Aroma File Manager

Aroma File Manager

Aroma File Manager


Aroma File Manager is one of a kind tweak for Android devices that lets you manage the files on your device right from the recovery.

Aroma File Manager

With Aroma File manager, you would be able to do the below tasks:

  • View files on your internal storage/SD Card.
  • Copy/move files and folders.
  • Create/delete files and folders.
  • View contents of text files.
  • Edit text files.
  • and much more.

Pretty much anything that you could do with a basic file manager on your Android device, you can do it via Aroma File Manager in recovery mode.

Aroma File Manager is coded purely with C Programming language and currently only supports ARM Android devices. But the developer claims that, with slight modifications, it may work on other x86 platforms as well. Aroma File Manager is open source and the source code is available here.

Developer: amarullz

Last updated: June 30, 2020

Version: v1.91

Size: 1.97 MB

Please note that Aroma File Manager requires a custom recovery such as TWRP in order to work properly.

How to Use Aroma File Manager on Android?

  1. Download the Aroma File Manager.
  2. Transfer the downloaded zip file to your phone.
  3. Reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  4. Once you are in custom recovery, simply flash the downloaded zip file. This step will open the Aroma File Manager on your phone (inside the recovery mode). Now you can use it to manage the files on your device.
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Aroma File Manager | Older versions

v1.901.05 MBDownload
v1.801.43 MBDownload
v1.501.21 MBDownload
v1.211.32 MBDownload
v1.201.32 MBDownload
v1.011.32 MBDownload
v1.00-21.32 MBDownload
v1.00-11.32 MBDownload

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  1. hi, I have a note 5 that is inactive and on a 4 digit screen lock….. I wanted to try and download the Aroma File Manager and try and unlock my device without losing data, or simply transfer my data to PC…… So I would like to ask first is this software safe to use and not wipe my data out, and what version do I download? my model number of note 5 is SM-N920W8…. if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Aroma File Manager is a very helpful application, We can utilize it very easily and accurately its unique user interface makes it more awesome and Simple.
    AROMA file manager is one of the popular application for quick Data Recovery.
    You have shared very helpful information about the aroma file manager application. Thanks for sharing with us.


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