Top 10 Windows Emulators for Mac

Mac is a fascinating device in terms of design, performance, and branding. macOS can be easy to use depending on personal preference. If you’re one of those who have shifted to Mac from Windows OS but struggling to use the device because you’re not used to it, this article is for you.

We present you Top 10 Windows Emulator for Mac, which will allow you to use Windows apps only on Mac. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get started.

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Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

1. Parallels

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Parallels are primarily involved in the development of virtualization software for macOS. The emulator is easy to install and you can access it without actually restarting your machine. Your Mac will run in windows interface, the emulator is available for $69 but you can try the free version.

2. VMware Fusion

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

VMware Fusion will allow you to run Windows in full-screen mode and will provide you a native level feel. Not only this, but you can also use another operating system like Linux, NetWare, Solaris, or macOS, including Microsoft Windows. It will cost up to $34.95, but additionally Fusion Player offers a personal Use License for free with a valid VMware account.

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3. CrossOver Mac

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

CrossOver Mac will not only allow you to run Windows applications, but also on Linux OS, macOS, and Chrome OS. No need to create any virtual environment or installing Windows OS registered copy either, just run the program as it is to access the Windows app you required. It costs up to $39 to $59.

4. Virtual PC for Mac

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Virtual PC for Mac emulator will cost you up to $129. If you’re the most network-focused person, you should probably try using Virtual PC for Mac. You can use the Windows app, you can share data over the network on any operating system.

5. Virtual Box

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Virtual Box is well known and it’s free to use. It also supports Linux and other OS. You will not experience any lag while using the Virtual Box, and developers are still continuously developing the software.

6. Wineskin Winery

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Wineskin Winery is another free to use and can make ports of Windows software to macOS. It works just like wrapping around the Windows software.

7. Citrix XenApp

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Citrix XenApp will allow to work Windows applications on any device and that’s surprising. All the applications and data are stored, saved, and can be accessed from the database.

8. WinOnX

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

If you get WinOnX, then no need to worry or install Windows OS on Mac It can also be used on OS X 10.6 and above. You can install any Windows app but it has compatibility issues depending on Mac. WinOnX is based on the open-source Wine project.

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9. Wine Bottler

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

If you want to access only one app, and don’t want to install the whole Windows OS, Wine Bottler is for you. It is safe to use and do not alter your HD filesystem.

Boot Camp

Top 10 Windows Emulator For Mac

Boot Camp is already a built-in tool on Mac, you just need to install the whole Windows OS. Here’s how to install Boot Camp, visit applications > utilities > boot camp, just follow the on-screen instruction to install the program. Also, it works on creating a partition for the operating system you want to install.

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