“Connect to iTunes” – iPad is disabled | How to Fix

Sometimes, iPad users just forgot the passcode to unlock the iPad and enter the incorrect passcode in a row. As a result, your iPad just gets disabled. This allows the iPad to protect your data and stop strangers or other users from guessing your actual passcode.

You just have to wait for the timer and try the passcode later. Once the iPad is disabled, you can’t use the disabled device without wiping out the data. Here’s how to fix the issue if you’ve not created a backup, also you can check how much data is available to restore or saved on iCloud.

How to Fix a Disabled iPad?

If you’re iPad is completely disabled that shows or indicates a message as ” Try again in 15 minutes”, if input the wrong passcode the timer increases each time you input the incorrect passcode.

“connect To Itunes” – Ipad Is Disabled | How To Fix
“connect To Itunes” – Ipad Is Disabled | How To Fix

And if your iPad is disabled that shows “Connect to iTunes”. You cannot do anything but to restore all the data and settings through Recovery Mode.

Note 1: Without any backup, you will lose all the photos, videos, messages, and other data from your iPad.

Note 2: You will need a computer that runs on macOS Catalina, or iTunes.

How to Restore a disabled iPad that shows “Connect to iTunes”

Step 1: Power off the iPad bu holding the Top and Volume button.

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Step 2: While connecting iPad to the computer, hold the Home button or Top button.

Step 3: Hold the buttons till Recovery Screen Mode appears.

Step 4: Select iPad and click Restore on the computer.

“connect To Itunes” – Ipad Is Disabled | How To Fix

The latest version for iPadOS will be downloaded by finder or iTunes.

How to backup disabled iPad

Unfortunately, you can’t create a new backup on your disabled iPad. However, there is a lot of information present over the internet that you can still perform a backup to a computer your iPad has synced with before.

“connect To Itunes” – Ipad Is Disabled | How To Fix

Also, there are third-party data recovery services are available, so you can search for them.

How to Check what is already saved on iCloud?

It’s okay, if you haven’t created any backup, at least you can have the eariler backup restored on your iPad using iCloud.

Step 1: Visit iCloud.com and ligin with your Apple ID.

Step 2: Just restore the data present on iCloud.

The data will be syncs to your iPad, it might take some time though.

What if Disabled iPad is unable to restore?

If the steps mentioned above about restore don’t work for you, if your disabled iPad shows “Connect to iTunes” but still won’t able to connect to the computer. Then check the following things

  1. Your Lightning to USB cable might be faulty, so try to change the cable.
  2. The USB port of computer might be faulty or can’t recognize the iPad due to the debris present on it.
  3. The Lightning port on your device might be faulty, or there’s a dust present on it if so, clean it.
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In the end nothing works, its time to visit Apple Service Centre.

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