How to make the iPhone keyboard bigger?

If you are an iPhone user you might have noticed why iPhone stands out among any devices present in the market. Apple makes sure that its customers get a premium feel once they hold their phones in their hands.

But, If you are one of the people who have bigger hands than the average normal size, I doubt you would have enjoyed its premium feel or enjoyed texting people with those big fingertips.

Having a bigger Keyboard is a boon especially if you have big fingers however, there is no such feature to customize your keyboard on your iPhone but there are a few ways that might help in doing the same.

Set your iPhone Display to Landscape Mode

You can always get a bigger keyboard once you switch your iPhone to landscape mode which can simply be done by rotating your iPhone.

All you need to do is turn off Portrait Orientation Lock on your iPhone which can be simply done by dragging up your Control Center on your iPhone and Tapping on the Lock icon to make sure it’s turned off.


Once the Portrait Orientation Lock is turned off, you will be indicated by a change in the color of the Lock Icon.


When you are done, now you can easily rotate your phone and turn it into landscape mode which will lead to an increase in the size of your iPhone Keyboard.


Use the Zoom View on your iPhone

With the help of the Zoom view feature on your iPhone, you can make your Keyboard look bigger but once you turn on this feature, all of the apps and your iPhone content size will increase and make a difference of about 10-15%. Follow the steps below if you want to enable Zoom View.

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Step 1 – Launch Settings and head to Display and Brightness.


Step 2 – Look for View under Display Zoom.


Step 3 – Select Zoomed and tap on Set.


Confirm by tapping on Use Zoomed, your iPhone will restart once you make these changes which will make all of the content look bigger.


The iOS keyboard will now appear slightly larger than it did previously, with taller keys that occupy more of the bottom half of the screen.


Use a Third-Party Keyboard App

As Apple does not provide a feature for customizing the size of the iPhone keyboard you can get any third-party keyboard app that will help in doing the same.

You can try apps like Gboard, ReBoard, Typewise, XL Keyboard, TuneKey, Keys Keyboard, etc. to increase the size of your keyboard with just a few taps. But be cautious as these are third-party apps and might not be safe.


Enable Bold Text

Turning on Bold Text would not actually make your keyboard bigger but it will make the keyboard font look bold which will be more clearly visible. You will notice changes once you enable this feature, to do the same follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Head to Settings App and tap on Accessibility


Step 2 – Look for Display and Text Size.


Step 3 – Simply turn on the toggle switch of Bold Text.

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Keep in mind that, this only makes your font look dense and will not make any difference to your keyboard.


Disable Keyboard Lowercase

If you want the keys on the keyboard to look more visible, you can turn off the Lowercase keys on your Keyboard which will lead to displaying all the letters in Uppercase on your iPhone Keyboard. This makes the keys look bigger and not the Keyboard, to do so make sure you follow the steps below.

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Step 1 – Go to Settings and open Accessibility.

Step 2 -Search for the Keyboard option and Tap on it.


Step 3 – Look for the Show Lowercase Keys option and then disable it.


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