How to Change Default Card in Apple Pay?

Key Highlights
  • You can use Tap and Pay with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch or iPhone on all supported outlets.
  • A default card can be set which will be used to all payments in Apple Pay unless you manually choose to change it at the time of payment.

It is 2022 and we all have got used to the NFC-based tap-to-pay system using Apple Pay on our iPhones. It is very convenient and allows you to store multiple cards in one place. Apple also allows users to make one default payment card which will always be selected whenever they try to use Apple Pay.

So, if you haven’t selected any or if you want to change the default card in Apple pay, then here is the tutorial on how to change the default card in Apple Pay.

If you don’t know yet, you can also use your Apple Watch to use Apple Pay and make payments across the POS terminals. So, let’s see how we can change the default payment card in Apple Pay for Apple Watch as well as iPhones.

Change Default Card in Apple Pay

Switching the Default card in Apple Pay on iPhone

The steps to switch the default card to any other card in Apple pay is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is just follow the tutorial below.

  1. head to the settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, scroll down and then tap on the Wallet and Apple Pay options.
  3. Inside it, you will find Transaction defaults tap on the Default card.
  4. From the list of cards, you can select any one card to make that payment card the default payment card while paying through Apple pay.
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If by any chance you want to pay using a different card other than the default card, then you can do that without actually changing the default card option every time from the settings app.

Switching the Default card in Apple Pay on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is truly the pinnacle of smartwatches. No other smartwatch has come close to the overall functionality of the watch. Integrating Apple Pay and allowing users to pay through the Apple Watch can blow anyone’s mind even today.

However, in 2022 barely people have a single card, most of them have at least 2-3 different credit cards. Unfortunately, you cannot switch the default card for Apple Pay on Apple Watch, you will have to do it from your iPhone.

Below is the tutorial to change the default credit card in Apple Pay on Apple Watch.

How to Change Default Card in Apple Pay1
  1. Head to the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Now, scroll down and then select Wallet and Apple Pay.
  3. Now, under the Transaction defaults, you need to tap on the Default card option.
  4. Select one card from the list of cards to make it the default payment card while using Apple Pay on Apple Watch.
  5. That’s it you have successfully changed the default payment card on Apple Watch.

Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to open Apple Pay on your watch and you should see the updated default payment card. Now, you can hold your wrist near any of the POS terminals to use Apple Pay to pay at the store or the merchant.

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On successful payment, your watch will give haptic feedback confirming that the payment has been successfully done.

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