration files.

The custom kernel of this Kali Linux Nethunter app that supports 802.11 wireless injections makes it the best. People often suggest this app and consider it as one of the most prominent and a must-have hacking tool for your Smartphone.

Salient features of Kali Linux Nethunter WiFi Hacker App-

  • It is capable of running USB HID Keyboard attacks
  • Kali Linux Nethunter WiFi Hacker App comprises a full Kali Linux toolset alongside many tools available via a simple menu system
  • This WiFi hacker app for android supports BadUSB MITM attacks

There are several other apps like WPA WPS Tester, WiFi inspect, Nmap but these above mentioned are top amongst others.

Their features and every single property is beyond what you shall expect because it helps you get only the best. Choose wisely; all the features are mentioned if you are willing to hack a WiFi just give this a read.

Have you ever used any WiFi Hacker App for android? What is your favorite WiFi Hacker App here? – Share your views and experience with us in the comment section below.

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