How to Close Your Apple Card Account?

Key Highlights
  • You can easily close your Apple Card account right from your iPhone.
  • If you just want to remove participants from your Apple Card account, you can do so easily unless they are an owner or co-owner. In that case, closing the account is the only solution.

Apple recently started providing their Apple Pay users with Apple cards. On applying for an Apple card users will get an Apple card which is similar to a regular credit card.

However, if you already have an Apple card and you want to close it. then below is the tutorial on how to close your Apple card account.

Usually, to close an Apple card account you will have to contact the Apple Card specialist, provided that you are the owner or co-owner of the Apple Card.

Close Apple Card Account

How To Close Your Apple Card Account

In order to close your Apple card account, you will have to contact Apple customer care or the Apple card specialist.

  1. On your iPhone open the wallet app and then tap on the Apple Card.
  2. Now, tap on the more button (three-dot).
  3. Then tap on the message button to start chatting with an Apple Card specialist. It will take a few seconds for the specialist to come online and reply to your query.
  4. Once you have successfully talked to the specialist and closed your account, make sure that you also remove the Apple card from the account.

If there is a remaining balance that needs to be cleared with Apple, then the account owner or the co-owner will be responsible for clearing the dues.

Suppose you are using an Apple card family account and close that card account. Then it will be disabled for every member of the family. It includes the co-owner and other participants as well.

Also, any transactions that are initiated on the account by any owner or the co-owner or any of the participants will all be declined at the gateway. In a family account of an Apple card, the due amount is to be paid by the owner or the co-owner of the Apple card account.

Removing Participants from Apple Card Family

You can remove the participants from the Apple Card family account unless the participant isn’t an owner or a co-owner. To remove a co-owner, you must close the account and create it again.

Also, to remove other participants from the Apple Family card you must be either owner or the co-owner of that particular Apple card account.

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