Why is my iPad Mini is not charging? (Solved)

iPad is Apple’s version of the tablet, where you will get to see all the features and functions with a big screen with optimized performance just like the iPhone. When it comes to iPad mini, it is a portable tablet than an iPad running iPadOS. Few iPads mini users reported that they are experiencing issues related to charging. Their iPad mini charges slowly or fails to charge completely. This can be a serious troublesome issue, a person who doesn’t have a basic knowledge about their iPad minis like senior citizens or new iPad mini users, for those could be a nightmare situation.

iPad mini might not able to charge due to fault cables, faulty or expired batteries. If that’s the case you can fix it easily, else follow the troubleshooting guide that we have managed to provide you. Let’s see how to diagnose the iPad mini charging issues.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Ipad Mini Is Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

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Why my iPad mini is not charging?

Mind you, there could be many reasons that are causing your iPad mini not to charge. Sometimes it charges slowly or it shows the battery is charging but won’t charge. Following are the valid reason that can cause the iPad mini not to charge:

  1. Your iPad mini’s lightning or a charging cable can cause the issue when it is faulty.
  2. When dust and debris are stuck inside the iPad’s mini-port, the device won’t recognize whether you have plugged your lightning cable or not.
  3. It is noticed that when Apple brings new software to their iDevices, users have experienced issues due to software.
  4. Also, faulty charging adapters cannot charge the iPad mini.
  5. Third-party charging peripherals work poorly on iPad mini, Apple itself suggests using its official lightning cables and charging adapters.

That’s all with the valid reason that causes iPad mini not to charge. Now let’s head towards the actual troubleshooting.

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Troubleshooting iPad mini not charging issue

Following are the troubleshooting methods that users advised to be followed. Make sure you try each method individually when one method does not work, move onto another else, stick to the one which will work for you.

Hard Reset Your iPad

Performing a reset is the major thing you can do on your iPad mini. It is possible that a software glitch is not allowing your iPad mini not to get charged. Doing a reset on your device will make its software run smoothly. Also, a reset will free up some memory of the device which help the device to start as fresh. Here’s how to do that:

iPad with Home buttons:

  • Press and hold the Home button and Power button.
  • Release the button when the Apple logo appears on the center of the screen.
  • Mind you, you might have to press and hold both the buttons for 20-30 seconds.

iPad without Home buttons:

  • Press and release the Volume up button.
  • Press and release the Volume down button.
  • Now, press and hold the Top button until you see the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Here, you might have to press and hold the buttons for 20-30 seconds.

This has worked for many users, if this works for you then stick to this else, follow the next method.

Check your lightning cable

Lightning cables play an important role while charging any device, whether it’s iPhone or iPad, your lightning cable is all matters when transferring data from PC to your iDevice. A faulty lightning cable can cause a charging issue, how to identify the faulty cable? Just use another lightning cable and see if this works, alternately use the same lightning cable in another device to see if the device is charging.

Ipad Mini Is Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

Apple itself suggests using Apple’s official lightning cable which is MFI-certified because the third-party cable is less likely to support and often creates the issue. Also, when your iPad mini is charging slowly, well that’s due to the third-party lighting cable. That’s why Apple’s official MFI-certified cable is recommended.

Ipad Mini Is Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

Clean lightning cable port of iPad mini

The lightning cable port is located right bottom of the iPad mini, it happens sometimes that dust and debris get stuck in the port making the port not work. This is a valid reason that makes iPad mini doesn’t charge. Here’s how to clean the lightning cable port of the iPad mini without damaging any component.

  • Take an anti-static brush use it to clean the port gently. The reason why we recommending an anti-static brush is that static charge can damage the electrical component when rubbing, so keep this in mind and use an anti-static brush.
  • Use Q-tip or cotton ball, it can easily clean the port, do it gently.
  • A compressed air duster is also good to clean the port, just make sure you don’t blow air by your mouth to clean the port as moisture can damage the electrical component.
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Moreover, if you are not sure about cleaning the lightning port, take the device to the nearest Apple Store, they will assist you further.

Inspect iPad charging adapter

Sometimes charging adapters can turn out to be risky. Why? because a third-party charger can cause an intermittent power supply issue on your iPad, this can damage the motherboard of the device. Due to power fluctuations, it is risky to charge the device on a faulty charging adapter.

Ipad Mini Is Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

Instead of that, try charging your iPad mini on different charging ports such as a laptop, computer, or another charging adapter. In this way, you will get to that your third-party charging adapter was the actual problem. Here, we also recommend you not to use any third-party charger.

Ipad Mini Is Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It

Keep your iPad in the standard operating temperature

You might be unaware of the fact that Apple designed iPads in such a way that they can be operatable within 32–95º Fahrenheit. Likewise, when the iPad is too hot or cold it stops functioning, the screen can go black, or the device smees to charge slow or stop completely.

To avoid the same situation, just move the device to the regular room temperature location, this is the easiest way to fix the problem. Moreover, avoid actions like putting the iDevices directly into sun exposures or in the fridge. Wait for the iDevice to get back to the standard operating temperature and try charging your iPad mini normally.

Perform a DFU restore

Before performing any restore process, it is advised to create a backup of the data present in the iPad mini. Performing a DFU restore can erase all the codes on your iPad and restore them to factory default. If you don’t know, DFU can fix big and deep software problems which might be the reason why you’re iPad mini is not charging.

If that’s the case, perform a simple DFU restore on your iDevice can fix the charging issues.

What if Nothing Works?

All the troubleshooting methods mentioned above are valid fixes. At this point, you should be able to charge your iPad mini without any issues. But in the worst-case scenario, if your iPad mini fails to get charge like normal, then it’s time to repair your iPad mini. When your device is exposed to water, it can cause a battery issue, water can permanently damage the connectors.

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The best you can do is to visit the nearest Apple authorized store or contact Apple support. They will help you and resolve your charging issue with the device.


Here we have covered some most FAQs by iPad users, make sure to have a glance at them.

How much time does it take my iPad to get the charge completely?

Here, the answer to this question depends on the peripheral he or she is using. According to the sources, your iPad should be able to get charged in 4 hours a maximum of approx. This depends upon the lightning cable and power wattage your adapter is providing to charge your iPad including sufficient operating temperature.

How much does it cost to replace the iPad mini battery?

According to the sources, it will cost you up to $90 for all iDevice when it is out of warranty. Moreover, Apple replaces the entire iPad model for that price range which sounds beautiful to the ears. If your iPad battery life drops below 80% within the first year, Apple will replace it for absolutely free under the AppleCare warranty. The good news is for those users who have AppleCare+ on your iPad mini where you get the two-year extended warranty.

Can we charge the iPad mini with an iPhone charger?

Yes, you can charge the iPad mini with an iPhone charger. The faster the charger, the faster it will charge. However, 10 W adapter provides more quick charge than 5 W. People who have MacBook from 2016 and later prefer to use 29W charging adapter to charge their iPad mini quickly.

Can I use a 30W charging adapter to charge my iPad?

Yes, the 30W charging adapter is absolutely safe to use with iPad and iPad Pro. However, the iPad will only consume the required power needed by the internal circuit, the iPad is limited to the 2.4A@5V i.e 12W.

Can I use my TV’s port to charge my iPad mini?

The answer to this question is yes, LCD, LED, etc TV’s have built-in ports to plug the USB device in order to access the media files. If you plug the lightning cable into the TV’s port and another end to the iPad mini’s port, you can charge the device without any issue. In fact, you can charge your iPad mini wherever you want unless it is connected to the right port.

That’s it for now, hope this helps! We are glad to know your thoughts in the comment section below. Till then, stay tuned for more info.

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