How to use Apple Pay with Venmo?

Key Highlights
  • Apple Pay and Venmo are both popular among users to send and receive money.
  • While they are both good on their own, they don’t really play along really well.
  • Can you transfer money between Apple Pay and Venmo and Vice versa? There are workarounds; let’s take a look.

Just like Apple Pay, Venmo is also one of the most common and popular mobile payment platforms amongst a lot of users. Both of them have options like quick pay and are very secure.

We all know Apple Pay only works with apple devices and if you are wondering if you can use both mobile payment apps together then let me tell you there isn’t any direct method to use both of them at once.

Below we have discussed everything you need to know about using the Venmo payment app on your phone with or without Apple Pay.

How to use Apple Pay with Venmo

Can Apple Pay Send Money to Venmo?

As of now, you cannot directly send money to Venmo using Apple Pay. But you can surely do the same thing indirectly and for that, you need to follow the below guide.

Can Venmo Send Money to Apple Pay
  1. You can always use the bank linked with Apple Pay and Venmo to transfer money. Just use the banking app to transfer money from your bank to your Venmo account. In most cases, there is a limit on transferring money which is around $2500 per week from a traditional bank account to a Venmo account.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the bank or the bank card which is linked with both Apple Pay and Venmo and a debit card which is also linked with the Venmo account. Now, you can transfer the money from your bank account to your Venmo account and then further you can withdraw or use it with the help of your debit card.

Can Venmo Send Money to Apple Pay?

We all know that Venmo, our very favourite payment app, can be used to send or receive money from other accounts. But, let’s find out if Venmo can send money to Apple Pay or not.

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Based on our research, Venmo can send money to Apple Pay. But the whole process is very complicated than directly sending money to a normal bank account.

So, when you send money to Apple Pay using Venmo, the money is transferred to your PayPal account which should be linked beforehand. Now you can use your PayPal account to make payments with Apple Pay. Sheesh.

What’s the difference between Apple Pay and Venmo?

As said earlier, both Apple Pay and Venmo are payment platforms which basically allow users to send and receive money in their account. A few key differences between the two payment services are.

  1. Venmo is available for both Android as well as on iOS devices when compared to Apple Pay which is only restricted to Apple devices. Thus, it is widely popular and has more active users.
  2. Apple always plays with the ecosystem and OS integrations; this isn’t any exception as you can use Apple Pay in iMessage to pay your friends while texting. Since Venmo misses out on these integrations, people might just use Apple Pay to transfer money while texting.
  3. Apple Pay is restricted to sending money only from an Apple Pay Cash balance, bank account or debit card, while Venmo allows users to send money from a bank account as well as the Venmo balance.
  4. Apple Pay allows users to easily switch between different payment options like debit card, Apple Cash balance or any other credit card. On the other hand, to do the same thing on Venmo you will have to go through multiple steps after which you will be able to switch payment options. This could be a major drawback, especially for those users who use multiple payment options in everyday life.

How Can I Transfer Money from Venmo to Apple Pay?

If you wish to transfer money from Venmo to Apple Pay then you will have to add your debit card to Apple Pay. After which you can use Venmo’s instant transfer feature to send money to your Apple Pay account from Venmo.

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Users can quickly and easily send money from their Venmo to any bank account using the instant transfer feature of Venmo. Do note that in order to use this feature you will have to connect your Venmo balance to your bank account or your debit card. Usually, the transfer of money takes around one business day, but it can take longer as well.

You can also add the same debit card to Venmo to make the process of transferring the money to Apple Pay faster. To do this, you can follow the tutorial below.

  1. Head to the Venmo app on your iPhone and log in to your account.
  2. Now, inside the app tap on the Menu button located at the top of the app (3 horizontal lines).
  3. From the settings, find and tap on the Payment Methods option.
  4. On the next screen, you can add the bank’s debit card simply by entering the card details manually.
  5. After the card has been added, you can start transferring money and to test you might try to send $1 as a test by using the instant transfer option.

Can I Add Venmo Card to Apple Pay?

As of now Apple Pay only allows users to add debit or credit cards to their traditional bank accounts. This means you won’t be able to add the Venmo card to your Apple Pay and you won’t be able to see Venmo’s instant transfer feature as well. So to send money directly from your Venmo balance you will have to use the Venmo app itself.

How Can i Add Venmo Card to Apple Pay?

The Venmo credit card is not yet supported in Apple Pay. So, unfortunately, you cannot directly add your Venmo credit card to your Apple Pay wallet. This is mainly due to the fact that Venmo and Apple are direct competitors and they don’t have any agreement between them for the same.

Is Apple Pay More Secure than Venmo?

Both of them are very secure, but arguably Venmo can be said to be more secure than Apple Pay in certain scenarios. For instance, in Venmo, you have to enter the debit card information which in itself makes it difficult for any unauthorized access to your account like phishing scams or other data capturing methods.

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Venmo also sends a notification whenever the user receives or sends money. This makes it easier to track all of your transactions.

While on the other hand, if we talk about the security technology used behind the platforms, then Apple Pay is equally secure as Venmo is. Thus, making both the platforms as secure as possible.

Additionally, Apple Pay also comes with the security of Face and Touch ID, which in itself is very hard to crack. This face/touch ID is required to authenticate any kind of payment via Apple Pay.

Is Apple Pay Faster than Venmo?

Amongst all of the various methods to transfer money from one account to another, using Venmo or Apple pay to do the same can be one of the fastest methods.

Let’s compare the two payment platforms and see which can do payments faster between Venmo and Apple Pay.

Using Apple Pay, you can do it instantly using your Apple Watch or iPhone, all you need to do is just unlock it with a touch ID or face ID. Of course, after you have added the credit and debit card to your Apple Pay wallet.

On the other hand, Venmo deals with payments differently. It allows users to send and receive money for anything be it rent, utility borrowing etc.

Comparing the speeds of the two payment apps, we believe Apple Pay is faster than Venmo by a margin. As you have to enter the debit card details to transfer money using Venmo, on the other hand, Apple Pay works on NFC-based tap-to-pay which just needs a passcode or your face ID.

On top of that in Venmo, you need to verify your debit card before you start transferring money. After the verification, when you send money to someone,it is only debited after the receiver has confirmed the payment and accepted it.


To conclude we would like to say that both the apps have their own pros and cons. You can use either of them depending on the need, as both of them are secure and fast payments platforms. Apple Pay is a bit handy while paying on the outlets and stores. On the other hand, Venmo comes in handy while paying money to friends and family.

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