10 Best Fake Email Generators for Temporary Disposable Email Needs

Fake Email Generators have become a necessity in recent times. Almost every single service out there will require you to sign up with your email to use them. And then there are sites that want your email id to enable you to access a particular link.

In such cases, it may not be a good idea to provide your personal or work email id. There is a good chance that it might end up getting sold to someone. And then there is the problem of ’email spam’ which is truly an epidemic.

In such times, it is always a good idea to use a temporary email to get away with the website that keeps nagging you for your email id. The fake email generators in this list enable you to quickly create and use temporary throwaway email ids.


You can create them – use them till you need them and destroy them whenever needed. No signup. Just enter your desired email id and use it anywhere you like.


Temp Email is our top recommendation for anyone looking for fake disposable emails. Temp email comes with a very clean and simple UI without any sort of ads anywhere in the user interface. The mailbox is right on the homepage of the site which is very comfortable to use.


As soon as the user gets to the homepage, a temporary email is randomly generated and ready to be used. If you like, you can also change the email id to anything you like and use it anywhere you want. The mailbox, which is right on the homepage, is constantly refreshed automatically looking for new emails. 

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If you want more features, there is also a paid premium version option. But for most users, the free version would be more than enough. This email service also comes with its own app for Apple and Android.

Visit TempMail


OwlyMail is one of the cleanest temporary email services out there. As soon you are on their homepage, you are given two options: enter your own custom email id or simply click on the random button to get a temporary email id generated for you.


Once you get your email id, your inbox is made available to you on the same page – on the right-hand side. OwnlyMail provides one of the cleanest experiences for a temporary email provider.

Additionally, they also have browser extensions and an Android app to offer more flexibility to the customers.

Visit OwlyMail


If you are looking for a disposable email service that comes with a minimal no-nonsense UI, then dispostable would be perfect for you. This temporary email service has the simplest UI when compared to any other sites of its kind.


Simply visit their homepage, enter the email you like to use and start using it. That’s it. There are no random links or fancy graphics anywhere in the UI. The inbox automatically looks for email constantly and you also get an option to stop this process as you like.

Visit Dispostable

Email Generator

Email Generator is one of the feature-rich fake email generators on our list. As soon as you visit their site, a fake temporary email id is already created for you and is ready to be used. You can change the email username as you wish if you do not like the randomly generated ones.


There are also a handful of domains available from which you can choose from. The email inbox is automatically refreshed for you which is a nice perk. You also get options for pop-up notifications, sound notifications, second-level domains and more.

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Visit EmailGenerator

Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is another great disposable email service that comes with a minimal user interface. A temporary email is already created for you and ready to be used as soon as you get to their homepage. You can get your custom email id by simply entering your desired user name.


You also have the option to choose from a bunch of domain names as well. Simply click on the drop-down next to your email id and select the domain you like. The inbox is constantly refreshed so that you will not have to miss any incoming emails.

Visit FakeMailGenerator


You like simplicity? Well, so do the folks over at MintEmail. The moment you enter their homepage, there are two, not one, temporary email ids ready to be used at your disposal. Don’t like the auto-generated ones? No problem – simply click on the ‘custom email’ button at the bottom and you will get an option to enter a custom email id of your choice.


The only downside I see in this disposable email service is that you have to manually check for emails to see if you have got new mails. The UI is fairly simple and easy to use.

Visit MintEmail

There are a few other email services that might also be worth taking a look at. Here’s a complete list of all our recommended temporary fake email providers:

Fake Email ServiceLink
TempMailVisit Website
OwlyMailVisit Website
DispostableVisit Website
Email GeneratorVisit Website
Fake Mail GeneratorVisit Website
MintEmailVisit Website
YopMailVisit Website
GuerillaMailVisit Website
ThrowAwayMailVisit Website
MailnatorVisit Website

Why do we need Temporary Email Services?

Apart from privacy, there are tons of other reasons to go for a temporary email id from time to time. Here are some of them:

  • No more spam. Your inbox stays clean.
  • No Ads.
  • Security from hacking attempts. Safeguards your identity.
  • Anonymous. No need to give your real information. Hide your identity.
  • Disposable. You can dispose of it safely as soon as your temporary need is over.
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Stay Safe with Temporary Disposable Fake Emails

We hope this guide helped you find useful fake email generator websites for your temporary email needs. You can make use of temporary emails to protect your privacy in the online world. Also, do let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite temporary email services!

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  1. Out of the box, ETempMail.Net provides you with a variety of features that other temp mail providers do not.

    Multiple domains.

    Multiple email addresses at the same time.

    Custom username for the email address.

    Users can select a domain of their own choice.

    Web Push Notification on the arrival of new email.

    You can delete your email address after your work is done.

    Your emails will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, however, you can delete your emails on your own.

    Free temporary email, all the listed features are totally free.

    Multilingual, more than fifteen languages support.


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