WriteIMEI Tool | Download (All Versions)

WriteIMEI tool is a software application that helps you write IMEI on devices powered by Spreadtrum Chipset. On this page, we are bringing you the latest version of the WriteIMEI Tool along with the previous versions.


WriteIMEI Tool – Features

Flash Single/Multiple IMEIs:

The tool helps you to flash multiple IMEIs to the device with a single click. You can flash a single IMEI as well if you like to. Simply add the IMEIs in the input area and select the mode and click on ‘write’ to begin.


Normal/Calibration Mode:

The tool helps you write IMEI through two modes: Normal Mode and Calibration Mode. In the normal mode your device should be switched-on before connecting the device to the computer and in the Calibration Mode,  you don’t have to press the power key, if you are using the USB cable.

Flash any IMEI:

This tool enables you to flash any IMEI number you like on the device.

Download WriteIMEI Tool

WriteIMEI Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems, starting from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 (both 32 bit or 64 bit). You can download the latest version of the WriteIMEI Tool by clicking the below link:

v17.0.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R17.0.0001.zip

v6.0.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R6.0.0001.zip

v5.0.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R5.0.0001.zip

v4.0.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R4.0.0001.zip

v3.0.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R3.0.0001.zip

v2.1.0001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R2.1.0001.zip

v1.6.4001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R1.6.4001.zip

v1.5.9001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R1.5.9001.zip

v1.5.6001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R1.5.6001.zip

v1.5.3001: WriteIMEI-Tool-R1.5.3001.zip

Compatibility: It is compatible with all the versions of Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit are supported.


Support: WriteIMEI helps you flash IMEI only on Spreadtrum chipset-based devices. It will not work on devices made with other chipsets.

Caution: Writing IMEI other than the one that came with your device illegal in many countries. Kindly abide by your local laws.

Check IMEI Number: To check the IMEI number of your device, Dial *#06# on your device or you can also get the IMEI number written on the device’s packaging box.

Credits: WriteIMEI tool is provided by Spreadtrum Inc. All credits go to them for sharing the tool for free.

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