Windows 10: How to Turn on or Fix Bluetooth

As you all know most of the Windows 10 laptop comes up with Bluetooth inbuilt. So, you can use it to pair a Bluetooth device like a wireless Bluetooth mouse, or a wireless headphone, anything that has Bluetooth can be paired with your Windows laptop. The only condition is that Bluetooth should be turned on in your laptop and the device which you are pairing or connecting should also be turned on. So, for turning on Bluetooth on your Windows 10 device, you need to know how to access Bluetooth settings and how to enable it. In this post, we will be discussing how to access and turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 laptops and also, how to fix Bluetooth issues with windows 10.

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How To Activate Bluetooth in Windows 10

First, you need to confirm that your computer has Bluetooth hardware installed. Fortunately, Windows 10 is smart enough to detect the Bluetooth hardware, and install its driver on its own. But, if you have the external Bluetooth device, and it is not showing on your computer, below is the method through which you can activate it.

Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth

First Option: Turning Bluetooth on through Settings

Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth
  1. When the Windows is turned on head to the Start Menu icon and then go to Settings by searching or clicking on the gear icon.
  2. Now, in the settings menu select the option that says Devices and then click on Bluetooth and other devices.
  3. Here you will find the option that says Bluetooth option then turn it on. Your Windows 10 Bluetooth feature should now be active.
Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth

The second option” Turning Bluetooth on using Keyboard

Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth
  1. Find the Bluetooth icon on your keyboard and then click it to turn Bluetooth on.
  2. If the Bluetooth icon appears on Function keys at the top of the screen from the button series like F1, F2…. then you may have to press the Fn button first, and then press the Bluetooth key. The situation totally depends on the model and make of the laptop and it may vary from model to model and your PC’s current keyboard configuration.
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Pairing With Devices

Turning on a Bluetooth device on your PC won’t affect your computer in any way. Except for the fact that it enables the Bluetooth hardware of the device. But, on the other hand, it will allow you to connect to different devices using the Bluetooth connection.

Connecting your windows pc to another device via Bluetooth is pretty easy. You need to head to the Bluetooth and devices option inside the settings of your Windows device. Next, you need to set your other Bluetooth device into pairing mode and then click on Add Device option on your Windows PC. Your computer will search and show you the device that is in pairing mode and can be paired to your laptop using Bluetooth.


As we all know, Windows 10 becomes quite buggy at times, especially whenever a new update comes out. So, if you face any issues with your Bluetooth, on your Windows laptop you might want to try first restarting your PC. If that doesn’t fix, then you must head to the troubleshoot settings of your Windows laptop. Try, turning on and off the Bluetooth device from your computer.

Does Your Computer Support Bluetooth

If the above-mentioned guides didn’t work, then you must try to find that whether your device supports Bluetooth or not. So, first, you need to head to the Device Manager of your computer. There are chances, that your computer might have Bluetooth hardware and is well supported, but it isn’t working or is not listed because of the missing drivers of Bluetooth. In that case, you will need to install the right Bluetooth driver on your computer. usually, the internal Bluetooth hardware is detected automatically, and Windows is smart enough to install the right driver, but the problem comes when you install external Bluetooth hardware to your PC, in that case, there are chances that the Bluetooth driver might get messed up.

Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth
  1. Press the start button and then start typing Device manager. Click on the best option shown.
  2. Now, search for the Bluetooth device from the list of devices connected to your computer. You can find the Bluetooth option under the Network adapters and other devices. If the network adapters and drivers are not listed then you can proceed to the next step.
  3. Now, there are still chances that your PC might support Bluetooth devices, all you need to do is install the right driver of your Bluetooth hardware.
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Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth

Else, if you find your Bluetooth device under device manager, then the issue is somewhere else and you should look at some other troubleshooting steps.

Update The Bluetooth Driver

usually, updating a driver is now a part of updating your Windows 10 OS. You can check them in the system settings, there should be an update ready to install that is also the driver for your Bluetooth device. otherwise, you will have to manually download and install the Bluetooth driver from the internet. this varies from model to model, so first you need to check which Bluetooth hardware is installed on your PC.

Alternatively, you can download driver downloader or updated software, which can help you in updating the drivers of your computer including the Bluetooth drivers. There is plenty of driver updater and downloader lying around the Internet, you can choose anyone and look for your Bluetooth driver. However, these services are often paid and only allows some drivers to be installed as a trial version. We also advise you to backup your original system drivers, as these driver installers can also mess up with your system drivers like sound and display drivers.

Once you have finished installing the drivers, restart your computer and then try turning on your Bluetooth, hope this time you fix your Bluetooth issue.

Re-Enabling the Bluetooth Software

Often, some system error can cause the Bluetooth software to stop working in the background. This situation can come usually when some of the files are missing, or if your computer has been shut down abruptly, the best solution for this is to try to force wakeup this software to work again with the Bluetooth hardware. So, first, you need to go to Device manager and then find your Bluetooth component. Select it and then right-click on the component, then from the drop-down select Disable device. Now, again right- click your Bluetooth component and then select Enable device. restart your computer to see the changes and then turn on your Bluetooth again.

If the above-mentioned solution didn’t solve your Bluetooth issue, then you may try to uninstall the driver and then re-install the drivers again. Sometimes, driver files can be corrupted, so in that case, re-installing the driver can fix such types of issues. You don’t need to worry, as it won’t mess with your Bluetooth hardware or drivers, it will just re-install the driver.


Bluetooth Support Service

If all of the above-mentioned troubleshooting problems, didn’t solve your problem, then we gotta dig in even more.

Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth
  1. Press and hold Windows key and R altogether to bring the Run window.
  2. Now, inside the text box type services. msc and then press enter or click on OK.
  3. A new window should open listing out all the services of your computer that are running or have stopped running. Locate the one that says Bluetooth support service and then select Start. if you cannot click on the start option, then you can click on restart.
  4. You can make this happen on its own, every time you turn on your computer, so in the services window only, click on the Bluetooth services. Navigate to the option that says Startup type which should be under the General tab and then select Automatic, finally, click on Apply and then OK if needed.
Windows 10: How To Turn On Or Fix Bluetooth

What Else can Cause Bluetooth failure?

Most of the problems are usually solved from either one of the methods mentioned above, in case your problem still [ersists, then there’s a chance that your Bluetooth hardware is either faulty or have stopped working. In such a scenario, you should contact the service centre of the manufacturer of your device. Alternatively, you can buy a new Bluetooth external adapter, which nowadays is very cheap and you can easily buy it from Amazon. They also come with their own driver, which can be installed on your computer.

If you have ever, opened your laptop to clean it or brush the motherboards and chips, then you might have forgotten to install the Bluetooth hardware to the board, or it might be loose to connect, so you can also check once again that the connection is properly done.

Turning On Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a mere basic feature of a computer device in today’s world, however, there are things that could go wrong, and Bluetooth have become an essential part of our lives, most of our wireless device like a mouse, keyboard or a wireless earphone, all of them works on Bluetooth only. Bluetooth usually works on two principles, a hardware device connected to your computer and its driver or software on which the hardware will work, so if either of the ones become faulty, your whole Bluetooth system will stop working.

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