How to Activate iMessage with a Phone Number

If you just got a new iPhone and wondering how to active the iMessage on your phone using your phone number and not just your Apple ID, then below we have you covered with a detailed tutorial on how you can activate your iMessage on your iPhone with your phone number as well as Apple ID.

The whole process of activating iMessage using your phone number is quite straightforward. However, you do need to keep a few things in order before you initiate the whole activation process of iMessage. Otherwise, you might face issues or simply get an error or activation unsuccessful message.

Pre-requisites for Activating iMessage with Phone Number

Make sure that you have an activated sim card of the number which you want to use with iMessage on the phone. Unlike other instant messaging apps where you just need an OTP from the particular number with which you want to log in, iMessage needs that SIM to be installed on that particular iPhone to activate your iMessage with that phone number.

activate imessage phone number

Make sure that the SIM card that you have installed on your iPhone should have enough credits that it can send and receive text messages. As iMessage sends a text message to their servers, extra charges for a standard message may apply, it all depends on your carrier. We recommend checking with your carrier partner beforehand so that the whole process of activation of iMessage is as seamless as it can be. Also, you should have an active Wifi or cellular network as the process of activation requires an internet connection.

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Activating iMessage with Phone Number

Once you have set all of the pre-requisites for activating the iMessage on your iPhone using your phone number, you can now follow through with the tutorial below.

  1. On your iPhone open the settings app.
    How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number All Things How1
  2. Scroll down and go to messages.
  3. Turn on the toggle to the green side for iMessage. You will receive a confirmation message as a pop-up saying that your carrier may charge for an SMS message. Click on OK to proceed.
    How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number All Things How2
  4. Wait for a while to process and activate the iMessage.
  5. Tap on Send and receive button.
    How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number All Things How3
  6. If you can see the option for Use your Apple ID for iMessage, you need to tap on it and then sign in to your Apple ID to start using it.
    How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number All Things How4
  7. Ensure that under the You can receive iMessage section you have selected your phone number along with your Apple ID, so both of them should have a tick mark.
  8. That’s it, now you will be able to send and receive iMessages from your phone number.
    How to Activate iMessage with Phone Number All Things How5

You can start communicating with other people over iMessage, it makes it easy to communicate with other Apple users, and on top of that, you can also use your iMessage from any other Apple device that is logged in with the same Apple ID. You can also use messages to send or receive media files like images, videos etc. However, to use iMessage on your iPhone with your phone number, you will have to first activate it correctly so that it doesn’t show an error.

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