How to Change the Time zone on the Apple Watch?

Key Highlights
  • Apple Watch does not have separate time zone settings.
  • Apple Watch time and time zone is always in sync with your iPhone time zone.
  • If you want to change the Apple Watch time zone, you need to change the time zone on your iPhone.

The smartwatch industry grew over 300% in the past couple of months, and the major credit goes to Apple Watch. Smartwatches can do a lot more than you can think of. It is a computer on your wrist; however, one basic thing is setting the time on your watch needs you to connect it to your phone.

Yes, if you want to change the time or the time zone of your Apple Watch, you will have to sprint to your iPhone and mess with the settings. So, here is a quick tutorial on how to change the time zone of your Apple Watch.

Change the Time zone of your Apple Watch

Ensure that your Apple Watch is paired and connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth. This is needed as there is no option to change the time zone of your Apple watch from the watch itself.

Set Apple Watch Time Zone

It means, your Apple Watch and your iPhone cannot have a different time zone, it will always be synced.

  1. Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  2. Inside the settings app, head to General.
    Set Apple Watch Time Zone 4
  3. Scroll down and tap on the date and time setting.
    Set Apple Watch Time Zone 3
  4. Here, you need to disable the automatic time zone setting. Tap on the toggle that says Set automatically and it should disable the automatic time zone setting by turning grey.

    If the toggle isn’t green, then you don’t need to change any setting and you can skip to the next step.
    Set Apple Watch Time Zone 2
  5. Tap on the Time Zone option located in the middle of the page. You will get a search box, you need to search for a city or the country, to which you need your Apple watch’s time zone to be set.
    Set Apple Watch Time Zone 1
  6. Once you select the city, the time zone will be updated and synced on both your iPhone as well as the Apple Watch. If your Apple watch’s screen is awake, then you can raise your wrist down and then wake the screen again to see the updated time.
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That’s it, this was a quick tutorial on how to change the time zone of your Apple watch with the help of your iPhone. If you want to revert back to the setting to set the automatic time zone according to your location.

Then you can tap on the switch that says Set Automatically and the toggle should turn back to green. After this, your Apple Watch will update the time according to the time zone.

Alternatively, if the switch is already green yet your iPhone or the Apple Watch is showing the time in the wrong time zone, then you can turn the toggle off and wait for a few seconds before turning it back on.

If you are travelling and having issues with time zone, then there are some watch faces that can show multiple time zones at once, we would recommend using those watch faces while travelling so that you have a track of both the time zones on your Apple watch.

To customize and add multiple time zones to your watch face, you can tap and hold the watch face and then tap on Customize option. Scroll till the second city’s name is highlighted and then you can scroll and select the second city for showing the time. You can scroll through the UI with the help of the Apple watch’s digital crown.

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