How to make folders in iPhone?

iOS on iPhones have a very intuitive home screen where you can scroll through the screen to find apps. With the launch of iOS 14, they have even added an app library, which works like a menu for the list of apps that are installed on your phone.

However, if you are someone who has a lot of apps on your phone and managing them or finding apps has become a mess. Then you can always create folders and add some apps inside the folder so next time you will only have to look for the folders and not a whole bunch of apps.

In this post, we will be discussing how you can create folders on your iPhone.

make Folders in iPhone

Using folders to organize apps can help you in finding the apps easier and you will no longer have to scroll through multiple home screens just to reach an app. Creating folders on iPhones is a mere simple task, you can also name your folders as per your need.

Naming the folders can help you in organizing the apps category-wise, which can help you in finding them later on easily.

How To Create a new Folder on your iPhone?

create folders in iPhone
  1. To create a new folder on your iPhone, simply press and hold one of the icons that you want to put inside the folder. Keep on holding until all of the apps start to shake and a small cross sign appears on the top right corner of each app icon.
  2. Now, all you have to do is press on the app icon again and then drag it to another app which you want to place in the same folder. For instance, if you want to place Facebook and Instagram in the same folder, then you can drag and drop the Instagram app icon on top of the Facebook app icon. Your iPhone should create a folder automatically. Once the folder is created you can release your fingers from the app icon so that both apps are dropped inside the folder.
  3. Your iPhone is smart enough to name the folder according to the apps inside the folder. If you place apps like Instagram and Facebook in a folder it will automatically name them as social media.
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How To Change the Name of Your iPhone’s Folder?

The folders that you have created for the apps can also be renamed, even though the OS names them automatically as per the app category, but if you want to keep your own then you can follow the tutorial below.

create folders in iPhone1
  1. To change the name of the folder, tap and hold on to one of the app icons when inside the folder for which you want to change the name. Keep pressing until the apps start to shake and a small x icon will appear on each of the apps.
  2. Once the app starts to shake, you will also get an option to edit the title of the folder. Now, click on the name of the folder or within the title box to start editing the name. Once you have changed the name, just tap anywhere to save it and that’s it you have successfully changed the name of the folder of the apps on your iPhone.

How To Delete an App Folder on an iPhone?

If you are not happy with the folder that you have created for the apps, or if you have created an app folder by chance. Then here is a quick tutorial on how you can delete any app folder that you have created. Once you delete the folder, the apps inside the folder will move to their original position.

  1. To delete any iPhone folder, just press and hold the icon of any app within the folder that you want to delete. Keep pressing until the apps start to shake and you see a small cross on the corner of each app icon.
  2. Now, all you need to do is press and hold each of the apps one by one and drag them outside the folder to your home screen. Once the folder is completely empty, it will be automatically deleted.
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That’s it, you have now successfully learned how to create, delete and rename a folder on an iPhone. It is always advised to make folders if you have a lot of apps.

It just makes life easier in finding the apps that you need. Creating many folders can be a hassle, but then it is just a one-time effort that will help you in the long term.

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